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22nd-Nov-2015 12:40 pm - [Video to Network]
Hello everyone... [She shifts a bit in place not really sure of how to start this...]

I know that we're still trying to figure out how to handle the current situation and I promise that everyone is doing whatever they can to resolve this and avoid anyone getting hurt. And we'll continue updating along as the situation adjusts...

For now however, I have finished repairs, reinforcement and rebuilding of the bunkers bellow and I feel they are fit for our protection should any other means fail to stop the moon from coming closer... [Or at least she really hopes.]

If anyone wishes to, they're ready as of now, so feel free to seek shelter there. I'll be running supply errands often to stock up the resources needed but for the most part I'll be available for anything anyone needs. Feel free to bring in supplies for the shelter; basics, medical supplies, food and water and anything you feel would be useful for the bunker should we need to use it for a prolonged time...

[She really hopes they don't need to use it and that a way is found to stop the moon... She remains silent for a few, looking a bit concerned but quickly remembers she didn't turn off the feed. She fumbles with the camera before taking a deep breath and shutting it off.

Feel free to contact her, or catch her on in person!]
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A quick note to the security team: would you all mind coming to the office for a meeting? Now, more than ever, I feel we need to discuss and plan for what's going on.

[Never mind that Harpuia isn't even on the security staff and acting like he's in charge of the whole thing. Acting like he's in charge is kind of just what Harpuia does.]

Anyone who has any information that may be of use or feels they can be of service is welcome to attend, as well. We're in no position to turn down anything that could help us prepare for what's to come.

[Indeed, Harpuia is already waiting in the security office, looking over a map of the area he picked up from an FDC tourist center then immediately covered in notes and circles.]
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14th-Oct-2015 10:22 am - Transmission Lost
I tried to contact Dr. Light back home... I thought maybe he could send support. Maybe send Galaxy Man to help analyze the situation, or even give some advice. But I can't reach him at all. Nobody's answering back home. Not Dr. Light, not Dr. Cossack, Roll...

I'm really worried. Either I've been cut off from them, or... or something bad is happening there too. Has anybody had success contacting their homes? 
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I have salvaged as many of the ancient and important books from the library as I am able. That said, those efforts are fruitless should the moon conclude its path.

There is one option that will save us, yet for that I require all of you. You have varied experience with artifacts of great power, and we must pool that knowledge and artifacts themselves, as well as find those able to use them.

Additionally, among our alumni there was a being known as Bob Heather, called Arceus by whose who view it as a deity. Finding Arceus once more would be a boon to our cause.

And Mesprit, to your siblings forth. The three of you hold a power capable of putting a stop to this.

We must take what we need. Truly, we are utterly alone in this world. What remains depends on those here.
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16th-Jul-2015 11:08 pm - Check Yourself
I know everyone is really working hard to figure out what's going on around here lately, but I just wanted to make sure that no matter who you are, you're being careful. Make sure you don't overwork yourselves.


And make sure you don't take any undue risks.


Remember, nobody's in this by themselves!
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4th-Jul-2015 02:05 pm - Text
Soooo... how many robots, roboticists, and people with mechanical knowledge are there at this school, anyway? Pyrrhon's been wondering for a while now. I definitely know I've ran into quite a few of them, but Pyrrhon's curious if he's missed any!

[All the earthquakes and rising water and general unease going on, and clearly Pyrrhon is focusing on the important things here.]
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[Private, to Rock]

Heeeeey Rock. Y'know, prom is coming up! Would you, uh... like to go? I mean, with me?

[Public, soon after]

[Lucca looks a little more fidgety.] Uh... Hi. So those of you going to prom... Where d'you go to get clothes for it? And by clothes I mean, you know, dresses. I don't usually wear 'em, so I have a single one in my closet, and it's probably not going to be good enough this time.
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20th-May-2015 10:42 pm - PROM IS COMING...
Hey, the end of the year is almost here! And that means one thing: PROM!! And I guess graduation, but seriously, PROM!! Everyone got themselves a date? I already know who I'M asking!
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4th-Feb-2015 12:34 am - [VIDEO]

[It's library robot! He's in his chassis today, seated in front of the video feed, looking about as cheerful as a giant eyeball can look.]

Got a--got a small favor to ask, a, uh, a request, as it were. If anyone is interested in. Fulfilling a request. I've got this chassis, see? Very useful, very--very nice for walking around, doing things that involve hands without having to be a squishy human. Quite enjoy having it, like it even better when it's functional.

[With that, he sets a metal leg on the desk with a resounding thunk. It's intact, but it's an entire leg. The giant eyeball looks slightly less cheerful.]

Had it torn off, you see. Red Coach did it, if anyone--anyone was wondering. D'you hear that, Red Coach? Now everyone knows you trashed the library and tore off my leg and beat me with it, you psychopath. And now I'm getting it fixed, so there.


