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30th-Dec-2015 06:55 pm - IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR DR. EGGMAN
Dahling, we can't wait any longer.

We have to do it!

We have to do it right away!

[You don't get any more context.]
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12th-Oct-2015 08:18 am - [Video]
So. The moon might land on us.

Anyone got any ideas on how I can get strong enough to punch it in half before it gets here? We got seven Chaos Emeralds floatin' around that no-one told me about? Or somethin' else that would let me go Super?

I just don't think crossfit's gonna cut it.
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 Hello, Smash Academy. My name is Rouge the Bat, and I'll be another security guard.

...Or at least I would be if there was even a school to guard!! What on Mobius happened here?! The place is a mess and half the buildings are rubble!! And what was that giant walking mountain?!

[Private to Eggman]

Wanton destruction? This sounds like one of your schemes, Eggman. But that didn't look like a robot. If it's not you destroying everything, then who is it? Any ideas?

[Private to Knuckles]

Hello, sweetie. Miss me?
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29th-Sep-2015 10:05 pm - MISSION: ANALYZE STRANGE MASKS
[There's a robot on the camera with two rather grotesque looking... heads? Both of them isolated in thick, futuristic-looking glass tubes for study.]

[For those unaware, Zero will fill them in:] These were left behind after the monsters in the lake and underground bunker were defeated. Their function is... unknown.

The results have come back from Dr. Freeman's lab, and as far as he can tell, these masks are extremely old... most likely ancient. Their exact age is unclear, but their composition matches no known substance. They are organic, however.

Whatever they are, these... 'masks' are definitely connected to the anomalies happening in this city. If anyone else has come across clues in their investigations, or have any relevant knowledge, contact me.

Private to security team and friends )
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16th-Aug-2015 10:35 pm - [Video]
So, in my time here, I've been doing a lot to increase my physical strength and fighting abilities. I realized just how far I had left to go to achieve my full potential! And now, I found a great new way to work out that will help me get way, way stronger. It's not only about lifting ridiculously heavy stuff but you have to do it FAST. And you get to run and do a bunch of other stuff too, all in the same training session and it's all timed. Sound hard? It is! And it's great!

It's called Crossfit.

Why aren't more people doing this? How come I'm only hearin' about it now? Feel like I'm behind the times, here.
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8th-Jul-2015 05:12 pm - Summer Goings-On
And here I had hoped things would be reasonably calm this summer... I do still intend to go ahead with my plans for the holiday, but I offer my services to anyone investigating the strange occurrences. 

And I hope everyone had a wonderful time at the prom...

[Private to Sonic]

I know we had plans to visit Soleanna, but if you want to stay behind to investigate, I understand completely and will stay by your side. There's still plenty we can do together here.

S-speaking of which... Do you still have the fire shield?
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29th-May-2015 01:07 am - Buzzkill
So this place has an end-of-year prom, huh? Figures. Well, as part of the security team, I'll have to be there myself... Just tell me this is at least a somewhat CLASSY event, not that I'm expecting all that much.
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20th-May-2015 10:42 pm - PROM IS COMING...
Hey, the end of the year is almost here! And that means one thing: PROM!! And I guess graduation, but seriously, PROM!! Everyone got themselves a date? I already know who I'M asking!
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5th-May-2015 12:29 am - Hot, hot summertime.

[Sonic flashes a peace sign at the camera before he says a single word. Are those wraps on his arms? Is he slowly turning into Sonic Boom Sonic? Well, it's probably nothing. He's smiling nevertheless.]

Hey, guys! It looks like summer's just around the corner! It's close enough to get excited about it, anyway. So who's got plans? And while we're at it, I'm curious; what're your favorite things to do in the summertime?

[Private, to Knuckles]

[The smile is still there, but it's a bit more awkwardly-sitting this time.]

Hey Knux. Do, uh, d'you have a Flame Shield I can borrow? You remember those things, right? We used to find 'em all the time back home...
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25th-Mar-2015 03:19 pm - [Video] Uh oh. Someone woke up.
[When the feed crackles to life, Dr. Eggman is sitting up in a hospital bed, wearing one of those backless hospital gowns, tubes coming out of his nose and arm. He does not look to be in a good mood.]


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14th-Mar-2015 04:33 pm - [Action] Enter the sandstorm.
[In the morning when Blue wakes up, Acacia lets herself out of her ball to greet her momma before the day starts. Normally, she'd go out for a bit to get some fresh air and stretch her legs before returning to the room to relax. However, today shall be a different day. A break in the cycle, if you will.

The Sandslash has been getting a little restless in her ball for some time now and finally decides that today is the day she is going to take up a human form. So, wanting to surprise her momma and little bro, she sneakily approaches the crazy headmaster to enroll as a student and acquire a transformation accessory. And, tempting as it is to make a grand and showy announcement of her presence over the network, the Sandslash decides she'd rather personally greet everybody and surprise her family and friends in the flesh. That would create a better, lasting impact, she believes. So, here you have a spiky brown haired girl roaming about the campus looking for her family and aiming to strike up a conversation with anyone interesting.

