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16th-Dec-2015 12:28 am - [Video] Dog Catcher
[The following message is being broadcast from the bunkers.]

So hey, I'm down in the bunker now, and you would not BELIEVE what happened to me the other day. I was out in town, when I got jumped! By the martial arts teacher! I managed to beat him before he could, you know, eat me? And, um... Long story short.

[The camera pans to the side. There's a snarling, angry wolfman in a metal cage, clawing angrily at it. There's a water bowl there with a piece of masking tape stuck to it that has the name JON written on it.]

I've kinda got him locked up here so he can't maim anyone else. Anyone got any idea how to deal with this?

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22nd-Nov-2015 12:40 pm - [Video to Network]
Hello everyone... [She shifts a bit in place not really sure of how to start this...]

I know that we're still trying to figure out how to handle the current situation and I promise that everyone is doing whatever they can to resolve this and avoid anyone getting hurt. And we'll continue updating along as the situation adjusts...

For now however, I have finished repairs, reinforcement and rebuilding of the bunkers bellow and I feel they are fit for our protection should any other means fail to stop the moon from coming closer... [Or at least she really hopes.]

If anyone wishes to, they're ready as of now, so feel free to seek shelter there. I'll be running supply errands often to stock up the resources needed but for the most part I'll be available for anything anyone needs. Feel free to bring in supplies for the shelter; basics, medical supplies, food and water and anything you feel would be useful for the bunker should we need to use it for a prolonged time...

[She really hopes they don't need to use it and that a way is found to stop the moon... She remains silent for a few, looking a bit concerned but quickly remembers she didn't turn off the feed. She fumbles with the camera before taking a deep breath and shutting it off.

Feel free to contact her, or catch her on in person!]
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[Private, to Rock]

Heeeeey Rock. Y'know, prom is coming up! Would you, uh... like to go? I mean, with me?

[Public, soon after]

[Lucca looks a little more fidgety.] Uh... Hi. So those of you going to prom... Where d'you go to get clothes for it? And by clothes I mean, you know, dresses. I don't usually wear 'em, so I have a single one in my closet, and it's probably not going to be good enough this time.
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[Recording from her fancy doo hickey that's like a whole computer in a thin pad that she could break by sitting on.]

Did you all enjoy your winter break? I'm sure the mistletoe was just what you needed to complete the year.

I'd like to remind students that while many of you are fully capable of making your own decisions and your own errors, that it is necessary for you to take responsibility and preventative measures for your activities behind closed doors. That also extends to robotics and their non-robotic counterparts.

To further support the freedoms, I will be providing to my students personally any protection methods they may require. If you are going to give into carnal desires, then do so safely.

[Ziio pauses, as if she wants to say something more. "DON'T BE LIKE MY SOOOOOONNNNNNN" After a moment, she clears her throat and continues.]

And as always, your class schedule can be modified by visiting my office during day hours, if you feel you are in a class that does not suit your prerogative.

[Action Notes:
Ziio's office is open and unlocked to all visitors, students and staff alike, during the day. Come for career advice, classroom advice, issues with other students or faculty, etc., etc., and so on, and so on. Ziio will be your Clan Mother.]
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26th-Oct-2014 11:32 pm - Like it was only yesterday...
Wow... It feels like I was only here yesterday! Well, it kinda was, actually!

So I went back home the other day and just got back, only for me I've been gone for months, and now I'm back! You would not BELIEVE what I went through back home!

Risky Boots attacked Scuttle Town again and stole a magic lamp, but I went after her. I had my magic sucked out and got turned into a human again, then destroyed my magic half. And then the town got taken over by a psychotic cyclops with a tank, Risky came back, and her old boss was coming back to life. So I became a pirate with her to help stop him, and got my magic back, and totally kicked the Pirate Master's butt to save the world!

Pretty awesome, huh? So since I technically haven't been gone from here for more than like... a day or two, did I miss anything interesting? 
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28th-Jun-2014 12:51 am - Dance ♌ 01 / [Video]
[There's nothing quite like being pushed along and having your shrieks be ignored.

'This will be your room,' they said.
'Classes aren't in session right now, but they will be in a few months,' they said.
'Take the time to enjoy the summer and get to know everyone first, they said.

But no one's explained what exactly is going on, where Lord Chrom is, or the other Shepherds. In fact, no one's really explained much of anything that truly makes sense.

She stares at her computer and the video feed, mostly clueless. She doesn't really know how to use anything she's looking at. Finally seating herself, she's still for many moments before her head suddenly turns and there's the audible sound of her chair rapidly scooting across the floor. A mess of limbs flies up and she introduces herself by way of a screech.]

Stay back! I'll—I—I have a sword and I know how to use it!

[It could be a bug. A pikmin. It could be nothing at all. The world may never know.]
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30th-May-2014 05:48 pm - [voice]
Heyya ladies and germs, looks like the end of the semester's comin' to an end. Finals come and grades go, your truly of course has nothing but excellent grades, mwuahaha! Anyhow, more prom questions I guess, but is the usual routine the same or do I have to bring somethin' to shield myself?

Oh, I almost forgot about somethin'- y'see, one of our resident hardass gave me the opportunity to have freedom expression like, oh I dunno, a radio shows. I don't really know how much you guys tune in buuut just so ya guys know, I'm still accepting submissions.

