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What Might Have Been

It's funny to think with everything going on... Normally we'd all be making plans for Halloween about now. I even had a costume and everything. Guess it'll have to wait for next year, assuming we can get out of all of this in one piece.
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I think you should still wear the costume.

[Mac tried his best, he had to be optimistic. For himself, for Daisy, everyone.]
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This is hard I know, but. Look, we're all tryin' to figure this out. The most we can do that ain't directly 'bout pushin' back the moon is make people feel better. As much as we can.

[He was trying so, so hard. It was really difficult right now. He had to still have hope.]
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Need help? I got time and the man labor for the job.

[Daisy...thank you. From the bottom of is heart.]