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11th-Nov-2015 04:45 pm
[The video switches on, showing Cyrus in what was once the teacher housing. It didn't look like his specific room, especially since his had been on the second floor, but none of that really mattered since he had only used it because somehow the power still worked. His stern manner was gone, and he seemed tired and distant, not even looking at the camera]

Constructing a species to be entirely without emotion...yes, then there is no problem. Removing emotion from a creature that had previously processed them...

Changing the brain chemistry suddenly leads to adverse physical consequences. I had failed to take that into account.

This is ultimately what I wanted. But not in this way. I would be reborn anew, a perfect god in a perfect universe, free of suffering. There would be no fighting and no strife.

I fully believe that even now.

[he turns slightly, looking at the computer for the first time] has been broadcasting. An unintended consequence of the network. I had meant to speak entirely to myself.

[His sincerity on that statement is impossible to read, the utter flatness from him betraying nothing]

And yet.

Those of you versed in medical science, I ask you to aid me in reversing these physical symptoms while maintaining the erasure of my emotions.

You will be granted a position in paradise.

[After a pause, he reaches his hand out to turn off the feed, but stops with his hand on the switch]

I will fulfill that destiny. I will make my dream a reality. And we will no longer face extinction.


...God damn you all, I told you so.

[The feed ends]
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9th-Nov-2015 07:01 pm - [Video - entirely too much candy.]
[It's a phone video from Sonny Moe! He waves at the camera.]

So! I was saving money to buy a car this year! But then, I thought, maybe that money could be used for something better. Something to help cheer everyone up, maybe? Because I know people are scared of the moon and stuff, even though King Bowser's going to have that all under control! So, I was like, what will make everyone happier? Then I remembered it's after Halloween, sooooo...

[And lo, he swivels the camera around to show a MOUNTAIN of candy sitting in an unused classroom.]

 photo toomuchcandy.png

Yeah, you guessed it! I spent pretty much my life savings on super discounted Halloween candy to share with you all! I'm in the old Algebra classroom because I thought maybe it was time something fun happened in there! Come and get whatever you like!

OK, bye!!
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30th-Oct-2015 10:08 pm - video
[No one had seen much of Connor these days that didn't involve helping on the forefront. Evacuations were a no go. The animals were gone. The moon was falling. He knew now that there was no way he could return home. He was here.

Options were running thin, and his bird friend was even growing restless. Connor gave him the chance to leave, to find shelter in a way a bird could. But he remained on his side, even perched on his shoulder as he sat to film this.]

I think perhaps we should also consider the underground bunkers as a means for possible shelter. Perhaps we can move supplies down there.

I do not mean to give a worst case scenario, but if there is nothing left, there needs to be a place where we can try.

I am still searching and asking for ways to send the...moon back where it came from, even some of you have brought up some suggestions.

I am willing to hear anything at this rate.
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21st-Oct-2015 12:32 am - SHUT UP A SCIENTIST IS TALKING
There are those who have made it clear that their proposed solution to this catastrophe is to destroy the moon.

Such an action would damn us all. It has been brushed off with remarks that the debris would simply burn up in the atmosphere, yet even if this were to happen, we cannot survive without the moon.

Already we have seen the effects of its closeness on the world around us. Yet, what do you believe would happen if there were no moon at all?

The planet's orbit would become unstable itself, with no 'child' to balance it. Though it would not veer out of orbit with the sun, its overall path would be altered. Tides would fail. Our bodies, primarily water as they are, would suffer.

This world, were it to survive such an event, would find itself a wasteland. And such a thing cannot be considered "saving" it.

Any proposing such a course of action with this knowledge ought to be considered a threat to our very existence.
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I have salvaged as many of the ancient and important books from the library as I am able. That said, those efforts are fruitless should the moon conclude its path.

There is one option that will save us, yet for that I require all of you. You have varied experience with artifacts of great power, and we must pool that knowledge and artifacts themselves, as well as find those able to use them.

Additionally, among our alumni there was a being known as Bob Heather, called Arceus by whose who view it as a deity. Finding Arceus once more would be a boon to our cause.

And Mesprit, to your siblings forth. The three of you hold a power capable of putting a stop to this.

We must take what we need. Truly, we are utterly alone in this world. What remains depends on those here.
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12th-Oct-2015 08:18 am - [Video]
So. The moon might land on us.

Anyone got any ideas on how I can get strong enough to punch it in half before it gets here? We got seven Chaos Emeralds floatin' around that no-one told me about? Or somethin' else that would let me go Super?

