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21st-Nov-2015 12:28 pm - [ Video ]
[ When Vivian loads the video up, there's a smile that hasn't aged a day. The rest of her, however, is definitely older. Much older. And when she speaks, it's clear time has been kind to her speech development. ]

Hello, friends! Do you remember me?

It's been so long! But I haven't forgotten any of you. Hmmm. I wonder who's still here? [ She hesitates. ] Doctor? ... Taka? Are you still here?

[ It goes without saying that despite the smile on her lips, it's fading fast unless someone answers her. ]
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A quick note to the security team: would you all mind coming to the office for a meeting? Now, more than ever, I feel we need to discuss and plan for what's going on.

[Never mind that Harpuia isn't even on the security staff and acting like he's in charge of the whole thing. Acting like he's in charge is kind of just what Harpuia does.]

Anyone who has any information that may be of use or feels they can be of service is welcome to attend, as well. We're in no position to turn down anything that could help us prepare for what's to come.

[Indeed, Harpuia is already waiting in the security office, looking over a map of the area he picked up from an FDC tourist center then immediately covered in notes and circles.]
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14th-Oct-2015 10:22 am - Transmission Lost
I tried to contact Dr. Light back home... I thought maybe he could send support. Maybe send Galaxy Man to help analyze the situation, or even give some advice. But I can't reach him at all. Nobody's answering back home. Not Dr. Light, not Dr. Cossack, Roll...

I'm really worried. Either I've been cut off from them, or... or something bad is happening there too. Has anybody had success contacting their homes? 
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29th-Sep-2015 10:05 pm - MISSION: ANALYZE STRANGE MASKS
[There's a robot on the camera with two rather grotesque looking... heads? Both of them isolated in thick, futuristic-looking glass tubes for study.]

[For those unaware, Zero will fill them in:] These were left behind after the monsters in the lake and underground bunker were defeated. Their function is... unknown.

The results have come back from Dr. Freeman's lab, and as far as he can tell, these masks are extremely old... most likely ancient. Their exact age is unclear, but their composition matches no known substance. They are organic, however.

Whatever they are, these... 'masks' are definitely connected to the anomalies happening in this city. If anyone else has come across clues in their investigations, or have any relevant knowledge, contact me.

Private to security team and friends )
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Okay, two things.

First, something business related. I'm not sure how common unscheduled training in the school's stadium is, but it seems like the kind of thing that we should have some kind of system to manage, to ensure we know someone's there and to make sure they don't get hurt. I've messed around in it a bit- it seems like the kind of thing where someone could easily program in something dangerous.

Second, is someone going to be organizing a non-underwater expedition sometime soon, or am I going to have to step in here? I'm getting sick and tired of waiting. Being this passive doesn't suit a fighter like me.

[Private Things] )
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16th-Jul-2015 11:08 pm - Check Yourself
I know everyone is really working hard to figure out what's going on around here lately, but I just wanted to make sure that no matter who you are, you're being careful. Make sure you don't overwork yourselves.


And make sure you don't take any undue risks.


Remember, nobody's in this by themselves!
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Hey, it's Mona! We meet again!

A very big THANK YOU to all those who attended my photo booth at prom. You guys TOTALLY ROCK! I hope to see all of you happy couples and grads again next year, where I promise you my booth will be bigger and better than it was this year! Gotta top off that big bang of an earthquake somehow. What a show off...

[She's going to try and bugger the headmasters of the academy to fork over some cash in order to buy a real working waterfall instead of her painted backdrop one. Don't ask where Mona is going to find a legit waterfall, let alone get it into the hall for next year. Just...better off not questioning it.]

Should you have purchased a photo package from me, your proofs will be sent out shortly in the following weeks to come. Honestly, why doesn't the academy have a dark room? Don't you people have a weekly school news paper? Where do you develop your film at?! I'm sorry you have to bear with the mess in our bathroom Chiyo...

[Look guys, Mona hasn't upgraded herself to a digital camera yet. Bear with her. When one of your two bosses back home doesn't pay you a cent for your hard work, it's hard to meet end's meat, let alone indulge in nice things. Which, doesn't make a lot of sense since buying film is way more expensive in the long haul. Again, don't question it. Mona's sense of logic...lacks at times, to put it politely.]

