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27th-Jul-2015 09:56 pm - [Mass E-mail]
Hello, Smash Academy! I'm, um... new here. My name is Oren (^_^)/. I'm a Sylveon. A recent transfer from Capcom High, pretty new in town, you know...

Okay, listen ( ̄□ ̄;)I'm skipping the pleasantries and just cutting to the chase. I noticed that the coffee shop my ex-classmates recommended to me is boarded up and "closed until further notice." That's creepy enough on its own, but the earthquakes don't help anything.

But I need coffee. I mean, GOOD coffee. The swill in the cafeteria is garbage. Please tell me there's another coffee shop open somewhere else. Anybody?
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25th-Jul-2015 01:20 am - Max Post - Text
So there used to be a pokemon who lived in the volcano, yeah? Named Pele or somethin'?

Is she, uh, back? Or is there some other pokemon in the volcano makin' things noisy? My forge is on the side of the volcano and, uh, it's been sorta noisy out there for the last couple of days. You know, volcano sounds. The sorta sounds volcanos make. Rumbles. Little shakes. Volcano stuff.

I ain't fireproof or nothin', or I'd go in to check it out, unless somebody can make me fireproof with magic? So, what I'm sayin' is, I need somebody to make me fireproof with magic so I can see what's goin' on in there.

This ain't an invitation to turn me into a pokemon again. Nah, if I type that somebody'll think it's funny and turn me into a pokemon again. End up as a fire pig thing this time. That girl had one who used to be here, he looked pretty cool, had like a big iron breastplate. I'd better delete that. Wait. Oh crud, how do I turn this voice software thing off? Uh. Computer, stop. Stop doing the thing. Computer, stop typing. Computer no. Computer, knock it off. I guess just, delete it with the button. Backspace. Maybe stop talkin' to the computer and sayin' what I do. Yeah.

Okay now let's just hit post, SHEET NOT AGAIN.
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24th-Jul-2015 01:50 am - vidya
Guys, you will NOT believe what happened to me! I don't know if anyone noticed, but I've been gone for MONTHS! MONTHS! And guess where I was all this time?

Jail. That's right. I went to jail. It turns out I never repaid the debt I racked up on my credit card since the first time I saved Angel Land and bought stuff off the black market, and the debt collectors who I didn't even know were hounding me finally nabbed me after all these years. Three decades and high interest rates did me in so bad... There were so many zeroes tacked onto that amount that I couldn't count them! Wonderful, incredible, amazing, benevolent, wise and all-the-other-good-adjectives-I-can't-think-of-right-now Lady Palutena was gracious enough to bail me out, but I'm still not a free angel yet. The debt's not completely repaid, so I have to keep shelling hearts out until I'm in the clear. That said, uhh... Does anyone know how I can get that kind of cash fast enough?

Auuugh! And now my credit score is in the pits, too! I'll never be able to buy a house, or a car, or a high-def flat-screen TV even if I wanted to! I might as well resign myself to a life of eternal bumhood...

Uh. Long story short, I'm back. I didn't miss too much, did I?
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28th-Jun-2015 09:31 pm - [action]/[text]
[Green had gone into town with the express purpose of buying gifts for his graduated Pokemon, but then immediately felt guilty and bought gifts for all his Pokemon. They all ended up getting new (color coded, of course) messenger bags for the journeys ahead. He also agonized for a bit longer over a gift for another graduate, Blue. She got a necklace with a stone embedded in it that reminded him of the stones she had gifted him when she came to visit, before she had even enrolled. That, along with a note--

What's a thing you still haven't done, despite having lived in FDC for so long? Let's go do it this week.
I trust you'll choose something adventurous. Of course, I have suggestions, if you'd like.

♥ Green

Congrats to all you sorry douches that graduated this year-- Personally, it seems ridiculous that so many of you are choosing to stick around, but look who's talking. I hope you'll join me in making next year as horrifying as possible for any incoming freshmen.

Private, to Bulba and Kumatora
Since Zelda went home, looks like it's up to you now, Bulba. gonna have to make sure me and Kuma don't party too goddamn hard on any given night.
I will volunteer to attempt to make a batch of cookies in her honor. I'll never be able to get them as good as her, though.
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22nd-Mar-2015 01:12 am - Nesting Bird
[Scenario 1: Action]

Something had happened at the Gigan Rocks when she read that inscription. She didn't know what it meant, and she didn't know what it did. She hated not knowing. She was a planner, she liked having all the information before rushing into a situation. So it was bad enough that she was separated from Jet and Storm with no way to contact them, but she couldn't figure out just where she was, period. That had to change. Before she could figure out how to get back to the Gigan Rocks, Wave had to figure out where she was.

