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[Video] Dog Catcher

[The following message is being broadcast from the bunkers.]

So hey, I'm down in the bunker now, and you would not BELIEVE what happened to me the other day. I was out in town, when I got jumped! By the martial arts teacher! I managed to beat him before he could, you know, eat me? And, um... Long story short.

[The camera pans to the side. There's a snarling, angry wolfman in a metal cage, clawing angrily at it. There's a water bowl there with a piece of masking tape stuck to it that has the name JON written on it.]

I've kinda got him locked up here so he can't maim anyone else. Anyone got any idea how to deal with this?

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[Just for your reference, dear reader. Jon looks roughly as impressed by this as you might expect a caged animal to look.

He is having a bad.... months.]
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[He doesn't fear your rolled up Newspaper!

But if you dare bring a squirt bottle to this party, you will see just how salty he can be.]
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He's a werewolf, right? I mean, there are cures for that. You can force-feed him wolfsbane. You can forcibly convert him to Christianity. You can strike him on the forehead with a silver bar that's been blessed by a priest in a chapel dedicated to St. Hubert. You have options, dude.
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These are 100% factual methods of werewolf curing, dude! The internet can't be wrong! ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

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I can help! I can talk with him! He likes me. We're basically best friends.
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Yeah, okay! I'll be there in like less than a minute.

::The feed goes dead::

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[Well, so far as he's aware, Werewolves aren't real.

There was a movie series his daughter had been into.... the memory hurt. A lot. Especially at this time of year. But he remembered one thing about that damn cinematic travesty. A solution to this situation.]

I can make a silver bullet.

Give me an hour.
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He's also a Werewolf. A creature that shouldn't exist, but there you go. The Moon don't look like it's going to stop being full any time soon and you bought him on to school property where there's people who could get hurt if he gets out when you're changin' his water or cleaning up his crap.

He's got to go.

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H-hey! Are you sure it's safe for you to be around him when he's like that? He's Riwane's Trainer... He's pretty strong!

I mean, I know you're really strong, too!

And you probably know what you're doing!

So, uh... forget I said anything? OK?

Be safe though!
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If you need any help? Just tell me, OK? Like, if you need to take a break or get some sleep or something? Or if you need someone to feed him or get his water or you just want some company down there? I can do all of those things for you!

Video -> Action

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[Blaze hadn't seen Jon since this madness started. And on top of their... falling out before, it had been too long. But to see him like this now... It made her heart sink in her chest.

If there was anything she could do to help him, she had to try.

She came to the bunkers and found Jon's cage, just sitting nearby.]

...Hello, Jon...
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[His nose twitched and he glared at her.

She didn't get the same all-out hostility that poor Jock was faced with.... but she wasn't winning any popularity contests in this cell, either. He growled a low, intense growl. The kind that makes the floor vibrate a little.

By now, Blaze could see that the steel of the cage was scored and a little bent looking from repeated tooth and claw marks, and even the stone and concrete of the bunker walls and floor were crisscrossed with talon marks. A wild animal, testing its boundaries and looking for a way out.]
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[Blaze hated seeing him like this, just a shadow of his former self... She didn't know if this was a mistake to come here. What was she going to say to him? What could she do?]

...It's been a while. We've all worried about you.

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[Crashing through the door Action style]

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[Hello, there's a pretty upset looking youth with fire in her eyes and tail who just busted through.]

Whut in sam hill are you doing?! [Yeah, it was pretty rare to see her angry... She hurried over to the cage, eyes narrowed and growled. After a few moments, her tenseness dwindled and she looked at Jon sorrowfully.]

Why did you come down to town hon... You know you can't do it while that there moon's out...
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Re: [Crashing through the door Action style]

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[This was Jon's contribution to the discussion. That and trying to shoulder-barge his way through the iron grille that separated him from the outside world. Whatever it was made of must be damn strong stuff because though he could rattle it, it didn't break.]

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Whoa, dude! Looks like he's got the craziest night life out of all of us, huh?

Though seriously, I remember that stuff. It kinda hurt when ya transform, an' you're always hungry.

[Which was maybe worse. THERE WEREN'T ENOUGH CHILI DOGS IN THE WORLD, man.]

He's probably not having much fun in there...
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Iiiit's complicated. See, Eggman had the bright idea to play around with the dark primal forces of the planet or something, and zapped me good with it. For a while after that, I used to turn into something like that every night!

I wasn't really a werewolf, uh, more of a werehog... [He hears a snarl through the video.] And I wasn't as much into the role as he is. I just really liked punching things.

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