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21st-Oct-2015 12:32 am - SHUT UP A SCIENTIST IS TALKING
There are those who have made it clear that their proposed solution to this catastrophe is to destroy the moon.

Such an action would damn us all. It has been brushed off with remarks that the debris would simply burn up in the atmosphere, yet even if this were to happen, we cannot survive without the moon.

Already we have seen the effects of its closeness on the world around us. Yet, what do you believe would happen if there were no moon at all?

The planet's orbit would become unstable itself, with no 'child' to balance it. Though it would not veer out of orbit with the sun, its overall path would be altered. Tides would fail. Our bodies, primarily water as they are, would suffer.

This world, were it to survive such an event, would find itself a wasteland. And such a thing cannot be considered "saving" it.

Any proposing such a course of action with this knowledge ought to be considered a threat to our very existence.
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I have salvaged as many of the ancient and important books from the library as I am able. That said, those efforts are fruitless should the moon conclude its path.

There is one option that will save us, yet for that I require all of you. You have varied experience with artifacts of great power, and we must pool that knowledge and artifacts themselves, as well as find those able to use them.

Additionally, among our alumni there was a being known as Bob Heather, called Arceus by whose who view it as a deity. Finding Arceus once more would be a boon to our cause.

And Mesprit, to your siblings forth. The three of you hold a power capable of putting a stop to this.

We must take what we need. Truly, we are utterly alone in this world. What remains depends on those here.
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28th-Sep-2015 07:48 pm - [text]
Hey! Who else popped outside to check out the eclipse last night?? Wasn't it crazy? What a huge blood moon! I've got some pictures if anyone wants to see!

Though, uh, actually, I guess you could just look out your window? It's sure not eclipsed, but it looks like the full blood moon is totally still out there.

Aren't these sorts of things only supposed to last a night?

[Seriously, the moon tonight was still hanging heavy and red in the sky that next evening. And the next evening. And the... next... one? And...]
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26th-Jul-2015 10:26 pm
It has proven to be elusive...that which has occurred even recently, it seems information is scarce.

I ask to know what all has transpired involving the earthquake and the water rising. This includes a personal level, what you all have done to investigate these happenings.

...I have long known that this world is doomed. Yet that will be at our own hand, not this. As such, I believe it would be a benefit to what remains that we pool our knowledge.
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12th-Jul-2015 10:25 pm - 001 ♔ video/action
Hello everyone! Cynthia here.

I'm not expecting any of you people to know who I am, since I just arrived a few days ago. I also just finished signing a mountain of paperwork that now signifies that I'm going to be everyone's new guidance counselor, and pokemon history teacher to the junior.

...basically, this is the first time I saw sunlight since given that accursed stack of paperwork. Hopefully no carpal tunnels any time soon.

Anyway, please feel free to come up to me with your problems. Be it school stress, or anything under the sun. My door is always open, and I am very good at keeping secrets. Also, though I have yet to see a rule against it, I am allowing students who are interested in pokemon history and mythology to sit in my class if they want to.

Uhmm...yeah. I look forward to meeting you all.

[Though, to anyone walking along the courtyard. She was seated by the fountain with a notebook and pen in hand. Cynthia may look busy. But feel free to bother her. She's just making her lesson plan anyway.]
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4th-Jul-2015 10:22 pm - [Action.]
 photo fireworksanimation-13.gif

[It had been a while since Joel had used explosives in a way that didn't involve blowing someone or something that used to be a someone up.

But hell, it was the Fourth of July. He wasn't sure if anyone else celebrated the Holiday, so he didn't make a big deal of it on the network.

He DID however, purchase a few bags of cheap fireworks.

If you hear some Popping or Whizz Banging or Basplosion noises of any kind, that's probably him down near the over-filled lake, letting off a few crackers.

Happy Birthday, America.]

[[OOC: Feel free to come find him and shoot off a few fireworks of your own, or just chat. He's down for either!]]
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2nd-Jul-2015 07:21 pm - Text - Action
I see folk are looking to investigate the lake and what have you. I urge you to be careful.I've pointed it out elsewhere, but it probably bears mentioning here that the lake is not alone in rising - down at the docks and on the beach, tides are coming in progressively higher.

Just... be aware of your surroundings. Don't allow them to overwhelm you.

Private and locked to Riwane, Chiyo and Rio. )

[Action: Jon can be found in his dorm if you've a mind to go and find him. He's feeling twitchy, restless, grumpy, sleepless and head-achy. So, not wonderful company! Feel free to risk it, though.]

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27th-Jun-2015 03:08 pm - [text - well, that's strange...]
[Biomech was gone, huh. She'd said goodbye, at least, which was more than Char'd ask for. The two of them always had been kind of alike, after all, and he knew full well the way a dragon heart hated to be tied down. That they'd known each other as long as they had was pretty incredible. Funny to think that the teacher who'd seen him through to graduating would eventually become a co-worker.

But, well... she was gone, and Char was still here. And as Lonely natures are wont to do, that fact pulled him toward brooding. He'd spent more hours since graduating alone. The horizon, once again, was whispering tempting little promises of escape, but where Samus had grown restless, Char had been putting down roots. He might have vanished for a day or two at a time, but he never went far.

This time, he was especially near: down at the edge of the lake. This'd been the last spot he'd seen Samus in person, and at the time, it had been littered with large chunks of scrap metal salvaged from the bottom of the lake. Some of it had been left at the shore -- no long rusting away in the lake waters, but far too damaged to be of practical use.

Which made it a little weird that all those beached heaps of crud were now partially submerged again. Char stood next to them, the water partway up his scaly shins. Curiosity had gotten the best of him, so despite the inherent shittiness of his old phone, here was a mobile post with an attached photo of Char's submerged feet and the mangled metal sticking up out of the shallows.]

Hey, is it just me, or is the water level here higher'n it used to be?
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