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Mid life criseseseses

Been here a year and a week, now. Guess I missed my 'anniversary' considering I was so out of it when I first arrived. I was hardly paying attention to the date.

It's kind've flown past. I have to wonder how things are back home. How Tommy and the Power Plant are doing. How Ellie is.

God. A year.

Some days, I feel almost like a normal guy again. Driving to the store, talking to friends. Having friends.

 Guess that means I'm 50, as well.


So, I'm thinking of hitting a bar later if anyone's in the mood for a drink.

[Action!: You can find him at a bar later in the evening if you're in the mood for an alchoholic beverage with a man contemplating hitting half a century and living in a world entirely divorced from reality for more than a year! Sounds super exciting, right!?]
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Connor didn't see the network post, he was in town though.

February seemed to be interesting once again as he saw all of the happy people looking at the windows of shops that were littered with red and pink decorations. This was his second year here, and his second year of experience. His second Valentines' Day. This and Christmas both seemed like huge holidays when people spent copious amounts of money for cheap gifts, and not so cheap gifts. Never-the-less, it made Connor stick out more than he usually did. He never could get an opinion of how people treat the holidays here, it just wasn't his style. He doubted he'd be too into it if he were of this century.

However, it didn't stop him from thinking of what to give for his loved one. Just a little.

That was besides the point, as he spotted another man out of place in a bar nursing a drink.

And so, Connor found himself walking inside on reflex.

"Joel?" Connor greeted simply. He was far too curious to leave Joel to the wayside. There was something about Joel that drew Connor closer, was it a kinship of sorts? He didn't know. The man looked like he went through hell and back, and now he was sitting in a bar looking less cheerful than normal.
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Re: vroom

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He was just about to throw up a friendly decline but the bartender was so quick and started making the drink already. Really?

Well, now Connor couldn't refuse, as much as wanted to. Just one drink, and Joel didn't mind his company apparently. Which was fine, no one said Connor had to drink himself silly. If Joel did though, which seemed like a possibility, Joel at least had someone backing him up. That's what Connor decided to dedicate himself as as he took a seat.

"I can pay," Connor reassured, Joel shouldn't pick up his tab when Connor wasn't much of one for drinking.

Still yet, no, he didn't want to ask so many personal questions but this was concerning. So, hopefully, Joel didn't mind a, "Are you well?"
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Aw shoot, absolutely no way to back down. It was one thing to say so, but Joel actually came in and paid. In full.

So fine, just one drink.

So as the beverage that Joel so kindly offered was laid down in front of Connor to indulge, he turned to find out that Joel actually flatly answered him. He didn't expect him to be cryptic, that didn't seem like Joel's style after all. But a straight answer? He didn't expect the opposite from him either.

"I see," Connor said before taking a sip from the glass, wincing a little from the taste but turning away to do so. "This year would make my second. To think some of us have remained this long."

But this was all about Joel right now, at least that was what Connor was going to make it.
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A decade? Really? By that logic, people have been forcibly here for a decade, away from loved ones. Sure, there were those who came from choice. That certainly wasn't Connor and it certainly wasn't Joel. Joel had been taken from loved ones for a year.

Connor wondered if he found anything here in his stay, if he found anything he could be attached. He, himself, obviously did. He was reunited with his mother, his father briefly, met a descendent, found friends, and found love.

Of course, he should return to his own time and his own ways. He had an Order to rebuild, people to meet, people to eventually train to join the Brotherhood. He assumed that, with all he heard from Desmond it was what he soon did. Who knew now, with all that had happened? All he knew was that he wanted Desmond to still exist and his world to be saved. People to be free, and all of that.

So being here for a ten years set him back a little, but not enough to not still speak him.

"I can only hope that your stay had given you something, maybe not something you can take back," he paused at that. "Or maybe you can. But when you do leave, that something helped you shape yourself and perhaps help you for the better. That is all we could ever hope out of a situation like this."
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Connor admittedly looked at him when he mentioned he used a gun on someone. Then he didn't ask. Mainly because he said once, and the characters around here? Connor had to scuffle a few times and resort to violence. The prom night was a big example, the robot drug war was another. That happened on his first year at this place, and then with Eirika he-

Now he was feeling it too, almost two years. Connor was nearly thirty, it all hit like a couple bricks.

Again, he kept that in the back of mind and to himself. He took another sip of his beer. The stuff was awful.

He did notice that that was a fair amount of information to be thrown out, was that intentional or a lowered guard? Another reason for a glace. A far lesser man would maybe pry by this point, but that wasn't Connor's style and he wasn't going to give in. He wanted to remain respectful, and perhaps be on a similar level, if Joel allowed it.

"It is nice to be at a place where you do not have see violence at nearly every corner on the streets," he started. "I can understand that notion. Chaos still comes from time to time, but there are also times of relative peace. I still see myself as having the purpose to fight if anything shall happen, and I uphold that; yet it still does not happen so often anymore."
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Oh, that guy. He had seen him around, large and loud brute of a man. A good perk of the job, get to know people without actually knowing them. Learn habits and adapt to their behaviors, like the school was some kind of wilderness. He had heard the stories, and had admittedly kept a close eye.

