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[No one had seen much of Connor these days that didn't involve helping on the forefront. Evacuations were a no go. The animals were gone. The moon was falling. He knew now that there was no way he could return home. He was here.

Options were running thin, and his bird friend was even growing restless. Connor gave him the chance to leave, to find shelter in a way a bird could. But he remained on his side, even perched on his shoulder as he sat to film this.]

I think perhaps we should also consider the underground bunkers as a means for possible shelter. Perhaps we can move supplies down there.

I do not mean to give a worst case scenario, but if there is nothing left, there needs to be a place where we can try.

I am still searching and asking for ways to send the...moon back where it came from, even some of you have brought up some suggestions.

I am willing to hear anything at this rate.
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[oh hey here's Cyrus. But something is different in his stare. The intensity is gone...]

There is a way. Yet I attempted this and failed. I will provide for you the information on how to achieve it if you wish. To rebuild the universe from the beginning...yes, to create anew. That will strike at the root of...of everything...
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It is an artifact known as the Red Chain, a sacred relic able to summon and command the gods of creation themselves. The machine capable of creating it still exists. Now, I will lend this power only to those who are willing to use that power to its ultimate conclusion.

[This was decidedly different from his usual secretive, manipulative nature. It seemed almost genuine...]
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Should the hold fail, they will disobey. However, prior failures have all been due to outside interference. I believe the artifact will hold if there is no interference.

To construct it again...that is difficult. Perhaps another will have better success.
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[Hello, there's this green person.]

I've been working on the bunkers, if you want to bring in supplies you're free to do so. Figured about the same as you, though I'm still working witht he science team to see if there's another solution but one should always have a last resort option.

[And she was hoping she could reinforce the bunkers to not only survive, but allow for them to survive the aftermath for a long period of time should it hold against the cataclysmic force of the impact.]
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Yeah, who knows for how long we might need to stay, if at all. But it never hurts to be ready. And prepared in case people get hurt int he process too.