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Whoever you are? The punk who stole those masks? You're not just screwin' all of us over, but you're kinda doomin' yourself along with us.

Four holes in the door Wave found. Mask shaped holes. We finally found the last one and You, you huge jerk, decide to steal the other three.... why? You get that they're probably the key to savin' all our asses, right?

My guess is ransom, because ain't no-one gonna buy those things off you in any store or museum right now. Not with the moon takin' up a quarter of the freakin' sky. So you're going to try and make folks pay to get them back.

When you make your move? I will find you. And I am going to punch you so hard your grandkids'll be born with black eyes.
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So, why do we need masks, dude? Halloween was like, a month ago or something.
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Oh. Weird.

Have you tried looking in the bathroom, dude? Haunted masks hang out in the bathroom sometimes. Of course, they kill you if you say you need any paper, but if you're looking for a haunted mask, I'd start with there, dude. Just tell them you don't need any paper and you'll be fine.
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If the masks left by themselves, which they probably did, they're probably haunted, and the place where masks go to haunt people is in public bathrooms, dude. It's all pretty simple and straightforward, dude.
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The reason is 'cause you don't have any toilet paper in your stall, dude! But yeah, that's what you should do. You'll probably find them in no time. And once you do, I can sell you some charms to purify them, dude.
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In Japan a lot of old places don't have toilet paper. You have to bring your own with you, dude. So, you go in, you think you got some, maybe you don't have enough, maybe all you have is some facial tissue... Maybe you have to go so much that you don't have time to check to make sure that there's paper in the stall before you run in, dude.
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You die, dude. You answer anything other than no paper, and you die, dude. Asking for leaves is just like asking for another sort of weird paper.
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don't see why everybody thinks they were stolen

i've dealt with evil masks and weird magic. stuff's unpredictable. i bet they got bored waiting for everybody to figure out what they were for and took off. tough luck for us

[This is totally not misdirection at all.]
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magic doesn't play by rules, and there's no telling how much magic is crammed into those things.

just sayin.
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yeah okay.

if i see him i'll let him know.