I just don't think crossfit's gonna cut it.
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 Hello, Smash Academy. My name is Rouge the Bat, and I'll be another security guard.

...Or at least I would be if there was even a school to guard!! What on Mobius happened here?! The place is a mess and half the buildings are rubble!! And what was that giant walking mountain?!

[Private to Eggman]

Wanton destruction? This sounds like one of your schemes, Eggman. But that didn't look like a robot. If it's not you destroying everything, then who is it? Any ideas?

[Private to Knuckles]

Hello, sweetie. Miss me?
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I am calling an emergency meeting of the Galaxy Club. Anybody with information, no matter how small, on the suspicious goings on is called upon to meet, as well as those who believe they will be able to help.

We will set things right. This I firmly believe. But it will take all our effort, and we cannot shirk, no matter what.
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28th-Sep-2015 07:48 pm - [text]
Hey! Who else popped outside to check out the eclipse last night?? Wasn't it crazy? What a huge blood moon! I've got some pictures if anyone wants to see!

Though, uh, actually, I guess you could just look out your window? It's sure not eclipsed, but it looks like the full blood moon is totally still out there.

Aren't these sorts of things only supposed to last a night?

[Seriously, the moon tonight was still hanging heavy and red in the sky that next evening. And the next evening. And the... next... one? And...]
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[You'd think, by now, she'd be floating around like the social butterfly that she was. Chatting up anyone she finds and making new friends here and there.


Day in and day out, she'd be working. Classes, counselling or just hiding in some secluded corner of the library with a mountain of books and some tea. Today being no different, one would find her in the library reading...fairytales. She's been reading mythology books all her life. Time for something a little different.

But she didn't really notice her Lucario fiddling with her laptop.]

Lucario, what do you think about this? Princess by day, monster by night. It's basically Lucian!
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27th-Jul-2015 09:56 pm - [Mass E-mail]
Hello, Smash Academy! I'm, um... new here. My name is Oren (^_^)/. I'm a Sylveon. A recent transfer from Capcom High, pretty new in town, you know...

Okay, listen ( ̄□ ̄;)I'm skipping the pleasantries and just cutting to the chase. I noticed that the coffee shop my ex-classmates recommended to me is boarded up and "closed until further notice." That's creepy enough on its own, but the earthquakes don't help anything.

But I need coffee. I mean, GOOD coffee. The swill in the cafeteria is garbage. Please tell me there's another coffee shop open somewhere else. Anybody?
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27th-Jul-2015 09:21 pm - [Video.] What Has Science Done...
Hey, uh... C'mere.

[Joel ducks out of frame for a moment, obviously trying to grab something that's moving around out of sight for a few seconds. There's whimpering and the noise of a rattle.]

I'm guessin' this is a Pokémon of some kind? Found him on my mornin' hike sniffing around the edge of the woods.

[He holds a small creature out to the camera. It's a puppy! Or a snake! Or... an unholy abomination. Or All Three. It's small though. My Little Unholy Abomination.]

If any of you trainer types know what he is, I'd be obliged. Figure I might keep him. Weird looking little fella but he ain't as mean as y'figure he'd be with a face like that.
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I, for one, am positively bored out of my skull! The summer is nearly over and I haven't even gone on a weekend getaway yet! Can you imagine letting the season just slip by you? Perhaps you are all content to have a staycation, but I simply must get away for a while.

There's a lovely resort on Wuhu Island that would make for a marvelous vacation spot! Just imagine! Pristine, white sand beaches, five-star hotels, natural wonders...! Doesn't it sound just fabulous? Well, if anyone else is interested, I may be able to organize a little group trip! It would certainly be much more relaxing than lazing around here, wouldn't it?

[And private to Eggman]
Of course you're invited, dahling. ♥
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26th-Jul-2015 10:26 pm
It has proven to be elusive...that which has occurred even recently, it seems information is scarce.

I ask to know what all has transpired involving the earthquake and the water rising. This includes a personal level, what you all have done to investigate these happenings.

...I have long known that this world is doomed. Yet that will be at our own hand, not this. As such, I believe it would be a benefit to what remains that we pool our knowledge.
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26th-Jul-2015 04:43 pm - video
Hey so, things've been gettin' kinda weird, yeah?

Well I know I ain't been talkin' much about it but that don't mean I don't know it. Everyone's been doin' their own things, gettin' investigations together and all.

Someone said somethin' 'bout the water risin'? Obviously we got earthquakes and stuff but the janitor guy said somethin' 'bout gettin' a boat for the ocean?

I dunno what that's all about but I kinda offered to help pay the thing, he seemed pretty serious 'bout it. Helpin' 'im with whatever else too.

