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30th-Dec-2015 06:55 pm - IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR DR. EGGMAN
Dahling, we can't wait any longer.

We have to do it!

We have to do it right away!

[You don't get any more context.]
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17th-Nov-2015 12:19 am - A Maxmessage
Yeah okay so, I realize the moon's fallin' down and everything's crazy and somebody stole some masks, but whoever's sendin' a bunch of cheapass robots all over the volcano needs to let up with the cheapass robots. They get in my forge, I gotta bap 'em, a little... rabbit or squirrel or puppy pops out... and then I got all of this extra broken robot junk just lyin' around and all of these tiny animals hangin' around all happy that they ain't inside of a robot no more. I'm tryin' to make extra weapons in case of, you know, more giant monster attack things.

Just keep your puppy-powered robots out of my stuff.
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19th-Oct-2015 12:18 am - It's-a me, Bowser
I know that most of you chumps are worried about the moon crashing into the planet or whatever.

I've destroyed more than one moon in my time. Several moons. Lots of them. They fall apart like brittle china when I hit them with my massive upper-body strength. I'm just that sort of guy.

Problem being, at the time, I was bigger than I currently am. It's a long story, I created my own universe, it was amazing, then I got tired of it and I left because once you've created one universe, you've created them all. But anyway, I don't have access to any Grand Stars, since I can't seem to fly off-planet anymore, so I can't create or destroy planets anymore.

But fear not, much weaker-than-me reader. I, with my brilliant mind, have another plan. I need at least two adventurous... adventurers... to shrink down to microscopic size, enter my body, and visit my... growth area, which will stimulate my already prodigious strength and amazing body to the limit, and I'll grow large enough to punch the moon out of the sky, no problems. Just imagine, how grateful everyone you know will be, knowing that you got to help me solve all of your moon-issues for you.

So anyway, I'm taking volunteers here.
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[He'd been looking for days. And with all the craziness going on around campus, he knew there was every possibility that she had been caught up in something. Maybe by some giant monster, provoked by the idiots around here. Or someone used the opportunity to do something to her. Either way, he wanted answers. And he went about it in his usual calm, collected way.]

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I, for one, am positively bored out of my skull! The summer is nearly over and I haven't even gone on a weekend getaway yet! Can you imagine letting the season just slip by you? Perhaps you are all content to have a staycation, but I simply must get away for a while.

There's a lovely resort on Wuhu Island that would make for a marvelous vacation spot! Just imagine! Pristine, white sand beaches, five-star hotels, natural wonders...! Doesn't it sound just fabulous? Well, if anyone else is interested, I may be able to organize a little group trip! It would certainly be much more relaxing than lazing around here, wouldn't it?

[And private to Eggman]
Of course you're invited, dahling. ♥
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14th-Oct-2014 09:01 pm - [text] LET'S GET SPOOKY
HELLO, Smash Academy! I have a wonderful proposition to make so I do hope you'll listen! ♥

With the season of Halloween upon us, I believe the time is right for a COSTUME CONTEST! As drama instructor and resident expert on all thing theatrical, yours truly will be judging of course! There will be many categories to compete in and all skill levels are encourage to join! It may be a competition, but most importantly, it's all about FUN! Now doesn't that sound lovely? ♥

The deadline to have your costume completed is, of course, Halloween! I do hope you will all join me in the auditorium for a fun-filled and fearsome celebration!

Happy costuming!

~Madame Flurrie ♥ ♥ ♥
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16th-Sep-2014 11:44 am - [text]
I wish suemrm was longer and i DOnt wanna go back to classes,,,,,. i already missed awhoel whole week. what if instead f studnet I became............... Shcool Mascot

that;s something a job someone ca h ave at school that isnl;t teeching. Right? (・∀・)

well anyway whens halloween
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14th-Jul-2014 08:00 pm - [Video.]
[Jon is looking rough. Really rough. Over the weekend there was a Super Moon, and he'd been away longer than normal, letting his inner beast run free in the mountains away from civilization. These episodes are always draining, physically and mentally.

...and then he comes back to all your crap, Smash Academy. Why oh why did he become a member of Staff, again?]

Look... between attacks by weird creatures from god knows where, purple rifts in the sky, and people apparently arriving from multiple, alternate, backwards or inside out timelines? Is there anyone who needs the help of your friendly local Martial Arts instructor?

