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UNequal and Opposite Reaction [Backdated to the morning after the party]


[Gordon is in his lab, and if the thunderous introduction doesn't give it all away, then the shattered glass cases still dripping with fluid should put everything into context. The camera whips around to his face. He's... never had that expression before. Maybe he should have gotten one of the larger predators from the woods to be his spokescritter; they would show a greater sense of openness and compassion on their fanged faces, than anything that he's showing right now.]

I don't know who the hell did this, but chances are they're listening in on this feed. Now normally I'd be the good guy and give you an hour to bring them back with no strings attached, but no. Not this time. You know EXACTLY what you've taken from here. We need those masks to figure out what the hell is going on in the clock tower. You've taken what might be our last chance to survive this catastrophe, and you'll be treated as such.

Consider this an all-points-bulletin, and a request for security to start searching. Also I'm going out myself.

Whoever you are, I hope they find you before I do.
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not here

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is here [text]

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what makes you think they were stolen

they're magic right

whos to say they didn't break out on their own
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magic is weird like that.
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i dunno, cursed masks doing weird stuff sounds like a pretty simple explanation to me, especially with all the weird crap that goes on around here.

but if you're really hung up on this then why not figure out who was at the party and who wasn't.

[Smooooooth, Garrett.]
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garrett. lost and found guy.

i was at the party, in case you need some help with the headcount.
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So we JUST find the last one, and then the other three go missing. I shouldn't be surprised by that.

I'll come take a look.
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[It didn't take long for Wave to arrive. For someone who seemingly resented her job, she was definitely in a hurry to do it.]

Security cameras have been down since the attack, I've been trying to restore them a bit at a time, so there's no surveillance data of the area immediately around your lab. Any signs of forced entry?
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Given the way the glass was broken, whoever it was clearly didn't care about being caught.

[She plucked out the red orb from her necklace and started taking snapshots of the scene.]

Broken from the outside, I'd say... here. Broken glass broken further in front of the tanks... Smaller fragments that way... They came in the front door, smashed the tubes, grabbed the masks, and left the same way.
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You ARE pretty tall, so that doesn't narrow it down too much.

[But then again, maybe her opinion was skewed with how short she was.]

But it's a start. Just don't know what anyone around here has to gain from stealing them, unless it's to ransom them back.
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Have you investigated the clock tower itself? Perhaps some...deluded hero believed themselves a savior.

I am aware what you see me as, and I assure you it was not me. In truth, I would have studied them alongside you had I not been...distracted.
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Re: text

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Again, I am aware of how you see me. You did not answer my question.
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Re: text

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Should that prove to be the case, alert me.
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Wh... what?!

Who would possibly be that short-sighted? What's there to gain by taking them?
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This is just chaos for chaos' sake! The only value those things have is in their potential use stopping the moon!

You don't... suppose the thief's trying to hold them ransom, do you?
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I can't even begin to fathom who would do something so irrational. If there's a chance they're self-possessed enough to gloat about it, then maybe we'll see a sign soon enough, but...

...Well, whatever ridiculous motives they might have, security will be doing everything we can to locate the masks.

[Once again speaking for the security team when he isn't even technically security staff, but in light of the current situation, that maybe gets a pass.]

I don't suppose there's any chance the thief left some sort of evidence behind, is there?
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The more sets of eyes we have, the more likely we are to find a lead.

Can you tell me if anyone had been taking an unusually keen interest in you or your lab lately? Interest in the masks in general may be a little too broad, considering how much hinges on their use.
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If there's one thing in the world I can't stand, it's a thief!

They better make sure I don't get my hands onnem!
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So they're still here, most likely...

Well. Half the place is demolished anyhow. Makes my job easier. I'll be looking for them everywhere. You got any ideas on where I should start?
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Yeah - that makes a lot of sense. I'll start there.

Thanks, Gordon - I'll have my phone on me so if you need to, or you find 'em before I do, just gimme a call.