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[Hey, it's that jerk. And he sounds a little on edge. Garrett may be realizing that he didn't think his brilliant plan though. He may still have his prizes, but they won't do much good if he can't leave the city. God dammit. So, have a vague message.]

The world's been on the verge of ending for a couple of months now. I know you're all enamored with the idea of solving the mystery mask puzzle, but has anyone thought about, I don't know, finding a way out of this damn town? Let's say somebody gets the masks back and opens the clock tower. What if it doesn't magically fix this little problem of the moon about to crash into us? We'd still be pretty screwed.

I want to get the hell out of here before I die in a fiery apocalypse, thanks.
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16th-Nov-2015 08:44 pm - [SUPER ANGRY VIDEO GO]
Whoever you are? The punk who stole those masks? You're not just screwin' all of us over, but you're kinda doomin' yourself along with us.

Four holes in the door Wave found. Mask shaped holes. We finally found the last one and You, you huge jerk, decide to steal the other three.... why? You get that they're probably the key to savin' all our asses, right?

My guess is ransom, because ain't no-one gonna buy those things off you in any store or museum right now. Not with the moon takin' up a quarter of the freakin' sky. So you're going to try and make folks pay to get them back.

When you make your move? I will find you. And I am going to punch you so hard your grandkids'll be born with black eyes.
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[Gordon is in his lab, and if the thunderous introduction doesn't give it all away, then the shattered glass cases still dripping with fluid should put everything into context. The camera whips around to his face. He's... never had that expression before. Maybe he should have gotten one of the larger predators from the woods to be his spokescritter; they would show a greater sense of openness and compassion on their fanged faces, than anything that he's showing right now.]

I don't know who the hell did this, but chances are they're listening in on this feed. Now normally I'd be the good guy and give you an hour to bring them back with no strings attached, but no. Not this time. You know EXACTLY what you've taken from here. We need those masks to figure out what the hell is going on in the clock tower. You've taken what might be our last chance to survive this catastrophe, and you'll be treated as such.

Consider this an all-points-bulletin, and a request for security to start searching. Also I'm going out myself.

Whoever you are, I hope they find you before I do.
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A quick note to the security team: would you all mind coming to the office for a meeting? Now, more than ever, I feel we need to discuss and plan for what's going on.

[Never mind that Harpuia isn't even on the security staff and acting like he's in charge of the whole thing. Acting like he's in charge is kind of just what Harpuia does.]

Anyone who has any information that may be of use or feels they can be of service is welcome to attend, as well. We're in no position to turn down anything that could help us prepare for what's to come.

[Indeed, Harpuia is already waiting in the security office, looking over a map of the area he picked up from an FDC tourist center then immediately covered in notes and circles.]
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I'm running out of toilet paper and food in the surprisingly big janitor's closet that I locked myself in about three weeks ago, dude. 川o・-・)ノ If anyone is alive and can read this, please send more toilet paper and food. There's a toilet in here. ⊃゜Д゜)⊃ Like a secret toilet, dude. It's a really nice janitor's closet. There's a bunch of old videogame systems and a TV in the secret toilet room. But not too nice. Not nice enough that anyone else should stay in here with me. ( •᷄⌓•᷅ )

Please help me not starve, okay thanks, dude. (o゚□゚)o Message me back soon to let me know you're alive and can help out. Reduced price fortunetelling for anybody who helps. (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
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 Hello, Smash Academy. My name is Rouge the Bat, and I'll be another security guard.

...Or at least I would be if there was even a school to guard!! What on Mobius happened here?! The place is a mess and half the buildings are rubble!! And what was that giant walking mountain?!

[Private to Eggman]

Wanton destruction? This sounds like one of your schemes, Eggman. But that didn't look like a robot. If it's not you destroying everything, then who is it? Any ideas?

[Private to Knuckles]

Hello, sweetie. Miss me?
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29th-Sep-2015 10:05 pm - MISSION: ANALYZE STRANGE MASKS
[There's a robot on the camera with two rather grotesque looking... heads? Both of them isolated in thick, futuristic-looking glass tubes for study.]

[For those unaware, Zero will fill them in:] These were left behind after the monsters in the lake and underground bunker were defeated. Their function is... unknown.

