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[Gordon is in his lab, and if the thunderous introduction doesn't give it all away, then the shattered glass cases still dripping with fluid should put everything into context. The camera whips around to his face. He's... never had that expression before. Maybe he should have gotten one of the larger predators from the woods to be his spokescritter; they would show a greater sense of openness and compassion on their fanged faces, than anything that he's showing right now.]

I don't know who the hell did this, but chances are they're listening in on this feed. Now normally I'd be the good guy and give you an hour to bring them back with no strings attached, but no. Not this time. You know EXACTLY what you've taken from here. We need those masks to figure out what the hell is going on in the clock tower. You've taken what might be our last chance to survive this catastrophe, and you'll be treated as such.

Consider this an all-points-bulletin, and a request for security to start searching. Also I'm going out myself.

Whoever you are, I hope they find you before I do.
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2nd-Nov-2015 07:41 pm - Important News
[Wave had been to the clock tower quite a bit since arriving at Smash. She went there when she first arrived. She went with Tails a few times, and she still sort of associated the place with him. After he left, she just... couldn't quite make herself go back. Feeling hopeless with the literal end of days approaching in the sky ahead, Wave found... she could use a taste of the familiar.

Familiarity was absolutely NOT what she found.

Turning on her camera in her necklace, Wave started an open message to the academy.]

I think I figured out what the masks are for.

[She turned the jewel so that the camera could see the giant, bizarre looking door that had somehow appeared on top of the clock tower. Positioned around the door were grooves. Familiar looking grooves, at that. Comparing them to the scans she had taken earlier of the masks in Gordon's lab confirmed her suspicions.]

I went up to the clock tower, and unless someone's made some additions lately and forgot to tell us, this is pretty new. The slots around the door frame look just like the shapes of the masks we've found. And I'd bet money that there's a link between this and what's been happening with the moon. I dunno about any of you, but I'd like to figure out what's inside of it.
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A quick note to the security team: would you all mind coming to the office for a meeting? Now, more than ever, I feel we need to discuss and plan for what's going on.

[Never mind that Harpuia isn't even on the security staff and acting like he's in charge of the whole thing. Acting like he's in charge is kind of just what Harpuia does.]

Anyone who has any information that may be of use or feels they can be of service is welcome to attend, as well. We're in no position to turn down anything that could help us prepare for what's to come.

[Indeed, Harpuia is already waiting in the security office, looking over a map of the area he picked up from an FDC tourist center then immediately covered in notes and circles.]
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12th-Oct-2015 08:18 am - [Video]
So. The moon might land on us.

Anyone got any ideas on how I can get strong enough to punch it in half before it gets here? We got seven Chaos Emeralds floatin' around that no-one told me about? Or somethin' else that would let me go Super?

I just don't think crossfit's gonna cut it.
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[Normally Gordon's little messages to the school at large are brief. Terse, is a better way to put it. A quick flick of the switch and a message that inkling ink may be non-toxic but that doesn't mean you should paint the lab specimens with it (For example.) and a quick flick of the switch off again.]

[Not so today. The feed comes on and he stares at the camera, raking a hand through his hair and starting to mouth three silent beginnings to three different sentences before he actually finds one with a voice. There's something he wants to say, but no permutation of words will make it easier to hear.]

I've, uh... Students, faculty. No doubt you've noticed that the moon hasn't gone out of full for the past week or so, and in fact looks even bigger now. I've been taking some readings. The shift in the center of gravity of the moon-planet binary and parallax measurements tell me that it's... not just an optical illusion.

The moon has, somehow, left its orbit.

I only mentioned this to the security chief before now, because I wanted to be absolutely certain of my suspicions and of where the moon was actually headed. I would like to say that it'll just harmlessly slingshot around us and into the sun. I really, really wish I could say that, in fact I spent several nights trying to make the numbers work so I COULD say that... but I can't. There's no other way to plot the trajectory, other than directly at us.

