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Melia Antiqua ([personal profile] birdlady) wrote in [community profile] smashacademy2016-01-06 07:50 pm

003: An open letter to Smash Academy [text]

I know things seem grim right now, but I would like to remind everyone of something.

Before I came here, my own world was in turmoil. My dear friends and I faced a foe that seemed impossible to defeat. A godlike entity, who sought to erase all life from the surface of the Bionis and restart everything. He had repeated this cycle countless times before, because he felt it was in his right to destroy his creations once they reached a certain level of development.

It was a battle we shouldn't have, couldn't have, won, and yet, we did. Beyond all odds, we banded together and we persevered.

I am writing this because I know I am not the only one here who has faced such an impossible fate. You have all done amazing things before and during your time here, and I feel it is important to remember that! We are all exceptional apart; just imagine what we can accomplish together!

So with that, I urge you all not to give up hope! We will survive, I believe that with all of my heart.
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[personal profile] punchtheflute 2016-01-08 03:00 am (UTC)(link)
That's what I've been saying! I bet we can all do it! There's so many amazing people here, why couldn't we?

I'm with you, Melia!