Flying over the city on her Extreme Gear was the first way to do that. She could at least get a bird's eye view of this place to get her bearings. Someone had to have some useful information for her. And if they weren't forthcoming, there had to be a computer or two she could hack into...

[Scenario 2: Video]

[When the camera feed crackled to life, it was obvious that the webcam was somewhere other than a student's dorm. It was outside. Was that... Was that the roof?]
You know, the security on the school network is kinda awful. It didn't take me long at all to hook up my personal computer.
[Wave held her holo computer back so that she could get more of herself into the frame. She was reclining on the school's roof, arm behind her head, just chilling.]
The name's Wave the Swallow, of the Babylon Rogues. If you haven't heard of us, then don't worry, you will. I'm gonna be joining you for a little while. Temporarily, mind you. This place is such a dive, I can't believe anyone comes here willingly...
So let's make this very clear. Stay out of my way, and I might stay out of yours. Get it? Good. Then I think we'll get along just fine. You need me, I'll be in class. Or in the security office. Can you believe they're just giving the job away in this place? Later, losers.

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18th-Mar-2015 12:33 pm - 1.
Hello? Yes, yes, hello! ... Helloooo?

[ What time first spent in the video, about a minute short of two, was nothing but blackness with a hint of gold. With his crowing greetings and mumbling intelligible curiosity, the feed was relatively droll... until he finally removed the sticky note in front of the webcam. So, that's where the pesky little lens was! Silly him. ]

Hah! Here it is! Hello! [ The jolly man — silver-haired and gas masked — waved for the camera. It was hard to tell if he was physically smiling, but through his voice alone, it was kind of obvious. ] I was told that introducing myself would be a good idea on my pamphlet, so here I am! Ah, but where do I start? [ Humming, he swung his head this way and that, pondering his curious situation. ]

Weeell, my name is Clear! That is my name. [ He pointed to his face, his... masked... face. ] I am here to learn and to keep the school grounds nice~ and~ tidy~! [ With each enunciated word, his head swung side-to-side. ]

I would like to present an offering, and I heard that people here seem to enjoy oranges! [ It seemed Crazy Hand was certainly... giving this hapless kid the run-through. ] Therefore, I purchased many of them. I live in... ah... [ He scurried off-screen briefly before hurrying back, not having broken a single sweat. ] I live in the electrical storage! Please come and pick up your oranges! I would very much only like to give one per person, please!

[ With a quick bow did he start shuffling through his pockets, only to produce... a single orange. Then, he brought out another one. And another. And another. Quickly, that single orange became a huge pile of oranges. How he managed to get all of those, let alone fit them all in his lab coat pockets, was a mystery to behold. With a considerable mountain of oranges, perhaps enough to feed the student body five times over, he extended his hands toward the mighty citrus ascent with pride. ]

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[The video feed turns on and centers on a yellow and white fox sitting in a chair, wearing a red scarf, with maybe something underneath it resembling a necklace. He waves to the camera and grins.]

Hey, Smash Academy! It's been a long time... four and a half years since I've been here, to be exact! Only about two and a half for me personally, but... it's still a blast from the past being here again.

I've already been enrolled and should be getting my classes shortly...

...ah, but for those of you who've never met me before, I should probably introduce myself. I'm Tails! I come from the same place Sonic, Knuckles and Blaze do, if you've met them. [And Eggman. Sigh.] And like I said before, I used to attend the school a few years ago, but I'm back.

Hope to see you guys around sometime. I think I'm gonna go visit the stadium again for a little bit.

[And the video cuts off.]
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18th-Jan-2015 12:11 am - 01. I'm home [Text]
[[OOC: If the involved players would like her DR post to be canon, then this journal post can come after it. I'd be happy to finish those threads there.]]

Hello everyone. For those of you who may not know me, my name is Chiyo and I'm a Vaporeon. I first arrived at Smash Academy two years back and spent, according to the time here, a year away on an unexpected break. If by chance you may be curious as to where I've been, I was away traveling through a few worlds before I was able to find a portal to return here. Speaking of which, portals can be rather complicated to understand and use, so please be careful when you see or plan to use one, okay?