[He picks up some papers, eyeballing them on the camera, making sure he this part straight.] Now... Apparently this has happened before. A world by the name of Termina actually survived the event, but they had four guardian giants that awoke and... [A mistrustful squint at the paper.] physically shoved the moon back into orbit. [He puts the paper down.]

Obviously we're a little light on sleeping giants. As a matter of fact, I have no damn clue how to fix this, or even if we can. The four masks are involved--and there ARE four--but it's anyone's guess as to how they are. What I do know is, if we don't do something, the moon will strike the earth, and every single living creature on this planet down to the last microbe might be eradicated.

If anyone knows anything about this or has ideas, now's the time to step up. You might just save more than just the school. Also... in the event that we CAN'T stop it, I advise everyone to start making plans for quick evacuation back to your homeworlds. If you know someone who doesn't have a homeworld or can't reach it, then consider taking them with you. They may have to start all over but trust me, if that moon hits, then any place will be better than here.

[Private, to Skull Kid]

Kid... I know you were there. Your student file is hazy on the details, but I know you were there in Termina when this happened the last time. I didn't mention your name earlier and I don't intend to, because when people are panicked they can do some awful things when names are dropped. But, we still need to know everything you know if we're going to keep this planet in one piece.

So what exactly happened there?
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 Hello, Smash Academy. My name is Rouge the Bat, and I'll be another security guard.

...Or at least I would be if there was even a school to guard!! What on Mobius happened here?! The place is a mess and half the buildings are rubble!! And what was that giant walking mountain?!

[Private to Eggman]

Wanton destruction? This sounds like one of your schemes, Eggman. But that didn't look like a robot. If it's not you destroying everything, then who is it? Any ideas?

[Private to Knuckles]

Hello, sweetie. Miss me?
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29th-Sep-2015 10:05 pm - MISSION: ANALYZE STRANGE MASKS
[There's a robot on the camera with two rather grotesque looking... heads? Both of them isolated in thick, futuristic-looking glass tubes for study.]

[For those unaware, Zero will fill them in:] These were left behind after the monsters in the lake and underground bunker were defeated. Their function is... unknown.

The results have come back from Dr. Freeman's lab, and as far as he can tell, these masks are extremely old... most likely ancient. Their exact age is unclear, but their composition matches no known substance. They are organic, however.

Whatever they are, these... 'masks' are definitely connected to the anomalies happening in this city. If anyone else has come across clues in their investigations, or have any relevant knowledge, contact me.

Private to security team and friends )
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Hey, it's Mona! We meet again!

A very big THANK YOU to all those who attended my photo booth at prom. You guys TOTALLY ROCK! I hope to see all of you happy couples and grads again next year, where I promise you my booth will be bigger and better than it was this year! Gotta top off that big bang of an earthquake somehow. What a show off...

[She's going to try and bugger the headmasters of the academy to fork over some cash in order to buy a real working waterfall instead of her painted backdrop one. Don't ask where Mona is going to find a legit waterfall, let alone get it into the hall for next year. Just...better off not questioning it.]

Should you have purchased a photo package from me, your proofs will be sent out shortly in the following weeks to come. Honestly, why doesn't the academy have a dark room? Don't you people have a weekly school news paper? Where do you develop your film at?! I'm sorry you have to bear with the mess in our bathroom Chiyo...

[Look guys, Mona hasn't upgraded herself to a digital camera yet. Bear with her. When one of your two bosses back home doesn't pay you a cent for your hard work, it's hard to meet end's meat, let alone indulge in nice things. Which, doesn't make a lot of sense since buying film is way more expensive in the long haul. Again, don't question it. Mona's sense of logic...lacks at times, to put it politely.]

Booth aside, I'm writing to you all in hopes I can trouble a few of you for a favor? A friend and I recently had a little accident involving our bikes and she's assured me someone around these parts can help a girl out. I rely heavily on my Mona Cycle to get to and from places, so it would be a BIG help if one of you gearheads could fix her back up into pristine condition as fast as you could. And I'd like, totally love you forever if you could do that.
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[While the network post was aimed at his fellow security guards, it wasn't private. Zero knew full well that there were people among the student body and faculty who also actively protected the school, so there was no reason to keep them out of the message. Maybe he was just being overly cautious, but that was part of his job.]

