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16th-Dec-2015 12:28 am - [Video] Dog Catcher
[The following message is being broadcast from the bunkers.]

So hey, I'm down in the bunker now, and you would not BELIEVE what happened to me the other day. I was out in town, when I got jumped! By the martial arts teacher! I managed to beat him before he could, you know, eat me? And, um... Long story short.

[The camera pans to the side. There's a snarling, angry wolfman in a metal cage, clawing angrily at it. There's a water bowl there with a piece of masking tape stuck to it that has the name JON written on it.]

I've kinda got him locked up here so he can't maim anyone else. Anyone got any idea how to deal with this?

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27th-Oct-2015 10:01 pm - An Action Jock
In the evenings, for about half an hour, there is a howling that has struck up over the last three or four nights. The originator of said howls is one Jock ("Jock") the Arcanine™. If you speak either Pogglespeech or Doge, you can understand what is being said:

"Go away, moon."
"Nobody wants you."
"You have a stupid face."
"I'll bite you if you come here."
"You're the worst."
"My mom could kick your butt."
"You can't even handle this, bro."
"Leave and don't come back."
"You're a stupid moon."
"I'll set you on fire if you don't go back to where you're supposed to be."

Maybe someone should tell him to shut up. Or maybe someone should join him to tell the moon what's for.
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29th-Sep-2015 10:49 pm - [video/possible action]
Blast it all, how do you video on this thing again? Damn you, contraption...

[It was Jon. His voice sounded harsher than normal. Raspier. He wasn't in frame properly, almost like he didn't want to be on camera at all.... which was entirely accurate. He didn't. But he wasn't going to be able to focus long enough to make a proper text post, either. And there were people he needed to tell. He took a deep breath and tried to steady himself once he figured out it was working.]

The moon isn't.... it's not normal. I can't change back. Which means I've got to stay off school grounds. Don't know how long this is supposed to go on but I'll be taking a sabbatical for the duration. I--

[A cracking noise as his hand squeezed the phone too tightly. A crack appeared across the video along with some pixilation of the feed.]

--I don't feel right. Sick the last few months. Maybe... precursor to this. Don't know. Maybe--Hngh!

[The phone fell from his hand, landing in gravel. He was in the Mountains of Convenience. As the phone landed, he could be seen doubled over in pain as his faculties dropped away again.]


[And then he was completely out of frame and you could sit here watching several minutes worth of nothing happening in the mountains before the feed automatically terminated.]

[[OOC: So, you can leave a response if you'd like - he'll probably find his phone during whatever moments of lucidity he can manage. Or, if you're crazy enough to want to meet a werewolf in the mountains, you can do that, too! He'll be here for a while, at least.]]
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[You'd think, by now, she'd be floating around like the social butterfly that she was. Chatting up anyone she finds and making new friends here and there.


Day in and day out, she'd be working. Classes, counselling or just hiding in some secluded corner of the library with a mountain of books and some tea. Today being no different, one would find her in the library reading...fairytales. She's been reading mythology books all her life. Time for something a little different.

But she didn't really notice her Lucario fiddling with her laptop.]

Lucario, what do you think about this? Princess by day, monster by night. It's basically Lucian!
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27th-Jul-2015 09:56 pm - [Mass E-mail]
Hello, Smash Academy! I'm, um... new here. My name is Oren (^_^)/. I'm a Sylveon. A recent transfer from Capcom High, pretty new in town, you know...

Okay, listen ( ̄□ ̄;)I'm skipping the pleasantries and just cutting to the chase. I noticed that the coffee shop my ex-classmates recommended to me is boarded up and "closed until further notice." That's creepy enough on its own, but the earthquakes don't help anything.

But I need coffee. I mean, GOOD coffee. The swill in the cafeteria is garbage. Please tell me there's another coffee shop open somewhere else. Anybody?
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12th-Jul-2015 10:25 pm - 001 ♔ video/action
Hello everyone! Cynthia here.

I'm not expecting any of you people to know who I am, since I just arrived a few days ago. I also just finished signing a mountain of paperwork that now signifies that I'm going to be everyone's new guidance counselor, and pokemon history teacher to the junior.

