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We interrupt this program for a message from the Eggman Empire.

[He'd been looking for days. And with all the craziness going on around campus, he knew there was every possibility that she had been caught up in something. Maybe by some giant monster, provoked by the idiots around here. Or someone used the opportunity to do something to her. Either way, he wanted answers. And he went about it in his usual calm, collected way.]

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Maybe she left you.
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People come and go from here all the time.

If you have actual reason to believe she's been abducted or harmed, then security will look into it. When was the last time you saw her? Did she say anything to you?

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I have not seen her.
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She is an innocent, I would not harm her.

[He said this flatly, because he was not going to sit here and be accused of something so heinous as kidnapping with this one.

Considering Eggman's track record.

But unlike Eggman, Connor was sensible and caring.]

I will see if I find some clues if her whereabouts have anything do to with wrongdoing. But if there are no traces of her, it should be assumed she left.

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I haven't seen her in months! ...Of course, I was in jail for most of those months, but I still haven't seen her since then.
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[He leaks some embarrassed laughter.]

Well... oh, you know! Debt so ancient you could put it in a museum. It can happen to anyone, you know.

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Oh my, where could she have gone?
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This is horrible! We need to file a missing persons report! We should put up signs! No, an announcement on television!

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I never met her properly, but I know her by sight.

Which of your enemies is most likely to do somethin' to a kid and where can we find them.

[Look missing daughter figures are serious goddamn business ok and if Joel knows one thing its that people are awful and there's plenty of them who'll hurt a kid to get what they want. If there's another thing he knows its how to do enough horrible shit to a person to get them to talk about it.]
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Re: [Private.]

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Back home... I got kind've a reputation for getting information out of folks. If you can think of anyone who needs to be questioned...

[He left the offer hanging. It wasn't something he'd done here. It wasn't something he'd needed to do here. But like riding a bike, it was a skill he doubted he'd ever lose. If this kid was in danger, he'd be contributing directly to her endangerment if he didn't offer to help.]

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Yeah, I want to know, too! Because season five of Friendship Ponies came out on DVD? And I bought a copy so we could watch it together and eat chips.

I also bought chips.
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It's a show we enjoy watching together? But maybe she never told you about it. It's just a cartoon, but we'd already seen all the old episodes so it was going to be kind of exciting to see any new ones we missed?

I won't watch it until we find her.

[...he's going to eat the chips though. He can always buy new Doritos.]

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Wait... You've LOST her?!
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Damn... I thought you sent her away for the summer or something. I had no idea she was missing!

[He would ask Eggman where he'd think she could have gone, but he can already imagine the response. Something along the lines of "IF I KNEW THAT, I WOULD HAVE SEARCHED THERE ALREADY!" He'll spare both of them the headache.]

Well she couldn't have gone back to her homeworld, I'm pretty sure of that. Did you notice her acting strangely at all before she took off?

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Missing person, eh? Not to worry, Pyrrhon will get right on the case!

...Refresh Pyrrhon's memory, though. Who's Vivian again?

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