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Dahling, we can't wait any longer.

We have to do it!

We have to do it right away!

[You don't get any more context.]
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[So not private]

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What?! You want to do it right now?!
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Hrrgh... I would have preferred more preparation time to make sure it was perfect, but I suppose you're right...
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Not a response BUT...

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[You see this face? This one right here?]

[This is the face of Sonic upon overhearing this exchange.]
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Hmm... Very well! The clock tower it is! Then EVERYONE can bear witness to our love!!!
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Listen Flurrie the last time I thought I was gonna die I was pretty open about my need to have sex with somebody. I understand. But maybe you can have your 'where I'm gonna have sex with my boyfriend' posts in private? And not out in the open?
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Uh, the world's endin' and you're tellin' your boyfriend that you gotta do it right away.

I mean, that's sex.
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Yeah, uh, if you ain't talkin' about sex what the heck are you talkin' about, then?
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Most Coherrent Response.

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Re: hahaha...ha...

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Oh. Uhhhhh.

[He's not sure what he's MORE disturbed by. The idea that he's being asked to join in or the idea that Ivo is... his Friend.]


[She seems so NICE though.]
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After an application of brain bleach...

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Uh, Flurrie? I know I'm probably going to regret asking, but... Just what are you guys going to "make us witness?"