...basically, this is the first time I saw sunlight since given that accursed stack of paperwork. Hopefully no carpal tunnels any time soon.

Anyway, please feel free to come up to me with your problems. Be it school stress, or anything under the sun. My door is always open, and I am very good at keeping secrets. Also, though I have yet to see a rule against it, I am allowing students who are interested in pokemon history and mythology to sit in my class if they want to.

Uhmm...yeah. I look forward to meeting you all.

[Though, to anyone walking along the courtyard. She was seated by the fountain with a notebook and pen in hand. Cynthia may look busy. But feel free to bother her. She's just making her lesson plan anyway.]
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2nd-Jul-2015 07:21 pm - Text - Action
I see folk are looking to investigate the lake and what have you. I urge you to be careful.I've pointed it out elsewhere, but it probably bears mentioning here that the lake is not alone in rising - down at the docks and on the beach, tides are coming in progressively higher.

Just... be aware of your surroundings. Don't allow them to overwhelm you.

Private and locked to Riwane, Chiyo and Rio. )

[Action: Jon can be found in his dorm if you've a mind to go and find him. He's feeling twitchy, restless, grumpy, sleepless and head-achy. So, not wonderful company! Feel free to risk it, though.]

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14th-Apr-2015 01:59 pm - [Video/Action]
[Boxes and bags and a slight mess can be seein in the background when the feed cuts in. A light, cheery tune can be heard in the distance before it stops when a possibly familiar face plops on the chair in front of the feed and wipes their forehead.]

Hey ya'll! Sorry I didn' take the time ta say I was on my way back, but hey, what better way than now during unpackin'?! Got a new room this time 'round tho we all know how them dorms like switchin' it up on us erry now an' then. So, for now, if you wana come on down an' say hello, feel free ta pass by BW eight!

Especially those folk who know I always want ta know if they're okay and fine. Don't make me come to yer rooms now y'hear?

[She smiled and blew a kiss at the camera.]

I'm glad to be back~

[And with a wave, she cuts the video. Still marked as online if anyone wants to chat, audio, video and what have you. Or you can pass by the room! In any case, she seemed as welcoming as always. Hello, you were all missed.]
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28th-Mar-2015 10:36 pm
[There were certainly several options for where to explore first, upon waking up. The forest was certainly more than a little strange, considering natural forests had ceased existing completely where Harpuia came from. The floating island up in the sky was even more unusual, and with his flight system still functioning, exploration was probably possible. But the unfamiliar city seemed like the wisest place to start; civilization seemed like the best place to get his bearings, and he was still damaged: finding repair facilities would have to be his biggest priority. Fefnir and Leviathan, if they were around, would likely have the same plan; if they were around, he'd have the best chance of finding them there.

So there are a variety of ways to encounter Harpuia, if encountering Harpuia is something you're jonesing for.


Harpuia didn't have high hopes he could use the secure communication channels he'd used as a Neo Arcadian -- even if he weren't somewhere unfamiliar, he was a traitor to Neo Arcadia now, and could no longer rely on those sorts of conveniences. Instead, he did his best to jack whatever he could. If you have a radio, walkie-talkie, Pokegear, or a cool communicator built into your awesome space helmet, you may just happen to stumble onto his attempts at contact.]

Fefnir...? Leviathan? If you can hear this, answer me. My whereabouts are unknown, but I'm alive. Hello...? Can anyone hear me?


You might spot a hovering green robot while you're out and about in the city. He's kind of hard to miss, on account of the green and hovering thing. Whatever he was doing before he got here clearly damaged him; occasionally, his flight system falters and he bobs ominously. His asking around about robots that look like him has been nudging him slowly but surely closer in the general direction of the school. The closer he gets, the more time he spends on foot, sparks beginning to jump sporadically from the "wings" on his back.]
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21st-Feb-2015 06:23 pm - [Video] - Cupidbot Aftermath
I should like to say that I, personally, am quite relieved to have not fallen in love with a cow this year. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with a tender steak dinner. Simply that a line ought to be drawn between loving animals and... well.

[Soryk pauses.]

Loving animals.

[With a flick of his wrist, he continues.]

On a related subject, after a good deal of thought, I have decided it is far past the time in which I should like some information on the creatures we refer to as 'Pokémon.' Their properties, naturally, and other such traits.

