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30th-Oct-2015 10:08 pm - video
[No one had seen much of Connor these days that didn't involve helping on the forefront. Evacuations were a no go. The animals were gone. The moon was falling. He knew now that there was no way he could return home. He was here.

Options were running thin, and his bird friend was even growing restless. Connor gave him the chance to leave, to find shelter in a way a bird could. But he remained on his side, even perched on his shoulder as he sat to film this.]

I think perhaps we should also consider the underground bunkers as a means for possible shelter. Perhaps we can move supplies down there.

I do not mean to give a worst case scenario, but if there is nothing left, there needs to be a place where we can try.

I am still searching and asking for ways to send the...moon back where it came from, even some of you have brought up some suggestions.

I am willing to hear anything at this rate.
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12th-Jul-2015 10:25 pm - 001 ♔ video/action
Hello everyone! Cynthia here.

I'm not expecting any of you people to know who I am, since I just arrived a few days ago. I also just finished signing a mountain of paperwork that now signifies that I'm going to be everyone's new guidance counselor, and pokemon history teacher to the junior.

...basically, this is the first time I saw sunlight since given that accursed stack of paperwork. Hopefully no carpal tunnels any time soon.

Anyway, please feel free to come up to me with your problems. Be it school stress, or anything under the sun. My door is always open, and I am very good at keeping secrets. Also, though I have yet to see a rule against it, I am allowing students who are interested in pokemon history and mythology to sit in my class if they want to.

Uhmm...yeah. I look forward to meeting you all.

[Though, to anyone walking along the courtyard. She was seated by the fountain with a notebook and pen in hand. Cynthia may look busy. But feel free to bother her. She's just making her lesson plan anyway.]
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4th-Jul-2015 10:22 pm - [Action.]
 photo fireworksanimation-13.gif

[It had been a while since Joel had used explosives in a way that didn't involve blowing someone or something that used to be a someone up.

But hell, it was the Fourth of July. He wasn't sure if anyone else celebrated the Holiday, so he didn't make a big deal of it on the network.

He DID however, purchase a few bags of cheap fireworks.

If you hear some Popping or Whizz Banging or Basplosion noises of any kind, that's probably him down near the over-filled lake, letting off a few crackers.

Happy Birthday, America.]

[[OOC: Feel free to come find him and shoot off a few fireworks of your own, or just chat. He's down for either!]]
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2nd-Jul-2015 07:21 pm - Text - Action
I see folk are looking to investigate the lake and what have you. I urge you to be careful.I've pointed it out elsewhere, but it probably bears mentioning here that the lake is not alone in rising - down at the docks and on the beach, tides are coming in progressively higher.

Just... be aware of your surroundings. Don't allow them to overwhelm you.

Private and locked to Riwane, Chiyo and Rio. )

[Action: Jon can be found in his dorm if you've a mind to go and find him. He's feeling twitchy, restless, grumpy, sleepless and head-achy. So, not wonderful company! Feel free to risk it, though.]

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25th-Mar-2015 03:19 pm - [Video] Uh oh. Someone woke up.
[When the feed crackles to life, Dr. Eggman is sitting up in a hospital bed, wearing one of those backless hospital gowns, tubes coming out of his nose and arm. He does not look to be in a good mood.]


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8th-Feb-2015 10:16 pm - Mid life criseseseses
Private to self. hackable because what are computer. )

So, I'm thinking of hitting a bar later if anyone's in the mood for a drink.

[Action!: You can find him at a bar later in the evening if you're in the mood for an alchoholic beverage with a man contemplating hitting half a century and living in a world entirely divorced from reality for more than a year! Sounds super exciting, right!?]
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23rd-Oct-2014 10:58 pm - [Video] A Spooky Freebie!
[The video clicks on to Sable, surrounded by different spooOOOooOOOooky masks.]

Hello, everyone! I know that Halloween is just a week away, and I'm not sure if everyone is set on what costume everyone is wearing on that day... Ah, if you'd still like to dress up for the occasion, but you haven't set your mind on what you'd like to dress up as, then I might have a solution for you.

