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[The video switches on, showing Cyrus in what was once the teacher housing. It didn't look like his specific room, especially since his had been on the second floor, but none of that really mattered since he had only used it because somehow the power still worked. His stern manner was gone, and he seemed tired and distant, not even looking at the camera]

Constructing a species to be entirely without emotion...yes, then there is no problem. Removing emotion from a creature that had previously processed them...

Changing the brain chemistry suddenly leads to adverse physical consequences. I had failed to take that into account.

This is ultimately what I wanted. But not in this way. I would be reborn anew, a perfect god in a perfect universe, free of suffering. There would be no fighting and no strife.

I fully believe that even now.

[he turns slightly, looking at the computer for the first time]

Oh...it has been broadcasting. An unintended consequence of the network. I had meant to speak entirely to myself.

[His sincerity on that statement is impossible to read, the utter flatness from him betraying nothing]

And yet.

Those of you versed in medical science, I ask you to aid me in reversing these physical symptoms while maintaining the erasure of my emotions.

You will be granted a position in paradise.

[After a pause, he reaches his hand out to turn off the feed, but stops with his hand on the switch]

I will fulfill that destiny. I will make my dream a reality. And we will no longer face extinction.


...God damn you all, I told you so.

[The feed ends]
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[Goddamn it Cyrus... All this religious claptrap of yours is starting to grate. He's helping, but not because of the promise of rapture but because it's the right thing to do. In any case, he's not sure if there's much he can do anyway. All he has is a suit that dispenses adrenaline and morphine, a set of scanning lab equipment, and a cache of beer.]

What kind of symptoms do you need help with?
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Oh, so you FINALLY got what you wanted, and you can't handle it, hm? SERVES YOU RIGHT!!
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What a shame that now you can't even feel a fleeting sense of joy at the thought of killing me! It must BURN you!
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You've had it in for me for YEARS now. OF COURSE you'd feel joy at it!
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...You're missing the point. For all you say you don't, you would have taken pleasure in ending me. And YOU KNOW IT.
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YES IT ANGERS ME!! I CAN'T EVEN GET A RISE OUT OF YOU!!! You're no fun to taunt now.

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Hey, Cyrus!

You know what would cheer you up...? I have So Much Halloween Candy that was on sale! Almost a whole Car's worth! Now, I know you're probably going to say No. And that's OK! But if I were to put some in a basket and drop it off by your dorm, you could at least dump out the candy and still be left with a useful basket!

It's a win for you, either way!
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You decline it and that's OK! I'm going to bring you some anyway, because minds can change and even if you don't want it for yourself, you might find a use for it! Or the basket!

I'll come over now, if you're free?
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Video -> Action!

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OK! Give me liiiike... ten minutes to get ready? Then I'll come and meet you! See you soon!

[And he was good to his word, knocking on Cyrus' door about ten minutes later.]
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....oh woah.

[Cyrus was never exactly a glowing example of health and happiness. He always looked thin and pale and sullen. But wow.]

We need to get some real food into you. Have you been eating? Sleeping? Please don't take this the wrong way? But you look Terrible.
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"Then we need to take care of that." Sonny said, bustling past Cyrus and into the dorm. He had, indeed, bought some candy in a basket as he'd said he was going to do, but even he knew that this was not going to work well.

He set it down, slipped his cellphone out of his pocket and went to speed dial.

"Hi! This is Sonny Moe! How are you? I need to order some food! I know, big surprise, right? haha! Anyway, I'll need one extra large-- oh, wait, I should check something. Hold on a moment."

He placed his hand over the bottom of his phone and turned to Cyrus. "I know you don't really like many foods and stuff, but if you were to eat pizza, would it need to be vegetarian? Vegan? Do you have a nut or shellfish allergy?"
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"Alright. I know what to order."

He placed his face back to the phone. "Sorry about that! Let's do a veggie pizza, hold the peppers, and can I have extra spinach on it? Please? Thanks! And I need...."

Sonny rattled off four or five other things that he 'needed' before giving Cyrus' dorm number. ("I know it's not my usual room! I'm ordering this for a friend, but I'll be here with my credit card!")

"They're usually pretty quick so, you won't have to wait too long. Would you like a glass of water or a cup of tea or something while we wait? You could sit down while I get it for you?"

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