[Someone's poisoning extravaganza didn't go quite the way he planned.] For instance, what allows a Pokémon to die and yet, miraculously return from the dead? Eating habits. Life cycles. And so on.

I always thought they were merely animals with a higher intelligence than that of a house pet, yet it seems there is something more to them. If you are a Pokémon, share with me some about yourself. If you have a Pokémon, tell me about your companion. I would very much appreciate it.
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[The video feed comes on and one can clearly see Chiyo donning an apron in the Home Ec. room.]

Hello! [She gives a small wave and a bashful smile.] This is Chiyo. I was just wondering... since Valentine's Day is coming up, would anyone like to join me in making some chocolates and other goodies? I've got a lot of the stuff prepared in the Home Economics room, but we can always buy more if we need it.

[She briefly looks off to the side to see if she forgot anything.]

Um... and, well, I just thought it might be good to get a head start, but I'll probably be in here most of the week, especially Friday to finish up some things. If... there's something you'd like to make but don't know how, then I'd love to help you. Um.

[What else? Uh...]

I guess.... that's all? Um. Feel free to drop by whenever or let me know if there's something you'd like for me to make for you. Or teach you how to make. I'd be happy to, really.

[Okay... she's about to go in circles. Time to end before it got awkward.]

So... hope to see you around? Have a nice day everyone.

[Another wave and the video ends.]

[[OOC: Feel free to respond with a video or drop in on any day to see Chiyo in the room. She'll be making goodies for everyone.]]
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18th-Jan-2015 12:11 am - 01. I'm home [Text]
[[OOC: If the involved players would like her DR post to be canon, then this journal post can come after it. I'd be happy to finish those threads there.]]

Hello everyone. For those of you who may not know me, my name is Chiyo and I'm a Vaporeon. I first arrived at Smash Academy two years back and spent, according to the time here, a year away on an unexpected break. If by chance you may be curious as to where I've been, I was away traveling through a few worlds before I was able to find a portal to return here. Speaking of which, portals can be rather complicated to understand and use, so please be careful when you see or plan to use one, okay?

That aside, I'll be in college this year! I'm greatly looking forward to studying, spending time in the library and greenhouse, swimming, and hanging out with friends again. Although I'm saddened to have discovered that several friends I knew have left, I still look forward to making new friends and hope we'll have a pleasant year together.

In the meantime, I'll be taking a walk around the school and will be looking to reunite with some friends. If you'd like to meet or text me, please feel free to do so. I'll have my phone with me and will answer any texts as soon as I'm able.

Again, it's nice to be back. I hope I didn't cause too much trouble when I disappeared. If I did, I'd like to make it up to you. Other than that, hope you have a great day!

Private Text to Mondo )

[[OOC: Feel free to make action threads if you'd like to interact with Chiyo on campus.]]
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[Recording from her fancy doo hickey that's like a whole computer in a thin pad that she could break by sitting on.]

Did you all enjoy your winter break? I'm sure the mistletoe was just what you needed to complete the year.

I'd like to remind students that while many of you are fully capable of making your own decisions and your own errors, that it is necessary for you to take responsibility and preventative measures for your activities behind closed doors. That also extends to robotics and their non-robotic counterparts.

To further support the freedoms, I will be providing to my students personally any protection methods they may require. If you are going to give into carnal desires, then do so safely.

[Ziio pauses, as if she wants to say something more. "DON'T BE LIKE MY SOOOOOONNNNNNN" After a moment, she clears her throat and continues.]

And as always, your class schedule can be modified by visiting my office during day hours, if you feel you are in a class that does not suit your prerogative.

[Action Notes:
Ziio's office is open and unlocked to all visitors, students and staff alike, during the day. Come for career advice, classroom advice, issues with other students or faculty, etc., etc., and so on, and so on. Ziio will be your Clan Mother.]
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So, a hypothetical question. Let's say you had a friend who was going to take a great, smart, pretty, fun--er, a really great girl out on a first date. Hypothetically, where would you suggest he take her? And, generally, what would you suggest he do?

All hypothetically of course!
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[Jon's list was mercifully short, this year. Still, he had a little more cash due to his gainful employment so everyone's items were Brand New as opposed to the second hand stuff he usually got for people.]

