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Grumpiest gifts.

[Joel isn't much of one for the Holidays.... but. Well. It's a thing that happens here and he doesn't really care to be 'That A-Hole who recieveth without giving.' So.... enjoy your gifts.]

Max - Two of those tent sized tank tops you wear.

Connor - A big box of chocolates.

Mondo - You get a power drill set. A really, really nice one. The card just reads 'Keep up the great work, Mondo.'

Hagakure - A book on heritage poultry breeds.

Captain Falcon and Samus - a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label to share and if you were to offer him a shot, he wouldn't turn you down.

Gordon - A big box of chocolates.

Henry - Who even knows what to get a guy like Henry? Where do you even start? Something practical, that's where. Have a nice warm pair of winter gloves. Keep those little hands of yours toasty. Don't get frostbite; it isn't as fun as you might figure it is.

[He's only going to be out and about where he has to. The Mistletoe thing kind of spooked him into staying indoors unless he has to go somewhere. But feel free to find him at his dorm or on a trip to the cafeteria or something.]

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[Yeah that's the good shit.

We can share a shot of the good shit.]