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[Joel is half way between school and the city, climbing up the steep incline at what looks like a rapid pace. It's a blustery day with rain and a little sleet, oh and a GIANT GRINNING MOON taking up half the sky.

But more than that... you can hear the sound of waves crashing against the shore.

....that's not normal.]

So, this got-danged moon has managed to bring high tide all the way into the city! There's about three foot of water in the central business district and more'n that down nearer the coast.

[He pans the camera on his phone so that you can see a crowd of people also making their way up the hillside towards the school.]

....looks like we're going t'be housing some guests. I hope that Vault that's been set up under the school can accommodate a few more.

[He looks over his shoulder then back at the camera.]

OK. A Lot More.
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Dude, I thought you told me that we couldn't just hide in the school, dude.
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My dorm was being demolished by a giant cryptid hillbeast, dude. I'm pretty sure it's the same thing.
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Oh, the city's not coming back, dude.
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No, dude, we're in the middle of a CK-class End-of-the-World scenario.
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The K-class end-of-the-world classification system is the standard for classifying end-of-the-world scenarios, dude.

You're from a GK-Class Hostile Greenhouse scenario world, right?
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Well, it's more of an 'end-of-civilization' classification system, but in a lot of cases, that also entails an end-of-the-world scenario at least as far as regular civilization goes.
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Sure thing, dude. People on the internet figure lots of things out.
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At this point, I have half a mind to FIRE A MISSILE AT THE MOON, and just build a replacement for it afterwards.
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What kind of mad scientist would I be if I DIDN'T have that kind of firepower?!
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If these stupid masks don't work, then what choice do I have?
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I JUST got my daughter back. I am NOT losing her again.
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I'm not saying I will. But it's best to have a CONTINGENCY PLAN.
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[ Vivian looks concerned with all these unknown people showing up. ]

Are they all your friends, Mr. Joel? [ LOOK she had to screen them some ]
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