[Sable holds up one of the masks - a spooOOooOOoooky werewolf mask!]

My sisters sent me a box full of these masks. It turns out that they had a surplus of masks, and so they sent me some in the hopes of selling them. don't have to pay for these, not if you want to. I know that sometimes money can be a bit tight, so, I'll be giving these away. If you want any of them, please come by my office and pick them up! Here, let me show you...

[Sable adjusts the camera down towards her sewing desk to show the masks all in their glory.]

I've got some mummy masks, Frankenstein masks, werewolf masks, ghost masks, bug masks and skull masks! And, if none of those strike your fancy, then of course I'm available to make something for you instead. I'd love to work on some Halloween costumes! I'm thinking about switching up what I usually dress up as...oh my, I need to get started planning on that. Feel free to swing by my office to pick some masks up or to give me a project to do, I don't mind at all.
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10th-Oct-2014 12:05 pm - Ghost Trick
[Gordon addresses the network, but there seems to be something wrong with the video feed. It sputters and fizzles, revealing the physics teacher's face in staccato flashes and tantalizing half-syllables. Then he strangles the frequency into something more cooperative with a scowl.]

[...are those calipers and test-tubes floating behind him? What's with the eerie echoey cackle? Gordon either doesn't notice these things or, more likely, is trying hard to PRETEND he doesn't notice them.]

I realize there are a couple of Pokemon trainers out there, and I'd like to ask some advice. My Rotom, Maxwell, is acting up again. It's probably the time of year, but he's also out-grown his COMP and I realize I ought to--

[AND SUDDENLY IT'S PICTOCHAT, as a big red squiggle appears over the video image of Gordon, giving him a bowtie and crazy mad scientist hair. He hits the DELETE button and it vanishes. Then a clown nose appears. More cackling.]

--properly train him before he gets out of control.

[He says, as above his head the little ghost pokemon draws a big red--]

TOOL of the trade is a pokeball, from what I understand, but beyond that I'm... somewhat clueless.
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12th-Aug-2014 10:55 am - An Open Question
I've been thinking pretty hard about this for the last few days, and I'm really not any closer to figuring out an answer... I mean, there's no denying that what's going on is trouble. The sky looks freaky, we're cut off from our homes...

But aren't these shadow bug things, well, alive? Do we have a right to kill them? My dad wanted me to respect and value all life. I guess I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do when my enemy isn't another robot...
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12th-Jul-2014 07:33 pm - [VOICE/TEXT]
[WHAT'S THIS it's another mysterious post with no network username attached. NINJA MAGIC!??!?? Ninja magic. Astute observers might recognize the voice as belonging to Sheik.]

Don't go into the bunkers alone. I'm sure at least some of you are thinking it.

[Guess who went into the bunkers alone.]

I need someone more mechanically-minded than I to take a look at something.

private to Daisy )
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10th-Jul-2014 12:46 am - [text] AU MOONBASE ALPHA
[Galleom. Purple streaks in the sky, or barely-there bubbles. Shadow Bugs. Invisible walls in space her ship couldn't pass through. These recent occurrences bothered Samus, of course, but she could always take solace in being able to jet off into space should she need additional supplies or some well-needed isolation. She still had her freedom.

Now, suddenly, she didn't. And that bothered her. It made her kind of angry. And an angry Samus was prone to be a productive Samus.]

No doubt you've all noticed to some degree the purple streaks coming and going in the sky, the influx of shadow bugs, and that uninvited prom guest with the ugly face.

...The... apparent gender-switch one of you is experiencing.

We all know this academy is no stranger to strange things but this instance seems like a cultivation of strange things. They don't seem to be lasting a nice clean predictable week like they usually do. I'm not going to wait around for the Hands to admit all they know how to be is utterly useless. We should take matters into our own hands.

I've taken the liberty of exploring the bunkers, and yes there is an unsettling collection of life-size statues down there as some of you have ascertained. For as long as I've been here, I can tell you most of them are ones I recognize... they're former Smash Academy residents.

