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21st-Oct-2015 12:32 am - SHUT UP A SCIENTIST IS TALKING
There are those who have made it clear that their proposed solution to this catastrophe is to destroy the moon.

Such an action would damn us all. It has been brushed off with remarks that the debris would simply burn up in the atmosphere, yet even if this were to happen, we cannot survive without the moon.

Already we have seen the effects of its closeness on the world around us. Yet, what do you believe would happen if there were no moon at all?

The planet's orbit would become unstable itself, with no 'child' to balance it. Though it would not veer out of orbit with the sun, its overall path would be altered. Tides would fail. Our bodies, primarily water as they are, would suffer.

This world, were it to survive such an event, would find itself a wasteland. And such a thing cannot be considered "saving" it.

Any proposing such a course of action with this knowledge ought to be considered a threat to our very existence.
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12th-Oct-2015 08:18 am - [Video]
So. The moon might land on us.

Anyone got any ideas on how I can get strong enough to punch it in half before it gets here? We got seven Chaos Emeralds floatin' around that no-one told me about? Or somethin' else that would let me go Super?

I just don't think crossfit's gonna cut it.
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 Hello, Smash Academy. My name is Rouge the Bat, and I'll be another security guard.

...Or at least I would be if there was even a school to guard!! What on Mobius happened here?! The place is a mess and half the buildings are rubble!! And what was that giant walking mountain?!

[Private to Eggman]

Wanton destruction? This sounds like one of your schemes, Eggman. But that didn't look like a robot. If it's not you destroying everything, then who is it? Any ideas?

[Private to Knuckles]

Hello, sweetie. Miss me?
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8th-Jul-2015 05:12 pm - Summer Goings-On
And here I had hoped things would be reasonably calm this summer... I do still intend to go ahead with my plans for the holiday, but I offer my services to anyone investigating the strange occurrences. 

And I hope everyone had a wonderful time at the prom...

[Private to Sonic]

I know we had plans to visit Soleanna, but if you want to stay behind to investigate, I understand completely and will stay by your side. There's still plenty we can do together here.

S-speaking of which... Do you still have the fire shield?
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25th-Mar-2015 03:19 pm - [Video] Uh oh. Someone woke up.
[When the feed crackles to life, Dr. Eggman is sitting up in a hospital bed, wearing one of those backless hospital gowns, tubes coming out of his nose and arm. He does not look to be in a good mood.]


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So this is Smash Academy, huh...

[The tablet is already transmitting, but it seems that it's being held upside-down by someone looking out over the campus green... from about twenty feet above it, on top of the fountain, to be exact.]

Pretty cool. A guy could get used to campus life here!

[Okay, NOW the view lurches and rights itself as its owner lifts it to talk, and the grinning fuzzy face of a cobalt-blue hedgehog fills the screen.]

Hey guys! The name's Sonic; Sonic the Hedgehog! And it looks like I'm a student here now! Cool to meet you guys! Oh hey, if there's a... [he rustles a wad of disorganized papers, looking them over.] Marie, watchin' this? Guess what? I'm your new roommate!

[EDIT: Action]

[So Sonic eventually found the paper with his room number in the wad of forms and pamphlets he'd received, and after an afternoon of zipping around campus eventually made it up to BE-15 to meet his new roommate.]

Knock knock! [Knock knock.]
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14th-Jul-2014 08:00 pm - [Video.]
[Jon is looking rough. Really rough. Over the weekend there was a Super Moon, and he'd been away longer than normal, letting his inner beast run free in the mountains away from civilization. These episodes are always draining, physically and mentally.

...and then he comes back to all your crap, Smash Academy. Why oh why did he become a member of Staff, again?]

Look... between attacks by weird creatures from god knows where, purple rifts in the sky, and people apparently arriving from multiple, alternate, backwards or inside out timelines? Is there anyone who needs the help of your friendly local Martial Arts instructor?

If so, speak up now or forever hold your peace.
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27th-Apr-2014 10:18 pm - [Video]
[The video feeds turns on with a very distressed Sable looking right at the screen.]

Oh, thank goodness my computer still works. So, ah, everyone knows by now about these...shadow bugs, yes? Well, I've been having trouble with them in my office. They've completely been taking over every inch of my room! Most of my electronics have stopped working, like my little television, but now look at what they've gotten into!!

[She turns the computer towards her shelves of different fabrics. There are little clusters of the purple bugs gathered around some of the fabrics, chewing through the material!]

Look at what they've done!! They're destroying my materials!! I've been trying to fight them off, but there's too many! I'm sorry to bother everyone, but can someone please come over to my office to help me take care of these pests? It would mean so much to me- oh no no NO DON'T GET ANYWHERE NEAR THAT QUILT.

[Sable rushes towards the back of the room and quickly tears away a quilt on the wall that some of the shadow bugs were venturing towards. She throws the quilt off screen, picks up a book and starts wailing on the bugs with the book in a very reckless manner.]


[...she might be going a little bit too far.]
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23rd-Feb-2014 05:46 pm - Goodbyes. [Video]
Hey, gang. You probably already saw Goombella's thing about her leavin'. Sorry to say, but I'm goin' too.

