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[Video.] What Has Science Done...

Hey, uh... C'mere.

[Joel ducks out of frame for a moment, obviously trying to grab something that's moving around out of sight for a few seconds. There's whimpering and the noise of a rattle.]

I'm guessin' this is a Pokémon of some kind? Found him on my mornin' hike sniffing around the edge of the woods.

[He holds a small creature out to the camera. It's a puppy! Or a snake! Or... an unholy abomination. Or All Three. It's small though. My Little Unholy Abomination.]

If any of you trainer types know what he is, I'd be obliged. Figure I might keep him. Weird looking little fella but he ain't as mean as y'figure he'd be with a face like that.
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What, dude, how can you be sure that thing won't just kill all of my chickens? How do you know it doesn't eat chickens? It looks like it eats chickens!

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I hate t'break it to you, but that's not a Pokemon. Least, not one that's been discovered.
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Every couple of years a new region with over a hundred or so get discovered actually

I guess Pokemon science is a pretty growin' field... really, there's one surefire way t'tell. If it fits in a Pokeball, it's a Pokemon. Works with all've'em. You throw one at any other animal, it just bounces off.

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...not a pokemon, babe.
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You mean, at the dorms?

[Not that she was scared of it or anything. She could easily have her pokemon guard her in case that thing decides it's not human friendly. But for now.]

I'd happily examine it if you want. In case it needs any medical treatment.

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Ah, Joel.

I assume you have been told if it was a Pokemon or not by now so...what is the creature?
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...Sounds like a hound with some specifics similar to a snake. Nothing more or less.

[Meaning why were people freaking out about this? Connor didn't see a problem.]

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...That looks like a chimera to me.
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[YEAH Flint is definitely thinking of those kinds of chimeras.]

If it's anything like the chimeras I've seen, I might have an idea. But you said it's friendly.
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[Blue clapped her hands in front of her in delight.]

I'll be right over! You're over in the teacher's dorms, right?

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That is no pokemon. It holds a superficial resemblance to a Mightyena, although that is the extent of it.
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What the hell is that?!

...No, really. What the hell IS that?! It looks like a cross between a coyote and a rattlesnake. A chimera of some kind, maybe. Is he cold-blooded?

[This is what you get for showing the scientist, Joel. At least he's not asking you to bring it to the lab yet.]
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[It's... kind of cute when it's curled in Joel's arms like that. In a terrifying, eat-your-face-off sort of way, anyway.]

Where'd you find him again, exactly? Biology's not exactly my field, but I can't help but wonder what kind of environment he came from.
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