The shadow bugs seemed to be pouring out of one statue in particular but I could not get close enough. Tempting as it was to destroy it... I didn't.

I also discovered a room that--as succinctly as I can describe it--reminded me of a Biotech Research Area, or Biohazard Containment area. There was also a chamber filled with what looked like large defunct bombs.

I would appreciate it if anyone has any other pertinent information to share, or things they've discovered.
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28th-Jun-2014 04:12 pm - [video]
[A video post pops up on the network with a cellphone-y aspect ratio. The girl in charge of the camera has it way too close to her face before she pulls it back and starts talking at about a mile a minute.]

Heyyyy, it works! Good, I'm totally starving. Uh... I guess my info's still good cuz I got wi-fi, no problemo, but s'that really the date? I coulda sworn it was last year, like, 5 minutes ago. I was on a plane to Kalos and I walked outta the bathroom and now I'm here? Howzzat work, anyway? I mean, like, I'm stoked to be back and stuff but I tried FOREVER to get back last year'n I couldn't! It was the pits, and...

And I'm stuck. In a... I think it's a closet? Lotsa brooms. I dunno how I even got here but the door won't open and man, I was like 10 minutes away from my in-flight meal. I could eat, like... Somethin' that eats a lot. I hope I don't gotta sleep in here. I tried bustin' the door open but I don't wanna trash it cuz that's gotta be a detention or somethin'. Someone's gotta have a key. Right? ...Right?

Uh, thanks! If you see this and you can help a girl out! Umm... P.S., what's on the menu? If the cafeteria is still in the same place I'm there. Peace out!
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29th-May-2014 02:50 pm - [Video]
[Ziio is stone-faced, an unsurprising expression from her.]

I am aware of the upcoming celebration. I remind my students to take precautions with their plans of action. If you find yourself in need of the tools necessary, visit my classroom.

I expect my pupils and associates to be on good behaviour. If you have not yet suffered my lecture, my office is open any time and I don't mind repeating myself.

[Sounds like someone is perfectly content with her positions, finally.]
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11th-May-2014 04:59 pm - Videeyyyo
[ Vivian had seen the mark on the calendar. 'Mother's Day.' What did it celebrate? Was it a day they made mothers? Who knew! She didn't. But after some research and thinking she understood what a mother was through some 1999 angelfire gif-riddled sites with bad poetry and midi music, Vivian was sure she got the idea.


Happy Mother's Day to everyone. [ okay close enough] A mother sounds special. I hope they are all happy today.

I care for my mother very much too. [??????? Well she hopes she got the right idea but ]

Happy Mother's Day, Taka!!

Uhm, when is Father's Day? [ and then she leans in and whispers ] I want to give the Doctor something special.
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27th-Apr-2014 10:18 pm - [Video]
[The video feeds turns on with a very distressed Sable looking right at the screen.]

Oh, thank goodness my computer still works. So, ah, everyone knows by now about these...shadow bugs, yes? Well, I've been having trouble with them in my office. They've completely been taking over every inch of my room! Most of my electronics have stopped working, like my little television, but now look at what they've gotten into!!

[She turns the computer towards her shelves of different fabrics. There are little clusters of the purple bugs gathered around some of the fabrics, chewing through the material!]

Look at what they've done!! They're destroying my materials!! I've been trying to fight them off, but there's too many! I'm sorry to bother everyone, but can someone please come over to my office to help me take care of these pests? It would mean so much to me- oh no no NO DON'T GET ANYWHERE NEAR THAT QUILT.

[Sable rushes towards the back of the room and quickly tears away a quilt on the wall that some of the shadow bugs were venturing towards. She throws the quilt off screen, picks up a book and starts wailing on the bugs with the book in a very reckless manner.]


[...she might be going a little bit too far.]
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27th-Apr-2014 08:14 pm - Quick video then action;
[Hey look who it was! It was That Janitor Guy and he's all super serious with his robes on. He received work from the man who called himself "Shiek", the one who ventured to the basement with a small crew. He heard from everyone else. Now he was here.]

