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An inquiry [text]

Well, looks like the holidays aren't cancelled.

I mean, I'm seeing mistletoe around the campus which suggests that the annoying parts are at least on as scheduled. I guess shopping won't be as easy this time around though. When it comes to making crafty gift shit, I'm not the expert. Obviously don't give any secrets away, but what are you guys planning on doing this year?
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Yeah. I'll admit I was surprised to see that damn Mistletoe back again this year. Thought that folks had better things to do than stick that stuff up every-damn-where.

You need pointers on making anything out of wood for gifts, I can help. I bought a shitload of supplies for the new school year. So, it ain't like we're short on materials if that's somethin' folks want to try.
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Whatever you want t'use, it's all yours. I'll be there if you want help assemblin' stuff or need help learning to get along with the power tools.
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I still have plenty of baking supplies! Not much else, though. So, everyone will probably get cookies or a cake or something?

Hey! Do you have a request? Or would you want me to surprise you instead?
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Re: [Text.]

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OK! You got it!
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Simply living. With the pressing issues, there is no sense in distraction.
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Surviving, having fun with you all, and kicking as much butt as possible. Work for you?
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Damn right! And you just know Bulba's got some sweets baking as we speak. Can't wait to go find him and sneak a taste!
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If he learned to grill steak, then it'd be perfect.