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Important News

[Wave had been to the clock tower quite a bit since arriving at Smash. She went there when she first arrived. She went with Tails a few times, and she still sort of associated the place with him. After he left, she just... couldn't quite make herself go back. Feeling hopeless with the literal end of days approaching in the sky ahead, Wave found... she could use a taste of the familiar.

Familiarity was absolutely NOT what she found.

Turning on her camera in her necklace, Wave started an open message to the academy.]

I think I figured out what the masks are for.

[She turned the jewel so that the camera could see the giant, bizarre looking door that had somehow appeared on top of the clock tower. Positioned around the door were grooves. Familiar looking grooves, at that. Comparing them to the scans she had taken earlier of the masks in Gordon's lab confirmed her suspicions.]

I went up to the clock tower, and unless someone's made some additions lately and forgot to tell us, this is pretty new. The slots around the door frame look just like the shapes of the masks we've found. And I'd bet money that there's a link between this and what's been happening with the moon. I dunno about any of you, but I'd like to figure out what's inside of it.
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Huh... seems pretty much a no brainer, huh?

Guess we gotta get Gordon and have him stick the masks in those holes. Was there a fourth one, yet?
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I was talking to Gordon about it and maybe there's one up on the floating Island - you think you can give me a lift up there? You don't have to stick around, I can make my own way down. Just can't fly up there myself.
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You sure there isn't stuff you need to do down here? It's kind of a busy time and I might not even find anything - it might all wind up bein' for nothing.
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Whenever you're ready, honestly. I've just been movin' rubble around down here. Will do me good to get up there and do some actual treasure hunting instead of just trying to dig useful stuff out of stepped on buildings.
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Alright. Sure.

....and... uh. Thanks.
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Strange. I'd like to know more, too.

I'll do some searching on the internet and see what I can come up with. I really don't like being in the dark about this stuff.
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...No. It can't be THAT simple. Can it?

[The man drops his head into his palm and... laughs. A light, maybe unsettling chuckle, like the kind of laugh one would give when you completely strip an electric engine to figure out why the damn thing won't work, and then realizing it wasn't plugged in.]

I've, hn, I've got the masks downstairs. [He composes himself with a cough.]

If we're doing this, give me time enough to suit up. This is what the HEV was actually MEANT for and there's no way in hell I'm letting anyone go in there by themselves.