Point is, if any of you have some kind of--kind of experience with robotics, you know, fancy fixing a leg, I would. I'd appreciate it. Sort of difficult, hobbling about everywhere. You know--you know how it is.
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18th-Jan-2015 08:28 pm - Hal returns [Video]
Once again, Hal makes a slow ornithopter landing in the parking lot of Smash Academy, hopeful that things don't go awry once again.

The grizzled, stubble-laden face of the robotics teacher appears on the video screen...

"Hi guys. Sorry I, eh, disappeared for a while. Due to some technical issues, Ornie and I had a, how can I put it, unfortunate trip to a tropical island. We're back now though, and classes will start up again in earnest next week. Oh eh, with this in mind, can you remind me which of you signed up for my robotics class. Thanks"

With that, Hal dismounts his beloved Ornie and begins to make his way to his dorm, destined for a hot shower and his comfy, comfy pajamas.
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So, a hypothetical question. Let's say you had a friend who was going to take a great, smart, pretty, fun--er, a really great girl out on a first date. Hypothetically, where would you suggest he take her? And, generally, what would you suggest he do?

All hypothetically of course!
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4th-Jan-2015 03:27 pm - [video]
Is everybody ready for the new semester?! It's always difficult to readjust to school life after a long break like that, which is why I recommend keeping up with one's studies each day to keep prepared! But if you haven't done that, don't worry. You still have one day left to review the coursework and refresh your memory!

[Boy, that sounds... exciting...]

It looks like the mistletoe infestation has worn off just in time for us not to worry about missing class due to being stuck, too! I understand that it was particularly unpleasant this year. I'm sure many of us were reminded of... of things that we would much rather forget. The past should definitely be learned from, but not so heavily dwelt upon. Right then! It's a fresh new year, so let's all leave that behind us and remember to focus on the future! Let's hear some resolutions for self-improvement! You've all already made them, haven't you?

Here, I'll start. This year, I resolve to-- [Wait, simply maintaining perfect grades through to graduation isn't necessarily an improvement, uhhh]-- find at least three new activities to enjoy with friends!

...And to maintain high grades until graduation. [Just so we're clear.] But that should go without saying for all of us students!
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4th-Jan-2015 10:45 am - Your New Year's Update [video]
[The feed cuts on. The image is difficult to read at first, as it is constantly covered in a layer of static and at times completely obscured. However, a garbled voice can be heard over the static fuzz.]

H-huh... What... Oh, that's right, forgot.

[There is a sound of chair legs scraping across the floor, and momentarily the image clears, revealing the resident helmeted network recluse relocating a chair some distance away from the camera. He doesn't appear to be his usual hyperalert self as he steps around to slump down into the chair, and his weariness is even apparent on his face when he finally looks up to face the camera; it looks as though he hasn't slept in days.]

S-s-sorry. Um...

[He rubs his face vigorously with his hands in a vain attempt to wake himself up.]

This is just your... monthly reminder... change passwords. And also... if you... you used a... um, credit card...

[He briskly smacks himself in the cheek with his right hand and blinks for a moment, though his eyelids still threaten to close.]

...Used your credit card at the, uh, supermarket in town over the holidays, be sure to check your bank account for... for potential sus.. suspicious activity. For everyone else, I want to... I want to ensure you that it is now safe to do so.

[He rubs the knuckles on his punching hand.]

I, uh, suppose that's it.

[He whispers.] Please let that be it.

[Getting to his feet, it's evident that his legs aren't going to support him much longer. As he approaches the camera to turn it off, static begins to fade back onto the screen. Leaning over the desk, he puts one hand down for support... then disappears beneath the edge of the desk, his hand following a moment later as the sound of his collapse on the floor is heard. The static on the screen fades somewhat, the fuzz paired with a light snoring. The feed remains running for several minutes, up until the maximum allotted data size for the video is reached, and the recording is automatically terminated.]

[Anyone who would need to use that particular workstation in the school's computer lab within the next few hours or so would have to move him out of the way or lean over him. There's also the option of just sitting on him, though it wouldn't be terribly comfortable.]
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12th-Dec-2014 10:35 pm - [action] / [video]

At the Infirmary, starting from inside then to hallways )

[Video, afterwards, from his dorm room]

[After running into a few people and learning what this place is, Axl soon finds his dormitory room and decides he should at least let himself known on the networks. Hopefully there would be someone that would recognize him!

So the feed goes live with Axl looking confused.]

Hey guys! I'm Axl. Uh... So this is Smash Academy...? I've never been in a school before. I'm a Maverick Hunter back in my home world, so I never did this studying and learning all day stuff. But since I'm kinda stuck here for a while I guess I'll try doing that. So nice to meet you I guess?