That aside, I'll be in college this year! I'm greatly looking forward to studying, spending time in the library and greenhouse, swimming, and hanging out with friends again. Although I'm saddened to have discovered that several friends I knew have left, I still look forward to making new friends and hope we'll have a pleasant year together.

In the meantime, I'll be taking a walk around the school and will be looking to reunite with some friends. If you'd like to meet or text me, please feel free to do so. I'll have my phone with me and will answer any texts as soon as I'm able.

Again, it's nice to be back. I hope I didn't cause too much trouble when I disappeared. If I did, I'd like to make it up to you. Other than that, hope you have a great day!

Private Text to Mondo )

[[OOC: Feel free to make action threads if you'd like to interact with Chiyo on campus.]]
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So, a hypothetical question. Let's say you had a friend who was going to take a great, smart, pretty, fun--er, a really great girl out on a first date. Hypothetically, where would you suggest he take her? And, generally, what would you suggest he do?

All hypothetically of course!
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9th-Jan-2015 10:55 pm - Run, nerd, run. [Video]
[The video feed shows Gordon, in his favorite SMASH ACADEMICS t-shirt. Behind him is the technicolor orange, green and white of an athletics track behind him. That's funny. Isn't the field house covered in snow right now? Anyway, he looks like he's just run a marathon, or at least a pretty ambitious 100-meter dash.]

I thought I'd officially announce that I've re-instigated a track and field team here at the Academy. [And breathe, and,] You're looking at the head coach, in fact. [And huff, and,] For those of you who don't know what that is, track and field is a sport that combines small competitions in running, jumping and throwing. Tryouts are after school Monday, for any students who are interested and have the aptitude. All right computer, end simulation!

[The last four words cause the world around him to scatter like a corrupted video file and wink out of existence, revealing one of the arena's holographic platforms.]

Due to the cold, we'll be practicing in the arena. Oh, and anyone interested in cross-country running would also come see me at the same time. I don't know if we'll get enough to make a team, but it's worth a shot.
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21st-Nov-2014 10:46 am - [video] that time again...?
[Hey it's that guy who can get all gross and sweaty just by being passionate or nervous about something. He must be passionately nervous already, just look at him. Wait, no, this is more of a clammy gross sweat going on...

Did he go to the dentist or something? It both looks and sounds like he's trying to speak through a mouth full of anesthetic.

It appears to be flu season again, so here is your annual reminder of the precautions to take to ensure you do not get sick! Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water and keep them away from your face! Use sanitizer whenever possible! Eat healthily, get enough sleep, don't...

[Ugh, hold on. He makes a bit of a face and takes a deep breath. It is super difficult to focus on making a PSA right now.]

Ah... don't... spread germs, even if you feel fine. [Nailed it.]

A...Actually, the symptoms of a flu include nau-- [URGH] --nausea, coughing, a sore throat, headaches, fever, and chills, but... I haven't heard anybody coughing at all!

[Even right now he's feeling more like his body isn't happy with something he ate, but he doesn't want to really broadcast that. Even if it's plenty obvious just looking at him. Why can't he feel his lips, though.]

It's still important to be vigilant against influenza! However... It occurs to me that what is going around now may only be the result of a mistake in the cafeteria, so... So it is also important to make sure that when you are preparing food, all produce is fresh and washed and all meat is cooked thoroughly! For those of you who include dairy in your diet, check those expiration dates!

[He cannot take this gastro-intestinal distress any longer.]


[CLICK. He's going to need a few minutes before he can respond to anyone.]
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[Black Shadow does not appear in public without his costume, no matter how much it looks like the school network has been invading by sketchy fetish spam. He sits with his arms folded in front of the camera, like he's sizing up everyone watching it. He clears his throat.]

...Greetings Smash Acadamy. My name is Black Shadow and you may know me as a world famous F-Zero racer and the revered Emperor of Evil! HAHAHAHAHAH!

...I am also your new Drivers Ed teacher.

I am told I can't make the class mandatory, but I strongly urge you to come. Driving is a far more vital skill than you can ever know.

As for my new...colleges: I look forward to working with you.