[What could that possible mean.]

private to Shantae )
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27th-May-2014 10:39 pm - [Video]
Good afternoon Smash Academy!

I, Michel, have come forth with a proposition for all the beautiful ladies who seem to be currently lacking a designated date for the upcoming prom, or simply want to have some fun!

I shall take anyone who has no one! And fear not, I shall make sure that every single one of you is cherished and taken care of like they should. For this day should be a joyful one, and Michel is more than happy to aid you in this endeavor!

So don't delay, send an e-mail to Michel today!

[With this he can avoid rejection by asking one person and make others happy! It's 200% better than everything else, cause he's totally amazing at math! Exclamation marks!]
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24th-May-2014 03:35 pm - [video]
This is probably going to sound ignorant to all of you, but what's prom? I figured I'd ask where somebody who knows for sure could tell me, but I feel like I'm in the dark on all this.

[He gestures with an open palm as he continues to explain what he knows.]

What I've gathered is that it's some sort of event that follows graduation, so I'm thinking it's a tournament of some kind where you pick a sparring partner. If anyone's still looking for someone, I'd be up for it. Just tell me what I need to know.

[AND THERE'S HIS PITCH. HIS ILL-INFORMED PITCH. Somebody help this poor young man.]
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23rd-Jan-2014 12:04 am - Dance Club Signups!
[If anyone happened by the bulletin board, they'd see a brand new poster up. It looked like it was written and/or painted by hand. Shantae still couldn't quite work her way around her computer yet, so she made do. She was feeling a little bored, and finally came up with a way to alleviate that.]


Come learn to dance! All sorts of styles! Practice if you know!

Meetings on Wednesdays

Dance Studio

[And beneath the poster was a sign-up page. It was hand-written. She didn't use a ruler.]

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14th-Dec-2013 02:22 pm - Santa was real but he died (text)
Of special interest this time of year I find the subject of Santa Claus. Though I am not one to deny myths straight away, as there is often great truth in them, the truth of this particular myth is easily known.

There are those who will claim that such a being is purely fictional. Yet that is not the case. Santa Claus--or more properly Saint Nicholas--was a very real person, as flesh and blood as you or I.

Such is the fate of all flesh. Even a person labeled a saint cannot live forever, and he perished many centuries ago.

That is the source of my interest. A mortal man, deceased at that, heralded as some manner of superhero. The facts are available for any who wish to hear them and yet they are ignored in favor of a fantasy.

...This speaks lowly of the world, to elevate a man beyond his deeds or his being, into a mythic beast. To ignore all truth to play pretend.
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13th-Nov-2013 02:39 pm - [text]
[action-y post involving Ike struggling with computers wooow] )

My name is Ike. I don't know how I got here or why, but I'm enrolled at this academy for now. If we haven't already met, you should introduce yourself to me.

I'm not sure what else to write here. it feels stiff to meet people on this network. one convenience for you people is just an obstacle for me to overcome, since I'm not familiar with computers or internets. If I were to meet someone back home, I'd just walk up and say hello. Maybe somebody could teach me something about this computer to make using it make more sense. I have a lot to learn.
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30th-Oct-2013 04:03 pm - Halloween, How Do They Work?
There's a lot of people talking about Halloween coming up... What exactly is it anyway? Everyone around is trying to make things spooky, it's almost like being back at the Zombie Caravan!
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15th-Oct-2013 11:03 pm - text
Oh yeah, almost forgot I even had this thing. Sorry for the radio silence, just had my nose buried in literature from Kalos. Are you guys seeing this shit? Things are getting weird over there.

Anyways, I realized a lot of new kids showed up in the lengthy time since my last network post, so I'll just go ahead and reintroduce myself. Green Oak, boys RA/TA. When I'm not vaguely tending to hormonal brats, I'm Viridian City's Pokemon Gym Leader. My gramps is a professor of Pokemon studies. I Hail from Pallet Town. Charmed, I'm sure.

I guess the greeting extends to the new teachers, too. If you need me to sub for your class or help out or something, I'll get paid for it, so I'll do it.

I have a Venusaur, a Charizard, a Jolteon, and a Gengar with me on campus, all in various stations in the school. They're the better team, and I'll hear no arguments about it. I'm sure we'll all be the best of friends.

[Private to Blue]

So... Kalos, eh?


[Action for Red]

[It took him a long time to do it, but one evening Green finally forced himself over to Red's dorm, three quiet knocks the only sign that he was there.]

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25th-Sep-2013 02:50 pm - Technological Illiteracy

[A girl with a long purple ponytail, who seemed to be dressed like some kind of Arabian dancer, poked at her camera when it flicked on. Clearly she had never seen a computer before in her life, and she was none too enthused about it either.]

Great... what am I supposed to do with this thing? Hey, how'd my picture get on there?! [She delivers a few sharp whacks to her computer monitor, making the webcam shake. Suddenly she leans in really close, staring directly into the camera.] Is that like an eyeball for this thing? That better be able to close! What the heck did I press again...

[She starts pressing buttons. Then yanking at cords. Eventually she manages to unplug the computer and the feed cuts out.]


[Having gotten sick and tired of trying to figure out that computer monstrosity, Shantae decided to go do what she did best. Talk to every NPC. Explore the campus and see who she met along the way. She definitely looked a might out of place, that's for sure. And she had no idea where anything was yet. So this was probably not the best idea she ever had.]
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