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[Joel is half way between school and the city, climbing up the steep incline at what looks like a rapid pace. It's a blustery day with rain and a little sleet, oh and a GIANT GRINNING MOON taking up half the sky.

But more than that... you can hear the sound of waves crashing against the shore.

....that's not normal.]

So, this got-danged moon has managed to bring high tide all the way into the city! There's about three foot of water in the central business district and more'n that down nearer the coast.

[He pans the camera on his phone so that you can see a crowd of people also making their way up the hillside towards the school.]

....looks like we're going t'be housing some guests. I hope that Vault that's been set up under the school can accommodate a few more.

[He looks over his shoulder then back at the camera.]

OK. A Lot More.

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