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I ain't going to re-invent the wheel by explaining what's going on. We need to get as many of you kids to your home worlds as possible. Folks who don't have a home world to go to or who can't get home got t'make some alternate plans.

I'm going t'help as many of you get out of here as I can. I need a list of places that we can get to easily, so, if any of you can tell me whether you can get home without hassle, that would be an alright start.

If any of you can't leave this world, you can tell me that too. We, uh... there's plans bein' made to cover that eventuality too.

[He paused for a moment.]

Remember, survival is everything. Some of you are going to have to make some hard choices. Make 'em and don't look back. Making it through till tomorrow is what counts.

We got less than a month.

Let's get this done.

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