The results have come back from Dr. Freeman's lab, and as far as he can tell, these masks are extremely old... most likely ancient. Their exact age is unclear, but their composition matches no known substance. They are organic, however.

Whatever they are, these... 'masks' are definitely connected to the anomalies happening in this city. If anyone else has come across clues in their investigations, or have any relevant knowledge, contact me.

Private to security team and friends )
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20th-Jul-2015 08:40 pm - 07: hey, it's that jerk [text]

all things considered, earthquakes are pretty far down the list of weird stuff thats happened while ive been here.
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25th-Dec-2014 08:26 am - 06: The douche who stole Christmas
[Remember that huge tree that appeared in the quad a couple weeks ago?

Remember how everybody decorated it and it looked really pretty and festive and made your heart swell with Christmas cheer?

Remember all those shiny baubles and lights and literal bells and whistles that adorned it and sparkled in the sunlight?


The tree is still there. Mostly. It looked a little tousled and it's lost quite a few pine needles from being ransacked. All the ornaments and lights are gone, except for a few ornament hooks and broken ones littered on the ground along with the pine needles. You can tell with one look that this is not the work of wind, or a bird, or any other kind of unfortunate accident. This was deliberate.

Someone stole Christmas.

What the hell.

Who does that.

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27th-Oct-2014 04:04 pm - [Audio] - Hallow's End
[It's near impossible for Soryk to not sound particularly bored and it doesn't always mean that he is. Just that he's grown an apathetic tone for most of his life that he can't seem to avoid it, even when carrying on casual conversation.]

Considering the nature of the celebration, I fully expect to see the Headless Horseman or his shade about. In fact, I may be downright disappointed if I am not privvy to an onslaught of—

[He clears his throat and does a horrendously haughty accent before he ends it with some outlandish laughter. Except mayhap it doesn't sound too different from how he normally sounds.]

"Here's my body, fit and pure! Now, your blackened souls I'll cure!"

[As he composes himself once more, he continues.] Truth be told, however, how is it that this world can hold some similarities to the one I left behind? Is it intentional, or does it imply that this very world is a parallel to the one I came from?

And I still have not the slightest why anyone here would celebrate just such an occasion. It hardly seems more than a reason to make merry.
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22nd-Oct-2014 01:40 am - [Text]
Soooo. Anyone else think it's kind of odd that people have just been going right back to school and not really worrying about the huge island floating in the sky full of killer monsters ready to descend and slaughter us all on a moment's notice???

Because I'm having kind of a hard time focusing on classes when I keep looking out the window to make sure there's nothing coming down from it.
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11th-Jun-2014 08:37 pm - 05: [text]
heard there was a party crasher at the dance.

seems like a pretty big breach in security if you ask me.
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22nd-Apr-2014 11:56 pm
Soooo, hey! I don't know if anyone's noticed, I only just recently found out myself, but. There's like. Ghosts, down in the basement. A lot of them!! Not to mention a lot of other weird stuff...

I don't know if anyone around here has any particular talent in getting rid of ghosts, but could someone like, take care of that maybe...? I haven't been able to get to sleep at all, because I mean. What if I try, and one of them just comes in while I'm sleeping?? Ghosts can go through walls, you know!
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25th-Jan-2014 04:09 pm - [text]
That blasted witch...! I was certain I had returned to my home world when I had ended up at that tower! To make things worse, that mysterious text I had found has disappeared when I returned. Now I am back at where I have started for my search of returning to the original world with my own means.

I have also realized much more time has passed since I had left than I first thought. I suppose traveling between worlds fluctuates time in mysterious ways. I must apologize to those who were assigned to the class I was in charge of. Now that I have returned you can rest assured my class will resume once again.
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[Speaking of bunkers... it's time some basement dwelling creature emerges from his natural habitat. It was a long, cold, dark sleep that Yamada endured, but soon he found himself alive and well, albeit still very much in the dark. He was within a cacophony of corridors, a deep dark bunker of sorts. No, once his eyes adjusted it appeared to him this had to be a massive storage space. What was anyone storing down here? Well, once he stumbled his way out and located the campus surface--not any campus he was familiar with, mind you--he will be more than happy to inform of his discovery.