Gifts for Ziio, Midna, Megaman, Jock, Hilda and Blaze. )

[And should you feel the need of Holiday Type Action, Jon can be found around campus, town or woods. Wherever you want a Wolf, we can arrange for you to find a Wolf.]

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20th-Nov-2014 08:01 pm - [AUDIO]
Greetings, residents of the academy. I've heard that many of you are plagued with a sickness. [A definitely inappropriate-for-the-situation giggle.] How unfortunate for you!

[That’s all the pity you’ll get.. if you can even call it that.]

Anyone finding themselves with this illness hopefully isn't one of my students. I have to say I’m rather unforgiving of absences... excused or not.

Oh, and in case you haven’t figured it out [Yes, that’s a taunt to you ‘slower to come to realization than normal’ individuals] I’m one of the new teachers. Hiii!!!!

Now tell me: who are you and what do you do here? [Yes, she wants to meet as many of you as she can. Not necessarily because she’s friendly, but more so to keep a good tab on who’s what and so on.]
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27th-Oct-2014 06:26 pm - 031: Storytime with Skull Kid [Video]
Hey everybody! I've got a REALLY scary story I'm gonna tell! Are you ready? Okay, so here goes.

[Extremely over dramatic throat clearing]

This is the story of the day where there was ALL THIS BLOOD! A man was walking around and blood started coming out EVERYWHERE! There was so much blood that it filled up an ELEVATOR! He went to the store and there was just... BLOOD! Everywhere! All over the place! People were slipping in it and they were all grossed out! The man tried to go swimming and all the sharks went nuts and bit EVERYBODY! He got chased by EVERY. VAMPIRE. EVER. One time the blood got on a kid and a dog! At the end of the day everybody decided to send the man to space so he would stop getting blood everywhere.

But the scariest part?

The man was YOU!!!!! Or he was a lady if you are a lady. And you forgot that this happened!

[The video cuts off in the middle of Skull Kid giggling wildly]
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19th-Oct-2014 07:19 pm - [Video] Fly Blue Boy
[So SOMEONE is used to a life of fame and glory, doing promotional work involving cheer squad photoshoots and crap like that. Among this crap is an ANNUAL CALENDAR..

That he just found out was done without him this year.

And that a bear may or may not have been dressed up in a uniform and filled in for him. Hayato is not sure how much of the text message he should believe, but he doesn't rule that possibility out.

Either way, he is BUTTHURT. But he's determined not to miss out on the fun entirely. So here he is, all charming/smug smiles and bright ideas.

I'm looking for an elite team of those who love the camera and who the camera loves right back.

It's nearly the end of the year, which means calendar sales will be shooting up pretty soon. So who wants to volunteer for a little school project? A Smash Academy calendar does sound like quite something, doesn't it? This school is rather well known in this city, so it has potential.

The proceeds will go toward a charity just in time to make the holidays a whole lot cheerier for those in need, people who need to keep track of dates will make their walls a little more beautiful... it's for a good cause all around.

How about it?

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4th-Oct-2014 08:21 am - [Video] flood o'posts
Are any of you familiar with the legend of the Dragon's Gate? They say that there exists a huge waterfall running off a great mountain. Fish swim upstream against the harsh current, but most tire out and are swept away. But those who have the courage to persist and make it to the top of the waterfall are transformed into a beautiful, powerful dragon.

It's a good lesson, isn't it?

That's right! Even though this school has countless obstacles and hurdles and dangers looming quite literally right over our heads, if we give up, we too will be pushed back and will make no progress! We must press on through the unforgiving current, and when we make it, we will come out stronger than ever! All right! Let's do our best to reach the top!!

[What brought this up? Is someone trying to keep himself from going nuts at the idea of one last year here... probably.]

On another note... There are many Pokemon and trainers here, so if anybody has any advice on raising a Magikarp, I'm all ears!

[Ah. Ah. That's it.

ACTION TIMES: Kiyotaka can be found bonding with an ugly fish he lets swim in a kiddie pool out in the stadium some days. Most of the time he can be found studying. Livin' on the edge. Although whatever he's doing, he seems to be favouring his left arm a little.
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