Booth aside, I'm writing to you all in hopes I can trouble a few of you for a favor? A friend and I recently had a little accident involving our bikes and she's assured me someone around these parts can help a girl out. I rely heavily on my Mona Cycle to get to and from places, so it would be a BIG help if one of you gearheads could fix her back up into pristine condition as fast as you could. And I'd like, totally love you forever if you could do that.
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[Private, to Rock]

Heeeeey Rock. Y'know, prom is coming up! Would you, uh... like to go? I mean, with me?

[Public, soon after]

[Lucca looks a little more fidgety.] Uh... Hi. So those of you going to prom... Where d'you go to get clothes for it? And by clothes I mean, you know, dresses. I don't usually wear 'em, so I have a single one in my closet, and it's probably not going to be good enough this time.
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28th-Mar-2015 10:36 pm
[There were certainly several options for where to explore first, upon waking up. The forest was certainly more than a little strange, considering natural forests had ceased existing completely where Harpuia came from. The floating island up in the sky was even more unusual, and with his flight system still functioning, exploration was probably possible. But the unfamiliar city seemed like the wisest place to start; civilization seemed like the best place to get his bearings, and he was still damaged: finding repair facilities would have to be his biggest priority. Fefnir and Leviathan, if they were around, would likely have the same plan; if they were around, he'd have the best chance of finding them there.

So there are a variety of ways to encounter Harpuia, if encountering Harpuia is something you're jonesing for.


Harpuia didn't have high hopes he could use the secure communication channels he'd used as a Neo Arcadian -- even if he weren't somewhere unfamiliar, he was a traitor to Neo Arcadia now, and could no longer rely on those sorts of conveniences. Instead, he did his best to jack whatever he could. If you have a radio, walkie-talkie, Pokegear, or a cool communicator built into your awesome space helmet, you may just happen to stumble onto his attempts at contact.]

Fefnir...? Leviathan? If you can hear this, answer me. My whereabouts are unknown, but I'm alive. Hello...? Can anyone hear me?


You might spot a hovering green robot while you're out and about in the city. He's kind of hard to miss, on account of the green and hovering thing. Whatever he was doing before he got here clearly damaged him; occasionally, his flight system falters and he bobs ominously. His asking around about robots that look like him has been nudging him slowly but surely closer in the general direction of the school. The closer he gets, the more time he spends on foot, sparks beginning to jump sporadically from the "wings" on his back.]
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[Recording from her fancy doo hickey that's like a whole computer in a thin pad that she could break by sitting on.]

Did you all enjoy your winter break? I'm sure the mistletoe was just what you needed to complete the year.

I'd like to remind students that while many of you are fully capable of making your own decisions and your own errors, that it is necessary for you to take responsibility and preventative measures for your activities behind closed doors. That also extends to robotics and their non-robotic counterparts.

To further support the freedoms, I will be providing to my students personally any protection methods they may require. If you are going to give into carnal desires, then do so safely.

[Ziio pauses, as if she wants to say something more. "DON'T BE LIKE MY SOOOOOONNNNNNN" After a moment, she clears her throat and continues.]

And as always, your class schedule can be modified by visiting my office during day hours, if you feel you are in a class that does not suit your prerogative.

[Action Notes:
Ziio's office is open and unlocked to all visitors, students and staff alike, during the day. Come for career advice, classroom advice, issues with other students or faculty, etc., etc., and so on, and so on. Ziio will be your Clan Mother.]
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So, a hypothetical question. Let's say you had a friend who was going to take a great, smart, pretty, fun--er, a really great girl out on a first date. Hypothetically, where would you suggest he take her? And, generally, what would you suggest he do?

All hypothetically of course!
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12th-Dec-2014 10:35 pm - [action] / [video]

At the Infirmary, starting from inside then to hallways )

[Video, afterwards, from his dorm room]

[After running into a few people and learning what this place is, Axl soon finds his dormitory room and decides he should at least let himself known on the networks. Hopefully there would be someone that would recognize him!

