tank_rockarms: (Fatty)
tank_rockarms ([personal profile] tank_rockarms) wrote in [community profile] smashacademy2015-11-17 12:19 am

A Maxmessage

Yeah okay so, I realize the moon's fallin' down and everything's crazy and somebody stole some masks, but whoever's sendin' a bunch of cheapass robots all over the volcano needs to let up with the cheapass robots. They get in my forge, I gotta bap 'em, a little... rabbit or squirrel or puppy pops out... and then I got all of this extra broken robot junk just lyin' around and all of these tiny animals hangin' around all happy that they ain't inside of a robot no more. I'm tryin' to make extra weapons in case of, you know, more giant monster attack things.

Just keep your puppy-powered robots out of my stuff.

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