I just wanna help, that's all. Dunno what much else I can do but...gosh.
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16th-Jul-2015 10:28 am - [Video] The recruiting process
 [A spunky tween-age raccoon holding a tiny "Marine" flag waves at you through the screen.]

G'day, you lot! To the uninitiated, I am Captain Marine, captain of the foundered S. S. Super Marine and upcoming S. S. Ultra Marine! Yes, the ship that brought me 'ere might not have 'eld up, but the S. S. Ultra Marine will not only be able to take you to other dimensions but take you back 'ere too! It's going to be ripper!

[She waves the flag excitedly. Go her!]

Now, I just need some blokes to 'elp me man it. It'll take some work but it'll surely be worth it! I'll even discount your first voyage to 'alf price! Rip snorter of a deal, yeah?

Who's first? Don't all send me a response at once; I'm only one sheila!

[To Tails]

Oi, Tails! You're appointed my official second First Mate! I've already recruited Blaze, but since you'll be 'elping me build it, you get a nice proper rank to go with it! No need to thank me. I know you know it'll be worth it!
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15th-Jul-2015 10:44 pm - [video] plants and greetings
Hello! There are some new faces coming in, and I've already greeted some of you but.. I'm Bulba! I'm the girls' RA, so if any of you are having issues settling in to your rooms or just need a helping hand getting situated, I'd be more than happy to help you out.

[See look how happy he is, grinning at the camera at you.]

If you can't find me around the RA quarters or the kitchens, you'll have a good chance at the greenhouse.

[Which brings us to point two, which Bulba is a little less smiley about.]

Speaking of which... I know feeding the piranha plants snacks can be fun, but could whomever is doing that please stop? They haven't been feeling their best as it is, and random diets aren't helping. Thanks!

Other than that... uh... Watch your step if you head near the woods. Something's kind of... off there too, and there are some weird moths buzzing around. Some of them have been making it up towards the greenhouse, so please mind the doors when you go in and out, I don't want them nibbling on our plants. Just keep an eye out!

[And A Private video to one Vinnie von Venusaur.] )
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12th-Jul-2015 10:25 pm - 001 ♔ video/action
Hello everyone! Cynthia here.

I'm not expecting any of you people to know who I am, since I just arrived a few days ago. I also just finished signing a mountain of paperwork that now signifies that I'm going to be everyone's new guidance counselor, and pokemon history teacher to the junior.

...basically, this is the first time I saw sunlight since given that accursed stack of paperwork. Hopefully no carpal tunnels any time soon.

Anyway, please feel free to come up to me with your problems. Be it school stress, or anything under the sun. My door is always open, and I am very good at keeping secrets. Also, though I have yet to see a rule against it, I am allowing students who are interested in pokemon history and mythology to sit in my class if they want to.

Uhmm...yeah. I look forward to meeting you all.

[Though, to anyone walking along the courtyard. She was seated by the fountain with a notebook and pen in hand. Cynthia may look busy. But feel free to bother her. She's just making her lesson plan anyway.]
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Hey, it's Mona! We meet again!

A very big THANK YOU to all those who attended my photo booth at prom. You guys TOTALLY ROCK! I hope to see all of you happy couples and grads again next year, where I promise you my booth will be bigger and better than it was this year! Gotta top off that big bang of an earthquake somehow. What a show off...

[She's going to try and bugger the headmasters of the academy to fork over some cash in order to buy a real working waterfall instead of her painted backdrop one. Don't ask where Mona is going to find a legit waterfall, let alone get it into the hall for next year. Just...better off not questioning it.]

Should you have purchased a photo package from me, your proofs will be sent out shortly in the following weeks to come. Honestly, why doesn't the academy have a dark room? Don't you people have a weekly school news paper? Where do you develop your film at?! I'm sorry you have to bear with the mess in our bathroom Chiyo...

[Look guys, Mona hasn't upgraded herself to a digital camera yet. Bear with her. When one of your two bosses back home doesn't pay you a cent for your hard work, it's hard to meet end's meat, let alone indulge in nice things. Which, doesn't make a lot of sense since buying film is way more expensive in the long haul. Again, don't question it. Mona's sense of logic...lacks at times, to put it politely.]

Booth aside, I'm writing to you all in hopes I can trouble a few of you for a favor? A friend and I recently had a little accident involving our bikes and she's assured me someone around these parts can help a girl out. I rely heavily on my Mona Cycle to get to and from places, so it would be a BIG help if one of you gearheads could fix her back up into pristine condition as fast as you could. And I'd like, totally love you forever if you could do that.
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