Will you unfortunately be within sight of Acacia? Approach her? Avoid her?]
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19th-Nov-2014 09:06 pm - Is There a Vet in the House?
Guh... guys?

[It's Sonic! Or at least, it sounds like Sonic. There's only a view of his dorm window on the screen an a lump on the bed in silhouette; it looks like he's just turned on the video feed and set the tablet sideways on the table.]

Is there a flu goin' around or somethin'? 'Cuz I don't feel so good--HURKH!

[Hold on a second, guys, something just came up. Let's hope he had an umbrella stand or something handy.]

Ugh... Anyone else come down with this? I don't get it. One minute I'm fine, and the next I feel like one of Eggman's robots with a potato shoved in their tailpipe...
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20th-Oct-2014 12:50 pm - [Video]
Hello! Ah, bear with me, it's um, been awhile since I've used the video option. I'm a bit nervous, actually, hahaha...

[Oh wow, this is rare, Chihiro is doing a video post, must have finally bite the bullet and- wait.

cut for image, not for slow connection or easily strained eyes )


I hope I didn't startled anyone too badly with that- um, I thought I get a bit more festive this year since Halloween is less than two weeks. Glitches has been pretty creepy as of late from what I could understand, especially since Five Nights at Eddy's came out. But erm, anyways, I've never been much of an enthusiast for Halloween aside from eating pumpkin desserts and maybe play some zombie video games... I hope your costume is going well for trick or treaters! Or well, uh, I just hope everyone will have a good evening by Halloween night.

Oh! I almost forgot, if anyone still needs some help regarding their computer or anything, my door is still open regardless.
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So this is Smash Academy, huh...

[The tablet is already transmitting, but it seems that it's being held upside-down by someone looking out over the campus green... from about twenty feet above it, on top of the fountain, to be exact.]

Pretty cool. A guy could get used to campus life here!

[Okay, NOW the view lurches and rights itself as its owner lifts it to talk, and the grinning fuzzy face of a cobalt-blue hedgehog fills the screen.]

Hey guys! The name's Sonic; Sonic the Hedgehog! And it looks like I'm a student here now! Cool to meet you guys! Oh hey, if there's a... [he rustles a wad of disorganized papers, looking them over.] Marie, watchin' this? Guess what? I'm your new roommate!

[EDIT: Action]

[So Sonic eventually found the paper with his room number in the wad of forms and pamphlets he'd received, and after an afternoon of zipping around campus eventually made it up to BE-15 to meet his new roommate.]

Knock knock! [Knock knock.]
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Attention, Smash Academy! As you certainly are all aware, I am Dr. Ivo Robotnik, the GREATEST SCIENTIFIC GENIUS IN THE WORLD!! And I have a few announcements to make!

In light of recent events, I've put forth, shall we say, a PETITION with the mayor's office. Mayor Tabuu and I discussed the matter at GREAT LENGTH, and I offered my services to quell this uprising. Mayor Tabuu recognized my genius, and has CONTRACTED ME TO ORGANIZE AND OPERATE THE CITY'S SECURITY FORCES!

No longer will this little racial spat be allowed to harm ANYONE ELSE! Therefore, effective immediately, and by the power invested in me by Mayor Tabuu, THIS CITY IS UNDER MARTIAL LAW, BY ORDER OF THE EGGMAN EMPIRE!!

And with this new state of martial law, the following rules are now in effect!
Worry not, Smash Academy! Final Destination City is now in the VERY CAPABLE HANDS of ME and my LEGION OF ROBOTS!!!

iamtheeggman: (And now a message from the Eggman Empire)
[ A simple text message is left on the network, finally given after having been hospitalized, worked on, brought back to some semblance of stability. He doesn't remember anything about his savior (rather, the one who managed to get him to the hospital on time), but he makes a note to locate them and thank them properly when he's recovered.

As for his attacker...

Whoever that son of a gun was, they got lucky because he couldn't recall anything about them. It was likely from the concussion he'd suffered. It must have done something to his memory.

Damn it, he feels as if that one, whoever they were, was someone important. Could it have been the one behind the murders?


He'd failed.

This is Shadow the Hedgehog.

Officer Sonny Resetti will be taking over my duty for the next undetermined period of time.

If anyone has information about suspicious activity within the past few days, e-mail it to me and I will respond as soon as possible.

[ Telling people he's been hospitalized? Pssh. That's not necessary. ]


[ Shadow lays there, berating himself inwardly, looking incredibly displeased as he gives a dull stare out of his bedside window. He's bandaged up, hooked to many a machine, and has only just now started to get all of the dried blood off, thanks to the help of meticulous sponge bathing.

