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golonghorns ([personal profile] golonghorns) wrote in [community profile] smashacademy2015-02-08 10:16 pm

Mid life criseseseses

Been here a year and a week, now. Guess I missed my 'anniversary' considering I was so out of it when I first arrived. I was hardly paying attention to the date.

It's kind've flown past. I have to wonder how things are back home. How Tommy and the Power Plant are doing. How Ellie is.

God. A year.

Some days, I feel almost like a normal guy again. Driving to the store, talking to friends. Having friends.

 Guess that means I'm 50, as well.


So, I'm thinking of hitting a bar later if anyone's in the mood for a drink.

[Action!: You can find him at a bar later in the evening if you're in the mood for an alchoholic beverage with a man contemplating hitting half a century and living in a world entirely divorced from reality for more than a year! Sounds super exciting, right!?]

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