[He smirks briefly, like there's something about to happen and he can't wait to see how it's going to turn out. Amazing how menacing that can make a normally meaningless pleasantry.]
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26th-Oct-2014 11:32 pm - Like it was only yesterday...
Wow... It feels like I was only here yesterday! Well, it kinda was, actually!

So I went back home the other day and just got back, only for me I've been gone for months, and now I'm back! You would not BELIEVE what I went through back home!

Risky Boots attacked Scuttle Town again and stole a magic lamp, but I went after her. I had my magic sucked out and got turned into a human again, then destroyed my magic half. And then the town got taken over by a psychotic cyclops with a tank, Risky came back, and her old boss was coming back to life. So I became a pirate with her to help stop him, and got my magic back, and totally kicked the Pirate Master's butt to save the world!

Pretty awesome, huh? So since I technically haven't been gone from here for more than like... a day or two, did I miss anything interesting? 
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23rd-Oct-2014 10:58 pm - [Video] A Spooky Freebie!
[The video clicks on to Sable, surrounded by different spooOOOooOOOooky masks.]

Hello, everyone! I know that Halloween is just a week away, and I'm not sure if everyone is set on what costume everyone is wearing on that day... Ah, if you'd still like to dress up for the occasion, but you haven't set your mind on what you'd like to dress up as, then I might have a solution for you.

[Sable holds up one of the masks - a spooOOooOOoooky werewolf mask!]

My sisters sent me a box full of these masks. It turns out that they had a surplus of masks, and so they sent me some in the hopes of selling them. don't have to pay for these, not if you want to. I know that sometimes money can be a bit tight, so, I'll be giving these away. If you want any of them, please come by my office and pick them up! Here, let me show you...

[Sable adjusts the camera down towards her sewing desk to show the masks all in their glory.]

I've got some mummy masks, Frankenstein masks, werewolf masks, ghost masks, bug masks and skull masks! And, if none of those strike your fancy, then of course I'm available to make something for you instead. I'd love to work on some Halloween costumes! I'm thinking about switching up what I usually dress up as...oh my, I need to get started planning on that. Feel free to swing by my office to pick some masks up or to give me a project to do, I don't mind at all.
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27th-Sep-2014 11:19 pm - BLOOD FOR BLOOD FALCON [video]
[Lo! Somewhere in the library is some student of Smash Academy at the public computers, making a post to the network and probably asking about homecoming dance or something. Somewhere in the library off screen there is a barking voice, obviously annoyed and sounds suspiciously like Captain Falcon.]

Keep it down with your stupid video diary, I'm trying to think!

[S-Sorry, coach! The kid says, then goes on to timidly explain that it's not a video diary, but a post to the school's network! The kid looks back at the recording video apologetically while "coach" can be heard muttering off-screen.]

Network? For the school? So everyone can see what you're doing right now?

[...Yeah? This appears to have sealed the nameless student's fate, and suddenly there is the torso of a man in bright red spandex with ridiculous thighs behind him. The kid is grabbed by the scruff of his shirt collar and violently thrown clear across the room into a bookshelf. The shelf teeters backwards then falls into the next shelf behind it, and then the one behind it, and it's a magnificent domino effect to which does not seem to concern him. If anything he seems proud of the fact there are now books are everywhere and the kid probably has a word concussion. Red spandex coach-sound-alike sits down in front of the computer. He is also a coach-look-alike! Only EVIL LOOKING. It's probably skull on his helmet and the spikes on his shoulder pauldron. Or maybe Falcon is going through some midlife crisis and felt like a wardrobe change and got lost in a Hot Topic. Or it's some crazy clone.]

Hi. [Either way, this coach also has fangs, which are easily seen the moment he starts speaking.]

I know you're here. I saw the your shitmobile in the parking lot. Or, you know, was in the parking lot. [He grins. It's an awful fang-filled kind of grin. WHAT DID HE DO... HE DID SOMETHING BAD.] And the big floating hand said so. I'm going to find you eventually, so why don't you make this easy and come out of hiding. I'm not going anywhere until then!
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19th-Sep-2014 09:23 pm - Action -> Video
And lo, a little red guy with clown shoes descended from the heavens... )

[There's a new video on the Network.

The first twenty five seconds of it are some kind of black, triangular nose on the end of a peachy colored snout. It moves around and the microphone stutters and wheezes and whoever this nose belongs to can be heard muttering something unintelligible.