Her Professor is sending a team to an Archaeological dig out in some place called Skyrim. So, there's plenty of treasure for me to hunt. Also? Dragons keep attacking towns in the area we're going to be researching. Like... huge dragons. REALLY huge Dragons. So, I'm going to go and fight them! Y'know. Keep the villagers safe and stuff.

[If you think you can hear barely contained excitement in his voice, you aren't dreaming.]

Anyhow, I'm gonna be around campus fixing up my affairs and stuff, and also packing at the apartment getting ready to move. So... uh. Heh. I suck at goodbyes but there's a bunch'a folks I need to say 'em to.

I'll catch you around.

[[OOC: So, if you think your character is someone Knuckles would want to say 'See Ya' to before he leaves, feel free to either set up an action post (I'm super flexible. Anywhere any time is fine.) or just reply to the video and we can go from there! If you would sooner not, then we can just assume they did their thing offscreen!]]
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23rd-Feb-2014 12:04 pm - [Video.]
For those who knew her and who may be unaware, Riwane has returned to Kanto to attend to some family matters. I'll be visiting with her often, so, should anyone wish to send her anything by way of correspondence, I'll be happy to pass it along.


[Was that it? Yeah. That was about all he was going to say about that here.]

In the mean time, I've need of a drink. Should anyone wish to join me, I'll not say No.

[Insert name of bar here and you can find him there pretty much all afternoon and into the early evening. Action or reply to the network post, it's all good.]
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3rd-Feb-2014 05:14 am - [Audio] Report #7
I seem to be a bit under the weather. [Thanks, Rick.] I suppose due to that and some other things on my mind, I've not felt a great desire to speak up.

How do you fill in things that you're unsure of how to complete? A lot of my lifestyle back home did not provide me preparation for many of the things I've come across here, so most experiences tend to be foreign.

Some would say to read, which I've done plenty of, but I think it doesn't do me much for distracting myself. The weather is too cold to spend much time outdoors, maybe, but it could be colder. I thought about practising with my new bow, but perhaps what I could really use is an old-fashioned sword-to-sword spar.

This is an academy for such things, after all. I do suppose that's an invitation, if there ever was one.
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14th-Dec-2013 02:22 pm - Santa was real but he died (text)
Of special interest this time of year I find the subject of Santa Claus. Though I am not one to deny myths straight away, as there is often great truth in them, the truth of this particular myth is easily known.

There are those who will claim that such a being is purely fictional. Yet that is not the case. Santa Claus--or more properly Saint Nicholas--was a very real person, as flesh and blood as you or I.

Such is the fate of all flesh. Even a person labeled a saint cannot live forever, and he perished many centuries ago.

That is the source of my interest. A mortal man, deceased at that, heralded as some manner of superhero. The facts are available for any who wish to hear them and yet they are ignored in favor of a fantasy.

...This speaks lowly of the world, to elevate a man beyond his deeds or his being, into a mythic beast. To ignore all truth to play pretend.
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31st-Oct-2013 09:45 am - Halloween, why you do dis
Is it really too much to ask that we have just ONE holiday around here that doesn't end up with insane and impossible things happening?

And I honestly can't be the only one who knew that mysterious carnival was an ill omen when it first appeared.
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8th-Sep-2013 08:48 pm - [005E - Video] - Report #4
[Video feed gives way to Eirika who looks... Well. Normal. If not a bit thoughtful. She has a lot on her mind, however. A lot has happened. She's had a lot of information given to her. She has a new pretty roommate. She still has many things she's working through.

And there's the ever consistent concern over just how much humanity remains in her, or what may have changed about her when she was under Eggman's watchful eye.]

Not that anyone may have known him particularly well, and I understand he wasn't exactly personable, however Prince Innes of Frelia departed. I think. For Magvel. But I think he'll be much happier there. I wish I would have gotten to say goodbye to him before he left. And there's always the possibility that he may return.

If the Everlasting is kind, I suppose.

[She takes a deep breath as her posture straightens.]

Classes are beginning tomorrow, I think. I did manage to put together my schedule with little difficulty. It would be a lie for me to say that I couldn't use a distraction. The days have been somewhat unkind as of recent, but I'm hoping with us returning to normalcy that while the past is not forgotten, our future days are something to look forward to.

[Weaving her hands together, she raises her eyebrows.]

There was a creature in red, I'm afraid I don't know what he is, but Knuckles? You'd previously requested an afternoon lunch with me, I believe, and I apologise for my belated acceptance. I was indisposed and unable to contact you. If such a desire is still pending, I'd be most pleased to entertain your company, so please contact me at your convenience.

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29th-Dec-2012 09:53 am - -= 003 [Video] =-
[ It looks like the resident kraken head wants to ask something! Especially with the way his brows are furrowed together in confusion. He has a scarf draped across his shoulders, partly tucked under that thick ruff of fur and there seems to be discarded wrapping paper piled on the desk near the computer, too. ]

Ah, hmm... First, I'd like to say thank you very much for the gifts! They're great!

