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Thoughts of the Future

So... I guess I'm getting married! Suck on THAT, Bowser! As soon as this is all sorted, you'd better believe it!

There's a lot that needs to be done, I suppose...

[Private to Kumatora]

So I was wondering... I kinda need a maid of honor. You want the job?

[Private to Mac]

When we can get out of here again, I, um... I want to go back to Sarasaland. And I want to bring you with me... After all, this is officially a royal wedding now!
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WHAT?! For real???
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He give you a rock??
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Wow. Well, I guess that's not much of a surprise, considering the guy. Congrats.

So... You tell the king yet?
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How do you think he's gonna react?
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Well I mean.. I don't think you gotta worry about it much. If it's what you want, that's all that matters, right? I bet your pops'll feel the same way.
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Now that would be a disaster

No prob. As long as we get invites after we finish this moon bs. Always wanted to have an in at a royal wedding.
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Hell yeah, dude! I wouldn't miss it!
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[d'aw, Daisy]

You can count on me, Dais.
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Um, can I get a "hell yes"?
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Re: [Private]

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YEAH it is!

Man, the Magypsies are gonna FLIP if we don't do the bachelorette party at the Bird cage.
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Re: [Private]

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Oh man, this is gonna be fuckin' epic. Just leave it to me!... and the Magypsies.
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Re: [Private]

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No problem! Hold on to yer butt because it's gonna be EPIC!
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Oh my gosh I am so excited for you guys!!
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It totally is!

I can't wait for Mac's bachelor party!
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I'll do my best!
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[He looked at this post. He thought hard.

Then, it all made sense. Then the decision was easy.]

Yeah...Yeah, let's go. Let's do just that.
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So, what drug-addled hobo did you have to bribe to agree to marry you?
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Oh, so you finally decided to marry Greenstache, is that it?

His mental neuroses and your venereal diseases will probably result in the world's most disadvantaged child.
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Try and stop me from crashing your stupid wedding to that lumpy sack of potatoes wearing a pair of lime green boxing gloves. I dare you.
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You and what army? The Amazing Plumber Bros are probably stuck in someone's drain pipe. You can't keep me out of anything, I'm Bowser, baby.
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Oh my gosh! I saw that! Congratulations, Daisy!
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Have you set a date yet?