Then, a violet eye stares into the feed, blinks several times with a big, red eyelid. Then he draws back so you can see his Echidna-ey face in its full glory.]

First off, I ain't wearing this uniform thing. I was hatched with fur. It's good enough for me, it should be good enough for you.

Uh... anyway. I'm Knuckles. Knuckles the Echidna.


[He's sort of run out of things to say. He has questions, but he's not really used to talking to a computer. He's used to smashing them to gain extra lives and shields and stuff.]

Anyone know anythin' about the Floating Island above this school? It's kinda important. If you've got info on it, I'd like to know.

So. Thanks in advance.

[You are now treated to over a minute of closeup footage of his white-swooshed chest as he tries to figure out how to turn the computer off.]
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So this is Smash Academy, huh...

[The tablet is already transmitting, but it seems that it's being held upside-down by someone looking out over the campus green... from about twenty feet above it, on top of the fountain, to be exact.]

Pretty cool. A guy could get used to campus life here!

[Okay, NOW the view lurches and rights itself as its owner lifts it to talk, and the grinning fuzzy face of a cobalt-blue hedgehog fills the screen.]

Hey guys! The name's Sonic; Sonic the Hedgehog! And it looks like I'm a student here now! Cool to meet you guys! Oh hey, if there's a... [he rustles a wad of disorganized papers, looking them over.] Marie, watchin' this? Guess what? I'm your new roommate!

[EDIT: Action]

[So Sonic eventually found the paper with his room number in the wad of forms and pamphlets he'd received, and after an afternoon of zipping around campus eventually made it up to BE-15 to meet his new roommate.]

Knock knock! [Knock knock.]
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So, I guess everyone's pretty wound up with all the magic nonsense that's going on here, but I think I've got something that can help.

Clearance sale. On my doujinshi. I'm not giving them away for free, but yeah, I'll sell them for cheap! That'll probably be good for morale, or something.

Whatever. There's a clearance sale I'm holding out of my dorm while I do some summer cleaning. It helps me think, get my creativity going. Come over, we'll hammer out a deal.
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29th-Jun-2014 03:10 pm - [video]
Good afternoon, Smash Academy!

In spite of the chaotic events of this year's graduation, the school and even the rest of the city seems at peace! [He said, jinxing the entire school.] Truly, these carefree, idyllic, lazy days of summer...

[He suddenly points at the camera, his brow furrowing into SERIOUS BUSINESS MODE.]

Should be anything but! Summer break here is too long to waste on doing nothing!!

[Whoops, he has to check himself here. Deep breath, Kiyotaka. He's trying to prove to a certain someone that he's not just a stick in the mud.]

However, while it certainly is important to refresh one's memory when it comes to schoolwork, all of this free time is also a perfect opportunity to have fun and enjoy ourselves! Even I know that one cannot just spend each and every hour cooped up studying.

[But if you listen closely you can hear the tortured screaming of his soul.]

So tell me: what does everybody do for fun at times like these? There's a whole world of hobbies and recreation that I have yet to experience, but I am looking to change that! Let's work together to make the summer enjoyable, shall we?
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28th-Jun-2014 04:12 pm - [video]
[A video post pops up on the network with a cellphone-y aspect ratio. The girl in charge of the camera has it way too close to her face before she pulls it back and starts talking at about a mile a minute.]

Heyyyy, it works! Good, I'm totally starving. Uh... I guess my info's still good cuz I got wi-fi, no problemo, but s'that really the date? I coulda sworn it was last year, like, 5 minutes ago. I was on a plane to Kalos and I walked outta the bathroom and now I'm here? Howzzat work, anyway? I mean, like, I'm stoked to be back and stuff but I tried FOREVER to get back last year'n I couldn't! It was the pits, and...

And I'm stuck. In a... I think it's a closet? Lotsa brooms. I dunno how I even got here but the door won't open and man, I was like 10 minutes away from my in-flight meal. I could eat, like... Somethin' that eats a lot. I hope I don't gotta sleep in here. I tried bustin' the door open but I don't wanna trash it cuz that's gotta be a detention or somethin'. Someone's gotta have a key. Right? ...Right?

Uh, thanks! If you see this and you can help a girl out! Umm... P.S., what's on the menu? If the cafeteria is still in the same place I'm there. Peace out!
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