[ Said brightly and honestly, with a smile, before it dissolves into confusion all over again. ]

They're really great... but... it's not my birthday, yet..? I really like them! Don't get me wrong! Even if I'm not sure what the hairspray is for... I'm just not sure why I'm getting them all of a sudden..? I'm really grateful for them! Though I hope that candy isn't like the last one... ugh... Just a bit confused.

[ A pause. ]

Does this have to do with all the lights and plants and everything all over the place?

[ Nobody ever said the boy was swift on the uptake... *sigh* ]

(( FINALLY getting this up. I meant to do it earlier in the week but didn't get around to it. So you get it now! Silver has no idea about your silly normal, non-post-apocalyptic-life holidays! Somebody help the poor krakenderp out..? ))
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12th-Nov-2012 06:06 pm - Video

[Knuckles comes into view, looking kind of ragged around the edges, wearing his favorite Treasure Hunting Hat and those fun Sunglasses that let you find hidden items from Adventure two.]]

Hey. Sorry I bailed, guys. Had some news on a particular piece of treasure I been looking for and had to act on it real quick. Took me a little longer than I thought to track it down but heck, what's the fun of treasure hunting if you're not sweating?

So! What did I miss?

Locked to Fireball Kittenpants. )
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14th-Oct-2012 12:37 pm - -= 002 [Video] =-
[ It looks like one of the dorm rooms. Something is kind of odd about it, though. It seems to be cast in a strange flickering aqua colour. You might think it was some kind of lava lamp or something at first but it becomes rapidly obvious that it isn't anything like that at all! ]

[ White surrounded by flickering cyan floats into view. Floats. As easily as if the hedgehog were a balloon. Strange sweeping head quills are sort of drifting lazily just as much as Silver himself seems to be. Especially since he's upside down? And giggling. Yes, he's definitely giggling. ]

Nonono, I'm telling you, Mr. Rabbit, I don't have any cards! I-- oh. Oh dear. [ A giggle. ] Your ear just wriggled off again. Did you want me to catch it for you again?

[ He twists in the air, the aqua colour flaring a little more as he reaches out to grab at the air but when he comes up empty handed because, there's obviously nothing there, he just stares at his hand for a bit, confused and then, slowly, distractedly, as he wiggles his fingers slowly. ]

... one, two, three, four, five... but where's six? Oh, bother... did I lose one again??

[ His voice is a little strangely slurred and the reason why becomes obvious when he reaches up and plucks a lollipop out of his mouth by the stick that had been tucked into the corner of it. Using the blue candy he carefully touches the side of it to each finger tip, counting again as he does. ]

... one, two, three, five, six..! Oh, okay, they're all there!

[ Humming, happily, he twirls in the air again until he looks like he's trying to walk down the wall, slowly. Trouble is, he's still about a foot away from it. He keeps going until he runs into his bed, bouncing off it lightly with a squeak. He blinks at it before dissolving into faintly hysteric giggles. ]

What are you doing here? We told you to go back to the garden! Goodness, but you got awfully big... I should... probably... oooh...

[ He trails off again, staring 'up' at the floor as he starts to drift again, slowly, casually putting the candy back in his mouth and just watching the carpet as though it's the most interesting thing in the world~ ]
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24th-Sep-2012 09:57 pm - 01 Inventions [Video]
[Click! The feed opens to a curious little fuzzy face. It seems like he was getting the computer set up. Once it stops moving around, he nods, as if satisfied.] There we go!

Hello! The name's Tails. I'm a new student here at the academy. It's nice to meet you guys! I'm a mechanic back where I come from, so I'll be working on some stuff in the hangar. There's some room for me to use, right? I don't want to step on anyone's toes if it's taken.

Anyway, I'm looking for a few of my friends. They went missing a few weeks ago and my searching led me here. Hey, Sonic! If you can see this, let me know!

... I'm going to go and explore the school a bit. I'll be back in a bit!

[And the feed clicks off. Tails will come back and respond to any messages as soon as he can.]
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3rd-Jul-2012 04:23 am - [ Video ]
[ When the screen zaps on, there's a man that no one's ever possibly seen on campus before. He appears to be outside hiding under a tree, laptop in his lap and trying to keep out of the smoldering summer Sun. Though with the state he's in that's visible, sharp blue hair piercing against the light skin of his shoulders and collar bone (all burnt pink), maybe he is familiar if you were paying attention at prom...

He looks pretty distressed, though, and when he speaks, it's with some tinge of anger.

Who just leaves those stupid balls just lying around?! Who does that?! I ran right into one. RIGHT. INTO. ONE.

[ Fingers start to tear into the thick locks of azure spikes, green eyes on the verge of ripening to red. ]

I can't find anymore! I went lookin' as soon as it happened, but they're all gone!

[ Which means he's probably been running around naked as the day he was born, but what does he care? He needs out of this body NOW.

By the end of his outburst, he's crossed between looking upset and looking annoyed.

Thiiiissss is not cool. AT ALL. [ He touches his shoulder. ] ow.

[ ooc: Remember last month on personals when I said I would do that open log to rack up some CR? hi there. Just gonna network it.

Just fyi: totally okay with action instead of other medias. ]
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