Interesting, this whole meeting just got more interesting.

Not one to resort to violence immediately, sure. But if what Connor had heard was true, and judging how Blood acted (making the stories seem to likely be true), then it wasn't without reason. Hopefully.

He couldn't help but smirk, mainly because Joel seemed proud of it. Yeah, he got his just desserts.

"You delivered justice then," Connor remarked. "I have heard of him, seen him and his demeanor. He had to know actions such as those do not go unpunished."

Sad that the staff had to do that, and not the headmasters.
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Okay, Connor actually gave a short, but hearty chuckle. It was just how Joel said it, of course the violence wasn't funny but just...There must be some sort of ironic legend of an older sort proving a younger one wrong.

"Surely then, he had learned a lesson of not underestimating superiors," Connor remarked. "I know of him, he is loud and foolish. If he does not calm himself, there is a longer road for him yet. But I will continue to keep watch."

Connor then looked at his glass, shaking his head. One glass was enough, if not for the taste then surely not to overstep Joel's kindness.

"...I do not drink much," Connor finally admitted.
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"Soda is...a drink that hisses when opened, correct? A friend drank them a lot, but I have never tried it."

Connor slowly finished off his beer, he had drank stronger stuff but that didn't mean it all sit well. Besides, last time he had a strong one was whiskey with Charles, and they were both in too great in pain to notice if booze was making them drunk. In fact, it probably alleviated it. A drink between enemies; and right before Connor stabbed him right in that room right after that drink.

Whatever happened afterwards, Connor looked to Joel as they spoke more of Blood. It really got him to thinking about much he would butt heads with him. If Blood came into his sights and started causing trouble, Connor wouldn't hand at least a small punishment.

Connor wasn't quick to kill someone, not at home and not here, but if he decided to harm someone the weapons would come out. Not kill, defend. Killing was for the battlefield and acting as an Assassin. No civilians, no matter how crass.

"Hopefully, he took your actions as a warning."
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Oh, no. Just like that, the bartender shown up with a glass and Connor was looking right at it. It looked like water with bubbles in it. Thinking he couldn't back down, he took a sip.

Plain, and that was fine. The carbonation was weird to him, but he didn't dislike it. He let the lime wedge sink in the glass, allowing the sour citrus to soak in. It had more flavor, but again, nothing he disliked. He actually probably liked it the more he sipped it.

"It...is different, but simple and enjoyable." Connor said. "Thank you."

You know, just in case his thanks wasn't apparent.

"One can only hope," Connor then commented. "There are other dangerous people here that pose their own threats. If one stays in line, then that is for the best."
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Duly noted as Connor drank a little more of his drink, the fizz tickling his throat. What a weird sensation. But with that out of the way, it seemed like they delved into more important matters.

Because Connor knew who was really dangerous, and it was someone he tried to keep track of.

"Have you seen the Demolitions professor?" Connor asked. "Doctor Ivo Robotnik, or 'Eggman', as he is referred to."
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Another small snort. Just how Joel said it, that was probably why. Well look at them now, they were talking very casually about something of importance.

When was the last time he had a talk like this with kin? He's done it here before, but it had felt like a while.

However, when Joel asked an honest to goodness question, Connor was back to full serious. Everyone deserved to know, Joel especially. Anyone well seasoned with weapons especially, friends especially.

"The man was responsible for a battle that had taken place the previous year," he replied. "He turned many students and teachers into machines and was not above abduction and experimentation into doing so."

He said that with a slight gravely tone, a tone that could suggest that, yeah, Eggman done pissed him off.

20 minutes late w/ starbucks

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[guess who hacked it was Falcon

He's not a fan of his own birthday, so he can understand Joel's sentiment. It's awful to spend a milestone like this alone, so of course he's in the mood for a drink.

When he finds Joel in the bar, he wordlessly sidles up next to him, sliding a pint across the hardwood table top towards the other man. Happy birthday, friend.
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[Falcon nods in greeting, raising his own glass to toast before drinking from it. He sets it down on the bar top with a satisfying clink.]

A little better, now.

[now that he has a DRINK]
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[It comes out dry, but he means it sincerely. Falcon has sort of stopped keeping track of how long it's been for him.]

Wondering how your life got to this point yet?
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That's how it goes.

[You just get desensitized--and then eventually you stop worrying about being desensitized and just accept that this place is completely insane and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.]

Can't complain.

[Aside from Blood and Black Shadow, that is.]

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Could be worse.

[Which, sometimes, is as much as you can hope for. He certainly has one thing in particular to be very happy about, but that's supposed to be a secret.]

How about yourself?
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[Here is another toast. Falcon had a hard enough time turning forty, he can't imagine what fifty might be like.]

Happy belated birthday.
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Only a few more years to go.

[It's playful, and he punctuates it with a nudge to the shoulder. Ha ha, you're old.]
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[Falcon shrugs. He is a space billionaire and doesn't really have to worry about that kind of thing, as he's mostly set for life. Normal people problems.]

They'll go fast.
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[Once he sees that Joel has finished his drink, he waves down the bartender, but looks over to his friend, first.]

Something stronger? It's on me.