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[Pit loves being dramatic about things. When the video starts, there's nothing there. Suddenly, a humongous head emerges slowly from below. How cryptic! But then surprise! Pit pops out from behind it with a grin.]

Hey! How's it going, guys? I found this while digging through piles of junk. [He stops smiling, then turns the face to look at it with his face pinched in suspicion.] I think it's a mask. I thought about putting it on, but something told me that wasn't such a good idea. Besides, my face is too small, and it's kind of an ugly mug, don'tcha think?

[He twists the head around so its hollow eyes are transfixed on the screen of your personal device.]

But it seems important. I know we need four masks to get into the door of the clock tower. I'll safeguard it until we decide what to do with it.
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Hey! Alright, buddy! You found it - man, I was all over the floating Island tryin' to track that thing down!

I think we should try using it and the other ones to unlock that door, pronto!
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Gordon's gottem!
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Wow, is that OOPArt, dude?

I'll pay you 100,000 yen for it.
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200,000 YEN!