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Update me on the search for the masks. Do you have any leads so far?

Also... do you remember anyone showing particular interest in the masks, before they were taken? Or suspicious activity on the network lately?

= = =

Being the Sage Guardian, you have experience in isolating irregular activity, don't you?

I need your help with something. Come to my room, when you have a moment.
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Is that how you ask for help, Zero? ...Fine. I'll be over shortly.

[Even if he's expected, and Zero doesn't have any qualms with just bursting into a room, Harpuia's always been the type to be proper about things. When he arrives, he knocks.]
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[It was... a little surprising to see Zero looking like that. Harpuia didn't expect Zero to shed his armour purely for himself, and with the moon lurking so close in the sky, he... Harpuia himself had to admit, it was tempting to think there wasn't any point in trying to adjust to a peaceful life if that life might not last much longer.

Harpuia can't quite rationalize why, but Zero doing something like that... it makes him feel a little better, he thinks.]

Go ahead, then. I'm listening.
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[Restricting the search to everyone on campus was reasonable; no knowledge of the masks had been publicly leaked to the city, and though the recent destruction had left several blank spaces in security to be exploited, there was no evidence to suggest the school network had been compromised.

It wasn't a guarantee of anything, but it was a lead nonetheless, and that was something they'd been direly needing.

Harpuia leaned over the desk with the laptop, fingers brushing past the unplugged charger cable. ...It was more than likely Zero had been up working on this a while. Harpuia mentally chastised himself for not keeping a more careful eye on whether Zero had been sleeping well -- another thing he'd allowed to slip once the situation started to get dire.

Zero, on the other hand... regardless of how he was holding up, he had been surprisingly organized and thorough about this.]

...You've done well, Zero. Let's see what you've got.
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[Ah. Him. This was the one who seemed to suspect the lunar situation had something to do with... some sort of deities? A person like that could be dangerous, entirely because they thought they had the moral high ground -- and they could make other people believe so, too.

But at the same time, that righteousness...]

He doesn't seem like the type to be quiet about it when he holds all the cards, though. I have no concrete evidence, but I'm inclined to think that if he had the masks, he would make it known, because he'd think he was in the right.

[But gut feelings have never really been enough for Harpuia to pass judgment, so... Harpuia lingered, pouring over all the logs much faster than the average person might; this was the sort of work his processor speed was suited to.]

Does he have an alibi for the night of the theft?
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Thinking back on it... I also had someone asking about where the masks were being kept. I said nothing about Gordon's lab, but someone determined enough could certainly have gotten to them.

[And on the off chance it's the same person... asking around that persistently could very well upgrade them from someone simply concerned about the situation to someone behaving conspicuously suspicious. The thought stays in the corner of Harpuia's awareness as he gives the footage a close look. There hadn't been anything obviously incriminating at the scene itself -- the broken glass of the cases was about the only significant thing to go off of.]

I suspect we're either dealing with someone opportunistic but not clever, someone relatively low-tech, or both. They smashed the glass instead of cutting it with a beam edge... or even an old-fashioned glass cutter. A risky move, considering the noise and the possibility of triggering alarms. Nor did they concern themselves at all with any attempt at unlocking or hacking, either.

[With the security cameras compromised and the lab already damaged, it may well have been that the thief felt confident enough that they weren't worried about noise, but... it seemed more likely that either they hadn't had time to prepare a less brute-force approach, or they didn't have the sort of tools someone from Harpuia's timeframe would, didn't it?]
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That's the same man who asked me about the masks.

[Harpuia can pull the face from his memory easily. It's a connection, but... just asking questions isn't against the law. They're only high-school security officers, too (or, well, one of them is). Warrants are definitely not going to happen.]

We can't go making any accusations without proof, but we don't have much time left to waste, either. We could try to detain him to see if he confesses. I doubt he would, though. There's been more than enough time to realize there's no escaping, and the moon is only getting closer, but there hasn't been anyone coming forward yet.

[A fact Harpuia resents. What is this thief doing...? Were the masks just taken for the sake of having them? If they were going to be used for something, then the fact the set is incomplete... no, even if he's just doing it to prove some kind of point... It's a thought that carries a lot of risky connotations with it, but Harpuia finishes it anyway:]

I think our thief would be more likely to try and steal the remaining mask than return the three they already have.
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If we don't have all the masks, we may as well have none of them.

[A pragmatic statement of fact. The value the one mask they did possess only lay in what all four of them could do together. In fact, the only person who would be able to use the mask, as of right now, would be the thief, so who else would consider going after it?

It was a big risk, but an acceptable one -- Harpuia could see no likelier way to draw the other masks out, considering their scant leads and looming deadline.]

We'll have to take every possible precaution, of course. We need an area that we can observe inconspicuously. It needs to be open enough to tempt the thief, but secure enough to be convincing. Then, all it would take is a network post announcing we've moved the remaining mask to a safe location...
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It's probably the most viable location we have left. The majority of the cameras are still down, despite Wave's efforts, and it's one of the few secure places left that hasn't faced some structural damage.

[It would take some utter audacity on the thief's part, too, but... given the brazen way they must have strolled into Gordon's lab while the party was going on, that may actually serve to attract their attention. If there were any possible motive that Harpuia could attempt to assign to the theft, it seemed like it may have just been for the sheer cheek of it -- trying to make some sort of statement, perhaps?]

It has the advantage of a very limited number of entry points, too. If we can give the impression that the office is left unattended after hours... It would be feasible to give the school the impression that we're all out doing manual patrols in lieu of monitoring camera feeds, wouldn't it?
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The sooner we put the plan into motion, the better. I can make the necessary arrangements... can I count on you, Zero?

[He's almost a little reluctant to ask, as the reality of a stakeout is a lot of time away from a charger. If anything, Harpuia may just be encouraging an already existing problem.]
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I gathered some data from the crime scene. Whoever it was, they were shorter than Professor Freeman, and walked in right through the door to the lab. If they WERE taken during the Halloween party, then anyone who wasn't there has to be a suspect. Of course, with the surveillance equipment down, we have no way of knowing for sure who was there and who wasn't.

I could start cracking into some private messages if you want to know who was asking about the masks lately...
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I hope that's not your attempt to accuse me, because yes, I was there the whole time.

I'll see what I can dig up. If anyone was talking about the masks in private, I'll find out.
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Hmph... I remember seeing Eggman, that girl he's clearly brainwashed into loving him, Gordon, that orc girl, Emotionless Dickbag, Rouge...
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Well, I don't mean you this time. [This time.]

Beats me. I kinda wanted to enjoy myself, so I spent as little time around him as possible.
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I don't recall anyone showing that kind of interest. Weirdest thing that happened was someone suggesting the masks took off on their own.

[He would have considered that possibility, too, if they had done anything other than look creepy and resonate.]
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Nothing stands out; I was too focused on the masks themselves.

[He grumbles.] In hindsight, I should never have left for the party. It didn't do anyone any good...