He let this happen to him. He messed up. Failed failed failed. It was all his fault. He'd blundered. He's the Ultimate Lifeform. He can't blunder. He can't lose. Wrong.

How pathetic he is, laying here and wallowing in self-hate with nothing else to do but dismiss the barrage of nurses and nibble on low-quality hospital food. (Powdered eggs? Who the hell decided this was a fine idea? Seriously.)

Needless to say, he's not in a very fine state. Care to check up on him anyway?
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16th-Jan-2013 04:51 pm - 003 - [Video]
[Tails wasn't used to this kind of thing. After he heard what happened to Sable, he started fearing a bit for his own safety. Sure, Tails could defend himself. And he'd defend his friends if he had to.

But he couldn't fight back against humans if they attacked him. It wouldn't be right. It would clash against his morals something fierce. They weren't as bad as Dr. Eggman was, and even Tails wouldn't try to directly hurt Dr. Eggman. He was never much of a direct fighter; he'd be in a machine, carrying Sonic and/or Knuckles around, or using gadgets.

The situation hurt and angered him quite a bit. But he couldn't fight people just because they were hurting others. It wasn't right. And that made him even more upset.]

I don't get why people in the city hate us non-humans so much... I can't fight them, it wouldn't be right. But I'll support my friends regardless. Don't let them bully you, don't confront them if you don't have to. There's no reason to cause casualties just because they're trying to do the same to us. It won't solve anything.
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Narration )


Ah…e-everyone, I need to make an announcement…

[Sable’s voice is quiet to begin with, but in this audio post her quivering voice seems to be a little above a whisper. She clearly sounds troubled, hurt even.]

I’m not going to be in my office for the next few days. I’m…well…I’m at the hospital right at this moment. I should explain what happened, but it’s…

[She trails off right here.]

…I’m sorry. The whole experience is still fresh in my mind and I don’t want to think about it anymore. The important thing here is that I was able to talk to the doctor, and he says that I should be checked out of the hospital soon. Perhaps even tomorrow, if I'm lucky! I don't want to worry everyone! I just…even when I get out, I can’t…

[Her voice starts to crack, and there are some quiet sobs.]

I can’t do anything. They took everything. They even broke my arm.

[Before she can completely melt down, she very quickly regains her composure, at least for just a few seconds.]

I-I’m sorry, I think I should stop here before I get myself all worked up.

[And the audio feed ends here.

Despite her sounding very much in dread, she’ll still respond to any sort of posts. Her door’s also open while she’s very temporarily in the hospital if anyone wants to pay her a visit as well.]
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[ It's Christmas every day, okay. it's Christmas. Being fast at everything has it's benefits. Aside from the time the little cookies he's made need to bake, Sonic's managed to get hundreds of them done to give some to everyone!

He's made cookies shaped like trees, chaos emeralds, rings…

Except the trees kind of look like logs and the chaos emeralds are melting and the rings - oh the rings - they are falling to pieces because he made a normal cookie and tried to cut a hole into the center.

They all have icing and decorations that look more like someone barfed Christmas all over them, but to be honest? If you take a bite, they're actually pretty delicious! Just get past the aesthetics and you won't regret it!

That said, for everyone in the school and out (If he can find ya), in every mailbox and tied to every doorknob, you will find a red baggie with a gold ring (holy crap, is that real?) keeping it sealed, and a small note with a "Merry Christmas" scribbled on it and something that looks like Sonic's name. Maybe. There's a big-ass blue S, so you're safe to assume.

Some people get extra stuff that Sonic has mysteriously acquired. Secret billionaire. Ring on every finger.

Tails, Blaze, Amy, Knuckles, Silver the Hedgehog, Noel, Eggman, GLaDOS, Sophie, Hilda, and Shadow )
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29th-Dec-2012 09:53 am - -= 003 [Video] =-
[ It looks like the resident kraken head wants to ask something! Especially with the way his brows are furrowed together in confusion. He has a scarf draped across his shoulders, partly tucked under that thick ruff of fur and there seems to be discarded wrapping paper piled on the desk near the computer, too. ]

Ah, hmm... First, I'd like to say thank you very much for the gifts! They're great!

[ Said brightly and honestly, with a smile, before it dissolves into confusion all over again. ]

They're really great... but... it's not my birthday, yet..? I really like them! Don't get me wrong! Even if I'm not sure what the hairspray is for... I'm just not sure why I'm getting them all of a sudden..? I'm really grateful for them! Though I hope that candy isn't like the last one... ugh... Just a bit confused.

[ A pause. ]

Does this have to do with all the lights and plants and everything all over the place?

[ Nobody ever said the boy was swift on the uptake... *sigh* ]

(( FINALLY getting this up. I meant to do it earlier in the week but didn't get around to it. So you get it now! Silver has no idea about your silly normal, non-post-apocalyptic-life holidays! Somebody help the poor krakenderp out..? ))
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