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A quick note to the security team: would you all mind coming to the office for a meeting? Now, more than ever, I feel we need to discuss and plan for what's going on.

[Never mind that Harpuia isn't even on the security staff and acting like he's in charge of the whole thing. Acting like he's in charge is kind of just what Harpuia does.]

Anyone who has any information that may be of use or feels they can be of service is welcome to attend, as well. We're in no position to turn down anything that could help us prepare for what's to come.

[Indeed, Harpuia is already waiting in the security office, looking over a map of the area he picked up from an FDC tourist center then immediately covered in notes and circles.]
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[When the camera came to life, Dr. Eggman was standing in what looked like a big empty warehouse, hands on his hips, eagerly gloating.]

OHOHOHO!! Greetings, all you little SNOTS! I hope you're enjoying the start of a brand new, even more miserable school year than the last!!

You may be asking yourself a few questions! "Doctor Eggman, why are you standing in a warehouse? Doctor Eggman, why do you look so lean and svelte? Doctor Eggman, how can I have a mustache half as amazing and luxurious as your own?" Well, to answer your first question, I have an important announcement! You see, after you MEDDLING CHILDREN blew up my airship, I've had a lot of time to rethink my life's path, evaluate where I stand, and where I want my life and career to go.

And I decided to BUILD A NEW ROBOT ARMY.

[He stepped back, revealing waves of new Badniks behind him as the camera panned.]

That bird attack a few days ago turned out to be the PERFECT opportunity for me! After rounding up a few hundred of the pests, I was able to get right back to work manufacturing more robots! So despite all of your efforts, you HAVEN'T STOPPED ME IN THE LEAST! NYAH NYAH! OHOHOHO!!!

[The feed ended. ...A moment later it turned back on.]

And to answer your other two questions, I've been taking spin classes, and conditioner is your friend.

[Then the feed ended again.]
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Okay, two things.

First, something business related. I'm not sure how common unscheduled training in the school's stadium is, but it seems like the kind of thing that we should have some kind of system to manage, to ensure we know someone's there and to make sure they don't get hurt. I've messed around in it a bit- it seems like the kind of thing where someone could easily program in something dangerous.

Second, is someone going to be organizing a non-underwater expedition sometime soon, or am I going to have to step in here? I'm getting sick and tired of waiting. Being this passive doesn't suit a fighter like me.

[Private Things] )
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28th-Mar-2015 10:36 pm
[There were certainly several options for where to explore first, upon waking up. The forest was certainly more than a little strange, considering natural forests had ceased existing completely where Harpuia came from. The floating island up in the sky was even more unusual, and with his flight system still functioning, exploration was probably possible. But the unfamiliar city seemed like the wisest place to start; civilization seemed like the best place to get his bearings, and he was still damaged: finding repair facilities would have to be his biggest priority. Fefnir and Leviathan, if they were around, would likely have the same plan; if they were around, he'd have the best chance of finding them there.

So there are a variety of ways to encounter Harpuia, if encountering Harpuia is something you're jonesing for.


Harpuia didn't have high hopes he could use the secure communication channels he'd used as a Neo Arcadian -- even if he weren't somewhere unfamiliar, he was a traitor to Neo Arcadia now, and could no longer rely on those sorts of conveniences. Instead, he did his best to jack whatever he could. If you have a radio, walkie-talkie, Pokegear, or a cool communicator built into your awesome space helmet, you may just happen to stumble onto his attempts at contact.]

Fefnir...? Leviathan? If you can hear this, answer me. My whereabouts are unknown, but I'm alive. Hello...? Can anyone hear me?


You might spot a hovering green robot while you're out and about in the city. He's kind of hard to miss, on account of the green and hovering thing. Whatever he was doing before he got here clearly damaged him; occasionally, his flight system falters and he bobs ominously. His asking around about robots that look like him has been nudging him slowly but surely closer in the general direction of the school. The closer he gets, the more time he spends on foot, sparks beginning to jump sporadically from the "wings" on his back.]
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22nd-Mar-2015 01:12 am - Nesting Bird
[Scenario 1: Action]

Something had happened at the Gigan Rocks when she read that inscription. She didn't know what it meant, and she didn't know what it did. She hated not knowing. She was a planner, she liked having all the information before rushing into a situation. So it was bad enough that she was separated from Jet and Storm with no way to contact them, but she couldn't figure out just where she was, period. That had to change. Before she could figure out how to get back to the Gigan Rocks, Wave had to figure out where she was.

Flying over the city on her Extreme Gear was the first way to do that. She could at least get a bird's eye view of this place to get her bearings. Someone had to have some useful information for her. And if they weren't forthcoming, there had to be a computer or two she could hack into...

[Scenario 2: Video]

[When the camera feed crackled to life, it was obvious that the webcam was somewhere other than a student's dorm. It was outside. Was that... Was that the roof?]
You know, the security on the school network is kinda awful. It didn't take me long at all to hook up my personal computer.
[Wave held her holo computer back so that she could get more of herself into the frame. She was reclining on the school's roof, arm behind her head, just chilling.]
The name's Wave the Swallow, of the Babylon Rogues. If you haven't heard of us, then don't worry, you will. I'm gonna be joining you for a little while. Temporarily, mind you. This place is such a dive, I can't believe anyone comes here willingly...
So let's make this very clear. Stay out of my way, and I might stay out of yours. Get it? Good. Then I think we'll get along just fine. You need me, I'll be in class. Or in the security office. Can you believe they're just giving the job away in this place? Later, losers.

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15th-Mar-2015 07:44 pm - Right to Bear... what?
[To Faculty, medium encryption:]

[Gordon's on the network, and he doesn't look happy. In fact, his expression brings up the image of a nuclear reactor with a warning light flashing quietly on a dashboard, the herald of several megatons of fuel below it. First Ziio leaves, and now THIS.]

My apartment's been broken into, and the weapons inside were taken. Two pistols, an SMG, some grenades, my crossbow and tau cannon, everything. They were hidden, but whoever it was turned my goddamn apartment upside-down specifically to find them... I need to find out where the hell they went, and FAST. If any of you have a clue as to where they went, I could use your help.

[To the Students]

It seems my apartment has been burglarized. Fortunately it's, uh, nothing I can't recover... If any of you have a clue who could have done such a thing, let me know. I'll be in my office at my normal office hours, and you can always contact me through an anonymous channel if it makes you feel safer.

Also, I feel the need to stress to you all that in the end, YOU'RE responsible for your own property. Don't let anything valuable of yours out of your sight in public, and keep track of who's able to enter your dorms and who your roommate allows in as well. Don't let this kind of thing happen to you.

[Still terse from anger, he cuts off the feed sharply.]
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1st-Mar-2015 09:41 pm - [Video]
[The video feed turns on, revealing a huge magenta reploid with a pair of big guns on his back.]

So. I am Fighting Fefnir, the... former general of the Army of Ash Flames of Neo Arcadia, former Guardian of Master X.

I'm still a Guardian though, and that's exactly what I'm going to be doing here! Guarding people. I just talked to some, uh... hands, and I'm now a security officer for this school. If it's good enough for a legendary soldier, I figure it must be good enough for me too.

From what I've heard, this place manages to get into trouble pretty frequently. I'm looking forward to having some challenging fights!
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