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08: There must be some kind of way out of here [audio]

[Hey, it's that jerk. And he sounds a little on edge. Garrett may be realizing that he didn't think his brilliant plan though. He may still have his prizes, but they won't do much good if he can't leave the city. God dammit. So, have a vague message.]

The world's been on the verge of ending for a couple of months now. I know you're all enamored with the idea of solving the mystery mask puzzle, but has anyone thought about, I don't know, finding a way out of this damn town? Let's say somebody gets the masks back and opens the clock tower. What if it doesn't magically fix this little problem of the moon about to crash into us? We'd still be pretty screwed.

I want to get the hell out of here before I die in a fiery apocalypse, thanks.
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Audio, n stuff.

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[Oh hey, that's lost-and-found guy isn't it?]

It seems you're not yet in the elite cabal of people who know just how boned we really are.

[Of course there's sarcasm there, but seriously. Gordon hates people who make demands just because they're slow on the uptake. That, and he's just plain out of fucks to give.]

There IS no way out.
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Well shit. Why didn't I think of that?

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You are welcome to devote yourself to finding something, but do not mistake the lack of discovery for the lack of effort.
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If there WERE any way out, do you think any of us would still be here waiting for death to find us?

The masks may have been a long shot, but at least they're a chance at survival, no matter how slim.
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[ Vivian is still a bit oblivious to everything happening, but - ]

Many of my friends back home have been neutralized by fire.

[ She sighs. ]

I miss them.