Behold, the mighty hair boner ahoge in his natural element. A portly boy sits comfortably in what appears to be the computer labs. He adjusts his glasses and clears his throat. Time to focus on the important matters at hand.]

Keh! This is every bit as abnormal as it was before! Attention Sumabura Ga-- citizens, denizens and NPCs of this educational establishment. I bring you grave news from the great beyond. The things I've seen and heard will astound and amaze.

There are INCREDIBLE life-sized figurines stored in your basement! Were you even aware? There's dozens, nay, dozens of dozens! Excellent quality, even comparable to the likes of Figma. I should know! I, the Legendary Hifumi Yamada, know true quality craftsmanship when I see it. But there's a definite problem with this. Definitely a definite problem.

[FIST SHAKING NERD RAGE AT YOUR SCREEN right here right now!!!]

I nearly had a HEART ATTACK at the TERRIBLE CONDITION they were in! Leaving them just standing out in the open, out of their boxes and covered in dust and darkness. I'm offended! Disgusted! Appalled! No merchandise should be treated like that!

...Ahem. I will trade the owners for sanctuary of these unfortunate but enticing relics. Please inquire within, serious offers only, plzkthnx.

[Nevermind he was somewhere in the afterlife not few moments ago; this is clearly more important.]
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7th-Oct-2013 11:04 pm - First Crusade (Video + Action)
[On the feed currently is one nun in full-blown battle armor. Her face looks a bit on the stern side, but she seems happy, more or less. At least she's wearing a good-natured smiled.]

Some of you may already know me, but to those of you who don't, hello! My name is Sister Helga Wilhelmina, but you all may call me "Sister Hel" or just "Sister" if you prefer. In addition to donating some of my time to helping Rhys in the infirmary, I will also be teaching Physical Education! I hope all of you are ready to work hard, because we don't accept slackers in my class. Sloth is a sin!

[At the word sin, Sister Hel's expression turns a bit more serious. Her smile is gone, replaced with a cold sternness. The kind of sternness that always means LECTURE TIME.]

Ah! And speaking of sin, that brings me to the next thing I wanted to discuss! I'm sure you've all noticed the doughnuts that have begone to rampant around our lovely school! Most of you no doubt are enjoying them, but need I remind you all that gluttony is a sin? Besides! If you eat to much you will get sick, and as one of the school nurses I'm afraid I simply cannot let that happen! Your health is my top priority as a teacher, a nurse, and a nun. As such, any doughnut I find floating will be reduced to ash within seconds! It shouldn't take long at all for things to return back to normal, hahahahaha!

[And just to prove it, she points her mace in the direction of one floating doughnut near her and blasts it with a laser, thus...reducing it to ash instantly. Just like she said.


The feed ends shortly after that, but Sister Hel can indeed be found around the school, blasting rogue doughnuts to oblivion. Feel free to contact her before or after that happens via the network, or just stumble across it actually happening.]
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[Were you having a nice, quiet morning, Smash Academy? Well, you're not anymore, because at some ungodly hour only utilized by people who wake up at balls o' clock to work out, a shriek comes over the network.]



[That's it, that's the post.]
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16th-Sep-2013 11:39 pm - #1.0 - Text [No video]
[It didn't take Nanjo too long to figure out how the network works. A simple text message would do for now.]

How I arrived to this particular destination is rather strange. However, far be it for me to stand around idle, as I have far more pressing matters I would like answered.

My name is Kei Nanjo, heir of the Nanjo Group and Conglomerate.

If you could all perhaps enlighten me about this teaching facility, it would be most appreciated. I did not come here of my free will, and I seek answers to unravel this mystery of my arrival.

[Like finding out if this has anything to do with Alternate Worlds or Philemon or the Collective Unconsciousness]
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23rd-Jul-2013 10:28 pm - 04: [text then action]

that was stupid.

[A succinct commentary on recent events, obviously.]

tl;dr )

[ACTION: On this lovely summer evening, the creep in the cloak can be found all over campus, on a mission. Pausing to examine trees and lampposts, poking out of windows to check out ledges and gutters. He's looking for something, but what! Dare you approach and see what's up?

His last stop is the clock tower. Garrett glances around before opening the door and ducking inside. This was the last place to check, it had to be in here somewhere (spoiler: it was).]
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