So the feed goes live with Axl looking confused.]

Hey guys! I'm Axl. Uh... So this is Smash Academy...? I've never been in a school before. I'm a Maverick Hunter back in my home world, so I never did this studying and learning all day stuff. But since I'm kinda stuck here for a while I guess I'll try doing that. So nice to meet you I guess?

If anyone knows about X or Zero let me know! I couldn't contact them so I dunno if they'd be in this world but it doesn't hurt to try, right?
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12th-Aug-2014 10:55 am - An Open Question
I've been thinking pretty hard about this for the last few days, and I'm really not any closer to figuring out an answer... I mean, there's no denying that what's going on is trouble. The sky looks freaky, we're cut off from our homes...

But aren't these shadow bug things, well, alive? Do we have a right to kill them? My dad wanted me to respect and value all life. I guess I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do when my enemy isn't another robot...
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29th-Jun-2014 03:10 pm - [video]
Good afternoon, Smash Academy!

In spite of the chaotic events of this year's graduation, the school and even the rest of the city seems at peace! [He said, jinxing the entire school.] Truly, these carefree, idyllic, lazy days of summer...

[He suddenly points at the camera, his brow furrowing into SERIOUS BUSINESS MODE.]

Should be anything but! Summer break here is too long to waste on doing nothing!!

[Whoops, he has to check himself here. Deep breath, Kiyotaka. He's trying to prove to a certain someone that he's not just a stick in the mud.]

However, while it certainly is important to refresh one's memory when it comes to schoolwork, all of this free time is also a perfect opportunity to have fun and enjoy ourselves! Even I know that one cannot just spend each and every hour cooped up studying.

[But if you listen closely you can hear the tortured screaming of his soul.]

So tell me: what does everybody do for fun at times like these? There's a whole world of hobbies and recreation that I have yet to experience, but I am looking to change that! Let's work together to make the summer enjoyable, shall we?
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13th-Jun-2014 10:00 pm - AREA: DORM TD-19
[The video feed turns on. A somewhat familiar face came onscreen, though most would only recognize him as 'that broken robot that Knuckles was keeping on his couch.' Looks like he's fully functional again, and possessing the same emotive range as he did while offline.]

I'm Zero. Starting now, I'll be on security detail.

[There was a pause. It seemed like he was more or less finished with introductions, but there was something else on his mind kept him from turning off the camera. After a beat, he continued.]

The database tells me that Knuckles is no longer here.


There's someone else... There was a blue reploid that called himself X. I need to know what happened to him.


[End transmission.]
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27th-May-2014 10:39 pm - [Video]
Good afternoon Smash Academy!

I, Michel, have come forth with a proposition for all the beautiful ladies who seem to be currently lacking a designated date for the upcoming prom, or simply want to have some fun!

I shall take anyone who has no one! And fear not, I shall make sure that every single one of you is cherished and taken care of like they should. For this day should be a joyful one, and Michel is more than happy to aid you in this endeavor!

So don't delay, send an e-mail to Michel today!

[With this he can avoid rejection by asking one person and make others happy! It's 200% better than everything else, cause he's totally amazing at math! Exclamation marks!]
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24th-May-2014 01:50 am - [Video] A Boy And His Robot Dog
This computer is a lot slower than the one I have at home... It's like it's ancient! But at least it works!

Um, it's nice to meet you all..! I'm Rock Light, and I'll be staying here for a while! I'm here to learn about living with hu--uh, stuff! Math, and science, and history, and gym, and stuff...

[It would not do his pride well to let on just how out of touch he actually was in front of all these new people.]

I really hope you'll all make me feel welcome, and if you need any help with anything just let me know! Er, I mean, I hope I can come to you with questions!

While I'm at it, uh... I was wondering if anyone knew where to get E-tanks around here? It's not for me! It's for my dog, Rush! Rush is a robot. A robot dog. Say hello, Rush!

[He turned the camera to point it at the red robotic dog at his side. Rush proceeded to bark at the camera, agitated by something.]


[A moment later, Rush pounced at the camera, knocking it and the monitor off of the desk. The feed cut out there as a crash could be heard coming from the boys dorm...]
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