If so, speak up now or forever hold your peace.
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[ Francine very nearly opened her post with "Since when did we have ghosts on campus?". Thankfully, by the time she finished writing the whole thing up, she realized that, hey, maybe there actually were ghost students enrolled in the school, and she edited the opening to be something a little less ignorant. ]

What happened the other day? There was a large influx of ghosts for a while, but then they vanished as quickly as they came. Should I expecting that sort of thing for other upcoming holidays as well?

Apparitions aside, I've been making my candy haul last throughout this whole week. I've seen people gorge themselves in one night and get utterly sick the next day, and that is not an experience I wish to go through.

With all these holidays coming up, the weeks leading up to them are going to feel empty. I trust that the academy will find some way to fill the time with excitement? Preferably without floating desserts and spirits.

Letter to Max, via school mailbox )

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6th-Oct-2013 09:36 pm - APPLES KID NOTICE
::Two hours after Asahina's initial, joyous voicepost announcing the sea of hovering donuts outside (and inside in some cases) this text message appears.::

I have discovered where my Hovering Donuts DX machine had been knocked over and set into overdrive mode in the Science Labs. It has been turned off after producing, according to its internal counter, 298,102 donuts before I was able to turn it off.

After several days, the majority of the donuts left on campus should become stale enough to ascend into the lower levels of the atmosphere, provided it does not rain between now and then.

I will move the machine to my home in Twoson to prevent an accident like this from happening a third time.

On a lighter note, I am looking to begin another Dungeons and Dragons session. If anyone would like to play, just leave me a message. In fact, I have one player lined up already.

[Private Level 5 to RICK]
I know.
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11th-Sep-2013 09:17 pm - Announcement to Friends
I really do miss Nabooru... She was such a great friend to me. I really wish she were still around to hear this, and since we got back from Angel Island just as all the bad stuff was happening around here I couldn't tell her. But...

Knuckles proposed to me. We're getting married!
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3rd-Sep-2013 11:57 am - Video - Public
[Byrne doesn't exactly know how to handle the emotions he has right now. Too much of his life has been marred by betrayal: betrayal from the Spirits, the Demon Lord, and from himself. He knew falling in love was a bad idea - he knew that getting close like that would only lead to ruin, because it would make him vulnerable, it would lead to more conflict within him. But he had dared to stick around, to betray his logic and allow himself to fall in love. And now...

Well, let's say he had destroyed many NPC robots after the fact. And there's a constant burning rage within him now. He doesn't need to attempt to atone for his past anymore. It doesn't matter if all his life is just going to be one insult after another, one large betrayal. Is this his punishment for leaving behind his destiny?

All he can think of is revenge. There's a cold gaze as Byrne faces the screen, a bright rage filling the yellow of his eyes. He sits with his gauntlet in plain view, making no jokes about this.

His words are calm, no shouting, but still full of passion.

Why is this public? Because he wants everyone to know how pissed he is.]

I will kill you, Dr. Ivo Robotnik.
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Attention Smash Academy! I thank you all for your PATIENCE and COOPERATION during this most TRYING of times.

And, according to the mayor's office, I DEEPLY REGRET any... overzealousness on the part of me or my robotic hordes.

That all being said, as part of my, er, SETTLEMENT, I will be DE-ROBOTISIZING everyone who was transformed during the recent unpleasantness. As soon as YOU PUNKS GIVE BACK MY ROBOTISIZER!!!

Ahem. That is all for now. Good day, Smash Academy.

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30th-Jul-2013 12:23 am - [004E - Audio/Video] - Report #3
[Sitting prim and proper, Eirika has one arm upon her desk. Her room looks... surprisingly barren. Well, half of it anyway. The half that isn't hers.]

Things have grown quiet. The space may be greater for me and something akin to home, yet I feel no sense of joy from it.

[In short, she misses Lyra.
Glancing aside momentarily, her posture straightens again.]

I require some information for my personal station.

I would like to know some more about the authoritative position differences between this academy and the town. I am also quite curious as to whether they should be treated as two separate provinces, or if one authority has a hierarchy above the other.

Where I come from, it is an age of monarchies. I would imagine coming to learn about the differences here would provide to me a better understanding of how to effectively lead my own people.