I have heeded to what you all have been saying on the network about the strange insects and the basement.

I will be venturing to this basement and I will alert you all if I find anything else.

There is reason to suspect we have not seen all there is to see. If the safety of any who live on these grounds is threatened, rest assured I will get to the bottom of what is happening.

[Whenever he was done listening to what was to be said to him, he would log off and turn to his "roommate". Sup Dez.]
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26th-Apr-2014 12:14 pm - o1.
[ The view on-screen is simply that of foggy lenses and a pristine filter, at first, accompanied by the sound of loud breathing. Whoever this person is doesn't seem to mind being up-close and personal, if not willing to indulge in scrutiny over webcams. Purified air leaves the mask and heats the camera's lens, allowing it to grow a mist as he typed, entirely unaware that his webcam has, indeed, turned on.

This is an emergency. It's an emergency because... he's aimless. He doesn't know what to do or where to go. The only direction he has is that he has to find Master. Master has awakened him, yet he could not find him. He doesn't even know what he looks like. What is an android in peril to do in a situation like this?

Why, beg for some help, of course!

Hello there! ( ^▽^ )ノ★

Please excuse me! I am looking for someone very important. I have come looking for my Master! ( *O*) I would like to know if any of you have seen him! I do not know what he looks like, but I picture that he is very tall, strong, cool, and... Well, I think he would also look a little scary, too. It would be for a good reason, though, I am sure! Master is very smart. (  ̄ω ̄ )

I can describe his voice! ✿ His voice is low and eerie with a baritone-to-tenor sound. (I'm sorry, I cannot precisely place it just yet. I heard it very briefly.) It makes me think of cornflowers in the center of creeping, black brambles. Isn't that so cool?! I heard of a phrase like that in a book once! I like it very much.

If you know where Master is, please tell me! I will remain here and search for him until I can find him. I have already enlisted help of an army to locate him. They are cute, tiny, and fuzzy! They tend to scatter, though, and they like to eat cables. ( ;;OoO) It is important that they eat, so I let them. Please think of them! They are living creatures, too! (ノ*O*  )

    ( :ɔ }彡~ Clear! ♫
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22nd-Apr-2014 11:56 pm
Soooo, hey! I don't know if anyone's noticed, I only just recently found out myself, but. There's like. Ghosts, down in the basement. A lot of them!! Not to mention a lot of other weird stuff...

I don't know if anyone around here has any particular talent in getting rid of ghosts, but could someone like, take care of that maybe...? I haven't been able to get to sleep at all, because I mean. What if I try, and one of them just comes in while I'm sleeping?? Ghosts can go through walls, you know!
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4th-Apr-2014 10:47 pm - Pawprint 001: Holla!
[Suddenly out of nowhere, a beret'd half dog-like girl appears on the feed, someone that hasn't been in the system for a while no doubt! Check her out!]

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Hey guys! It's been a while since I've been here, and I'm sooooo glad to be back! Dudes, I've seen so much over the last like year or so, and it's been crazy! But heck I figured I've gotta get my degree before I go back to travelin', so I'm now back!

[There's a pause, she's kinda drumming on her chin for a moment, then she adds on real fast, fixing her glasses.]

Oh, oh right! Duh, I bet some of y'all don't know who I am. My name's Smeargle, but y'all can call me Smee! I'm currently a Junior, and I uh...

Hm... I'm tryin' to think what else I need to add on. S'been a while...

[Think... think...]

... Nah, I can't think of anythin' else. Guess that's it!

[Click! Yeah she's still the master of words.]
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20th-Mar-2014 12:35 pm - v i d e o; NONE TOO HAPPY RN
[You would just see Connor, on the screen, unimpressed. He would make this very brief, for sure.]

I do not know who's idea it was to turn one of the supply closets into a bathhouse but none of it was brought to my attention.

The bathhouse might be harmless but the supplies in the closet are now unaccounted for.

I would very much appreciate it if anyone could inform me where those supplies are.
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