If anyone knows about X or Zero let me know! I couldn't contact them so I dunno if they'd be in this world but it doesn't hurt to try, right?
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[Oh look, it's angel face over there on your screen. Whatever he's about to say, he seems pretty intent on saying it. Must be pretty important.]

So, I think it's pretty safe to say everyone here knows about that floating island that's been looming over our heads for a while. I know you're probably sick of hearing about it or even looking at it, but this is kind of a big deal. Me and Pyrrhon did a bit of exploring up there to see what we could find, and guess what? We found the secret to closing the rift where all the shadow bugs and stuff are coming from!

There was this document inside an evil lab in the mountain with a bunch of notes on it. It's a shame we didn't have time to look through them all, since... the lab blew up before we could do some serious reading. And a lot of the data was corrupted. But the most important thing we learned was that in order to close the rift, you need an explosion with an equal mag... magma... magnetude... to do it! And since this school blows up on a regular basis, I'm pretty sure we have more than enough bomb power combined to blow that rift right back to the dimension it belongs.

...Unfortunately, we still don't know where that rift is. So even if we had an explosion that big, where would we even put it? Anyone have any good leads yet? Let's talk about this!
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20th-Oct-2014 12:50 pm - [Video]
Hello! Ah, bear with me, it's um, been awhile since I've used the video option. I'm a bit nervous, actually, hahaha...

[Oh wow, this is rare, Chihiro is doing a video post, must have finally bite the bullet and- wait.

cut for image, not for slow connection or easily strained eyes )


I hope I didn't startled anyone too badly with that- um, I thought I get a bit more festive this year since Halloween is less than two weeks. Glitches has been pretty creepy as of late from what I could understand, especially since Five Nights at Eddy's came out. But erm, anyways, I've never been much of an enthusiast for Halloween aside from eating pumpkin desserts and maybe play some zombie video games... I hope your costume is going well for trick or treaters! Or well, uh, I just hope everyone will have a good evening by Halloween night.

Oh! I almost forgot, if anyone still needs some help regarding their computer or anything, my door is still open regardless.
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7th-Jul-2014 10:42 am - [012] - Video
[Something doesn't seem right...]


[All things considered, he doesn't look as perplexed as he perhaps ought to. This probably means upon waking up, he spent a lot of time staring at himself in the mirror.]

I seem to have run into some difficulty.

[While it'd be comical if he kept his soft and delicate voice, it's not quite like that. Whatever the case, he addresses what's really important at a time like this.]

I cannot fit into my dresses.
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21st-Jun-2014 12:11 am - 001 [VIDEO]
Hey, uh...

[Hey, it's...this guy! Some of you might remember this guy, but it's been a while. How long has it been? Like two years? Yeah, he maybe looks about two years older. He's still squinting, though.

Maybe he is a little embarrassed about being gone for as long as he has, even if he was off doing important things.

He sits against a backdrop of a normal teacher's dorm, except there appears to be a very large swath of tarp covering where a back wall should be. He thumbs in the general direction of this gaping hole.

The wall of my dorm kind of got knocked in when that giant monster was rampaging through prom. It was repaired, but then it fell again, and it hasn't been fixed since. Is that normal?

[Someone please help this poor man.]
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24th-May-2014 03:35 pm - [video]
This is probably going to sound ignorant to all of you, but what's prom? I figured I'd ask where somebody who knows for sure could tell me, but I feel like I'm in the dark on all this.

[He gestures with an open palm as he continues to explain what he knows.]

What I've gathered is that it's some sort of event that follows graduation, so I'm thinking it's a tournament of some kind where you pick a sparring partner. If anyone's still looking for someone, I'd be up for it. Just tell me what I need to know.

[AND THERE'S HIS PITCH. HIS ILL-INFORMED PITCH. Somebody help this poor young man.]
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24th-May-2014 01:50 am - [Video] A Boy And His Robot Dog
This computer is a lot slower than the one I have at home... It's like it's ancient! But at least it works!

Um, it's nice to meet you all..! I'm Rock Light, and I'll be staying here for a while! I'm here to learn about living with hu--uh, stuff! Math, and science, and history, and gym, and stuff...

[It would not do his pride well to let on just how out of touch he actually was in front of all these new people.]

I really hope you'll all make me feel welcome, and if you need any help with anything just let me know! Er, I mean, I hope I can come to you with questions!

While I'm at it, uh... I was wondering if anyone knew where to get E-tanks around here? It's not for me! It's for my dog, Rush! Rush is a robot. A robot dog. Say hello, Rush!

[He turned the camera to point it at the red robotic dog at his side. Rush proceeded to bark at the camera, agitated by something.]


[A moment later, Rush pounced at the camera, knocking it and the monitor off of the desk. The feed cut out there as a crash could be heard coming from the boys dorm...]
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