That earthquake still needs investigating. I'm not leaving that to chance... not while the water level's also changed.

I want to investigate if there's any new activity in the underground bunker. Even if most of the shadow bugs have relocated, it still poses a security risk. If there's no one else who can navigate to the bottom of the lake, I'll check that out too.

Fefnir, Wave: if you're not concerned, I can handle it alone. Harpuia: consider this notice, since you've been organizing our shifts.

[End transmission.]

= = =

[Zero can also be found in the stadium, testing out the weapons left behind by the now absent Samus. It was strange - he barely knew her, and yet it felt like he had some kind of bond with... him? Her? It was hard to say. His memories were still fuzzy over the whole thing. All he knew was that Samus had some pretty good taste in weapons, and he was grateful to have them. There were pistols, batons, even a whip... the reploid could adapt to any weapon with ease. All of Zero's own were designed specifically to destroy - with so many humans at the school, a non-lethal paralyzer was a blessing.]
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29th-May-2015 01:07 am - Buzzkill
So this place has an end-of-year prom, huh? Figures. Well, as part of the security team, I'll have to be there myself... Just tell me this is at least a somewhat CLASSY event, not that I'm expecting all that much.
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14th-Apr-2015 01:59 pm - [Video/Action]
[Boxes and bags and a slight mess can be seein in the background when the feed cuts in. A light, cheery tune can be heard in the distance before it stops when a possibly familiar face plops on the chair in front of the feed and wipes their forehead.]

Hey ya'll! Sorry I didn' take the time ta say I was on my way back, but hey, what better way than now during unpackin'?! Got a new room this time 'round tho we all know how them dorms like switchin' it up on us erry now an' then. So, for now, if you wana come on down an' say hello, feel free ta pass by BW eight!

Especially those folk who know I always want ta know if they're okay and fine. Don't make me come to yer rooms now y'hear?

[She smiled and blew a kiss at the camera.]

I'm glad to be back~

[And with a wave, she cuts the video. Still marked as online if anyone wants to chat, audio, video and what have you. Or you can pass by the room! In any case, she seemed as welcoming as always. Hello, you were all missed.]
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25th-Mar-2015 03:19 pm - [Video] Uh oh. Someone woke up.
[When the feed crackles to life, Dr. Eggman is sitting up in a hospital bed, wearing one of those backless hospital gowns, tubes coming out of his nose and arm. He does not look to be in a good mood.]


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22nd-Mar-2015 01:12 am - Nesting Bird
[Scenario 1: Action]

Something had happened at the Gigan Rocks when she read that inscription. She didn't know what it meant, and she didn't know what it did. She hated not knowing. She was a planner, she liked having all the information before rushing into a situation. So it was bad enough that she was separated from Jet and Storm with no way to contact them, but she couldn't figure out just where she was, period. That had to change. Before she could figure out how to get back to the Gigan Rocks, Wave had to figure out where she was.

Flying over the city on her Extreme Gear was the first way to do that. She could at least get a bird's eye view of this place to get her bearings. Someone had to have some useful information for her. And if they weren't forthcoming, there had to be a computer or two she could hack into...

[Scenario 2: Video]

[When the camera feed crackled to life, it was obvious that the webcam was somewhere other than a student's dorm. It was outside. Was that... Was that the roof?]
You know, the security on the school network is kinda awful. It didn't take me long at all to hook up my personal computer.
[Wave held her holo computer back so that she could get more of herself into the frame. She was reclining on the school's roof, arm behind her head, just chilling.]
The name's Wave the Swallow, of the Babylon Rogues. If you haven't heard of us, then don't worry, you will. I'm gonna be joining you for a little while. Temporarily, mind you. This place is such a dive, I can't believe anyone comes here willingly...
So let's make this very clear. Stay out of my way, and I might stay out of yours. Get it? Good. Then I think we'll get along just fine. You need me, I'll be in class. Or in the security office. Can you believe they're just giving the job away in this place? Later, losers.

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