[Encrypted (poorly) to one Lady Flurrie.] )
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18th-Jul-2013 07:15 pm - [ACTION]
[It's a beautiful day, Smash Academy! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there is a naked dude stumbling out of the forest.

Upon closer inspection, it seems that this naked dude is none other than a Mr. Captain Falcon, who seems incredibly bewildered and is also covered in dirt. There are at least two or five leaves in his hair, a twig, and maybe a feather.

He seems mostly unconcerned about being naked, and ends his trek smack in the middle of the main quad, right by the fountain, where he puts his hands on his hips and slowly but surely surveys his supreme domain.

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19th-Jun-2013 01:12 am - Video
Hi, Network. I know I just posted somethin' the other day, but, bear with me here.

Does anyone know This Robot.

[The camera pans and swivels to show the expressionless - and lifeless - face of Zero. There is also some duct tape visible. He has been partially repaired with duct tape. That is a thing that has happened.]

 photo 2026327.jpg

Thing is, he's kinda broken up and has some programming issues which are the fault of someone we all know gettin' into his head and messin' around where they had no business messin' around. And see, this is what happens when Eggman gets put in charge of ANYTHING by the way, people. Folks get hurt.

Checked at Capcom - not a current student, folks were real vague about whether they knew him or not. I mean really, how many red robots are there in the world? Headmaster wouldn't see me so that was a dead end.

I know there are some reploid types who study here. Any of you know this guy? Anyone know how to get rid of bad code without wrecking what's there that's his and his alone? I'd like for him to get his life back and get fixed. He deserves that much.

Anyone wanna help me out, here?
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12th-Mar-2013 05:08 pm - 💖 01 : text
Hello again, Smash Academy! It's an absolute pleasure to be back.

First, I must extend my apologies to those I may have worried by disappearing unannounced for so long! To put it simply, I had an engagement back in Mushroom Kingdom a few months ago and ended up getting... ah, a little sidetracked.

I can't say I'm surprised to see a few unfamiliar faces around campus since I've been back! So, please allow me to introduce myself! I am Princess Peach Toadstool from the Mushroom Kingdom. Just Peach is fine, though! ♡ It's lovely to have the opportunity to meet all of you! Please, don't hesitate to introduce yourself to me.

Oh, and I've talked some things over with the Headmaster and I'm delighted to announce I've accumulated enough credits to graduate and take a teaching position upon my return! I'll miss having a roommate, but I am looking forward to teaching. I hope to see some of you in my cooking class when I begin!

✨Have a wonderful day, everyone!✨ 
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[Ishimaru sure has had a lot going on for him lately, it's probably time to address the network and sort out his personal feelings, open up and connect with people, and-- YEAH no, it's straight to business as soon as the feed turns on. That's what the network is for, right?

At least technically this is more personal business than usual.

...I have a request for the women here, students and faculty alike.

My co-hall monitor, Vivian, has been carelessly abandoned by her caretaker. Something like that is bad enough on its own, but it seems she was not taught anything about taking care of herself! So I will need at least one volunteer to assist with washing and grooming her! As I am her partner, I am taking most of the responsibility for her, of course. There are many things I will be able to take care of, but something like that... is far from being one of them...

[For reasons he hopes would be obvious, but then again, this school...]

It is not enough to simply do these things for her! She must be taught how to do them on her own! Everyone, let us do what we can to help set Vivian on the path to independence!

[He looks like he wants to add something else for a moment, but... nah. END VIDEO.]
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3rd-Feb-2013 11:59 am - Love is in the air! (maybe!) [video]
My, my, times have been quite... trying as of late, haven't they?


But, surely brighter days are ahead! Don't forget, this is the time of love and happiness! Valentine's Day is upon us, everyone! A celebration of joy and love is just what the doctor ordered! ♥

Oooh, I have a marvelous idea! Perhaps we should have a schoolwide Valentine exchange! Wouldn't that be fun!

Private to Eggman, but easily hackable because haha this is Flurrie )
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26th-Jan-2013 02:28 am - ❥text
:) Leave me a question here and I'll give you an answer with my tarot cards!!! It can be anything, but the more open-ended, the better. Stuff like "Will I marry my true love" and "Will I have good luck next month" is great! Come on guys, it'll be fun! ^^
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